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i have FINALLY  found Adolphus Kirby listed on the 1880 Cherokee Co. AL
US Cesus.  It says that he, and his father and mother were born in North
Carolina.    On june 15, 1880 he is listed as being 57 years old.   Does
anyone have any information on him?  


Hello Kirby folks,

     I wanted to find out if anyone has an Emeline Kirby in their line.
She was born in Alabama (I don't know where) in 1847.  She is listed in the 1860 Benton Co., Arkansas Census as staying with my descendents, (Kirby's) yet she was
not their daughter. Any help with this would be greatly

Thanks,     Kim Breeden


  Will you please enter my URL in your program. I am descended from Richard Kirby Bd 1748~~~~~Richard Jr. 1788 Richard Jr moved to  Alabama   and most of my kin are in or were from Jackson County and Marshall Co. Al.
  I notice for some reason only one enquiry about the Kirby's is listed in Alabama. Four of  Richard 1748 sons came to Alabama : Joseph L. and John came to Jackson County Al.,and RichardJr.Came to Marshall county Alabama and
settled. James came down and then returned to Tn.   Many of the descendants of these people migrated to Texas and other states from Alabama. I was born and raised in Jackson Co. Alabama and later moved to Anniston in Calhoun Co. Al. Thomas Hawkins Kin settled in  Calhoun County (formerly Benton Co.)Thomas was the son of John one of Old Richard's sons.
  I hope some of this info  gets entered in the Alabama section most end up in Tn.or Va. but many Kirby's have roots in Alabama. I have about 1450 kin in my program and can show anyone how to access many more through JIMMAIL,and others
Jim M Kirby My URL:


Uncle Mon' name was Solomon Nathaniel KIRBY, born Dec. 1878 Randolph Co. AL,
died 12 Feb 1955 in Baytown, TX, buried in Votaw, Hardin Co. TX when he had
owed a general store.   Married L Dora DAVIS (born Feb 1881) on 28 Nov 1897.
Children:Lena, Christine, Johnny.  2nd marriage to Pearl KELLY, children:
Bernice, James Curtis.

I feel sure that Ransom is the father of William Terry KIRBY, but have no
concrete proof.  Do you?

Maybe the above information can help someone.

Lana Kay KIRBY

I am fascinated by the recurrence of names in this geneology.  There were
John, Daniel, Lura, and Monroe.  Could there be a connection?  We can go back
only as far as Ransom Kirby whose son was Wm. Terry Kirby, whose son was John
Daniel. Kirby,  who had two children, one named Monroe and one girl named
Lura.  John Daniel came from Randolph County Ala, had 2l children by 3 wives.
Many still live in this area.  The Kirbys who migrated to Killeen Tex. were of
this family, descendants of Monroe Kirby and also Parmer Kirby Anderson.>


Below is a descendants tree of John Kirby of Pittsylvania Co., VA. I would
like to flesh out lines other than mine. I will be happy to make this
information available in GEDCOM or tinytafel, but won't be able to do much
until after nex semester starts. Please let me know of any corrections or

Tree of descendants for John KIRBY (83)

Dated:  7 Jul 1998

1- John KIRBY (83) b.        1740
s- Jemima (84) b.
   2- Boaling KIRBY (81) b.        1765 d.         1840
   s- Milly CAMPBELL (82) m. 13 Dec 1789 (23)
      3- Ransom KIRBY (61)
         4- William Terry (Bill) KIRBY (60) b.   2 Dec 1810 d.  2 Jul 1888
         s- Nancy T. GREER (62) b.  8 Sep 1824 m.  8 Sep 1842 (19) d. 31 Dec 1892
            5- Robert R. (Bob) KIRBY (64) b.        1852 d.         1936
            5- Fannie KIRBY (65) b.         1858 d.         1938
            5- William Terry (Bud) KIRBY (63) b. 23 May 1864 d.  5 Apr 1962
            5- John Daniel KIRBY (25) b. 12 Nov 1848 d. 26 Feb 1935
            s- Sarah Frances SHELNUTT (73) b. 22 Aug 1848 d. 22 Nov 1894
            s- Emma Savage BOWEN (74) b. 17 Aug 1865 d. 15 Dec 1920
                           s- Lucindy Rollins EVANS (75) b. 22 Oct 1858 d.  6 May 1930
            5- Saul KIRBY (66)
            5- Ben KIRBY (67)
            5- Sallie (Satie?) KIRBY (68)
            5- Sarah KIRBY (69)
            5- Winnie KIRBY (70)
            5- Carrie KIRBY (71)
            5- Ellen KIRBY (72)
Joe Kirby, Peon 'puter Piddler,


   I have another John born in Va.   in 1769 to Richard Kirby Va 1748 and
Sarah Jean Small {Scotland 1748)   This John Married Jane Addair  of Va. and
had a son Thomas Hawkins Kirby 1787.
The names John,Richard and Thos. Hawkins pop up in my files.
John and Jane ended up in Jackson Co. Alabama and Thomas Hawkins in
CalhounCo. Alabama.
  I think my Kirby line known as the Tennessee  Kirbys will not mesh with the
lines you folks seek but oh the similatities in names!
  I descend fom Richard Jr 1788  son of Richard 1748.
  Jim Kirby


I'm interested in any information on the following Kirbys

Middleton Kirby b.1811 in South Carolina, shows up in Lawrence County Alabama census in 1840, and had some children born in Tennessee around 1830. Wife's name was Malinda J. ?.

Hawkins Kirby  married  Elizabeth Gossett  lived near Spartinburg, South Carolina in early 1800's.

Any information would be appreciated.

Charles Kirby

In response to Martha regarding Kirbys in Alabama and the children of Jesse,
Francis, Henry, Sarah, James, Patsy, Edmund and John KIRBY (all children of
Edmund KIRBY and Sarah SHEPHERD), they are as follows:

Jesse KIRBY, born ca 1773 prob. in VA, 3 May 1834 (Jesse and his nephew,
John Lawson KIRBY, were killed in Prince Edward Co., VA, by slaves they were
taking back to Georgia).  Children of Jesse KIRBY and Jean MARTIN:
     David D. KIRBY
     Job Martin KIRBY (M.D.), born 1815 in NC, died 12 Mar 1859 Titus Co.,
     Sarah A. KIRBY
     Angelina KIRBY

Francis KIRBY, born 20 Mar 1774 in Halifax Co., VA, died 11 Nov 1854 in
Chattooga Co., GA. Children of Francis KIRBY and Mary Barry LAWSON:
     John Lawson KIRBY, born 1807 in GA, died 1834 in Prince Edward Co., VA
     Melinda Poe KIRBY, born 1809 in Morgan Co., GA, died 1837 Morgan Co.,
     Alice Moore KIRBY, born 1810 in Morgan Co., GA, died 1863 DeKalb Co.,
     Edmund Osborne KIRBY, b. 1813 Morgan Co., GA, d. 1874 Leflore Co., MS
           (Note:  Edmund Osborne Kirby lived in Noxubee Co., MS)
     Henry Charles KIRBY, b. 1816 Morgan Co., GA, d. 1864 Tuscaloosa Co., AL
          (Note:  Henry died while home from Civil War on sick leave)
     Elizabeth S. KIRBY, b. 1818 Morgan Co., GA, d. ca 1849 Chattooga Co.,
     Julia Ann KIRBY, born 1820 Mogan Co., GA, died 1905 DeKalb Co., GA
     Marguerite Louise KIRBY, b. 1822 Morgan Co., GA, d. 1884 Floyd Co., GA
     Francis Andrew KIRBY, b. 1824 Morgan Co., GA, d. 1885 Chattooga Co., GA
     Mary Eugenia KIRBY, born 1826 Morgan Co., GA, died 1873 DeKalb Co., GA
     Amelia Leone KIRBY, born 1827 in Morgan Co., GA, died 1876 (in GA?)
     Antonia H. KIRBY, born 1829 Morgan Co., GA, died 1876 Floyd Co., GA
     Catherine Jane KIRBY, b. 1830 Morgan Co., GA, d. 1877 prob DeKalb Co.,

Henry KIRBY, born 4 Sep 1776 in NC or VA, died 23 Jun 1854 in Austin Co.
(now Waller Co.), TX  Children of Henry KIRBY and Sarah "Sally" Shepherd
     Jared Ellison KIRBY, born 1809 in GA, died 1865 in Harris Co., TX
          (Note:  Jared was living in Austin Co., TX)
     Lucinda "Lucy" KIRBY, born between 1810-1815
     Elizabeth S. KIRBY, born 1815, died 1857 in Waller Co., TX

Sarah KIRBY, born 1781 in NC or VA, died prob in GA.  Children of Sarah
     Joel FLANAGAN
     Cordelia FLANAGAN
     (a daughter) FLANAGAN

James KIRBY, born 1787 in Stokes Co., NC, died 1843 in Lawence Co., MS.
Children of James KIRBY and Elizabeth LONGINO:
     John Thomas KIRBY, born 1821 KY, died after 1900 prob Tyler Co., TX
     Henry Shepherd KIRBY, b. 1826 Simpson Co., MS, d. 1925 Medina Co., TX
     Clarinda E. KIRBY, born 1831 in AL, died 1861 in Lawrence Co., MS

Patsy (Martha?) KIRBY, born between 1780-1790, died unknown.  Patsy KIRBY
and Henry J. WILLIAMS had at least 8 children.
     Unknown names of at least 8 children.

Edmund S. KIRBY, born between 1790-1794, died between 1840-1845 prob in NC.
Believed to have married Elizabeth UPTEGROVE and remained in Stokes Co., NC.
I believe that he did spend a short period of time (early 1830s) in Morgan
Co., GA.
     Unknown children

John KIRBY, born 1797 in NC, died 1851 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  John married
(1) Polly HUGHES, (2) Martha Ann QUARLES, (3) Elizabeth C. PEGUES.  Children
of John KIRBY and Martha Ann QUARLES:
     Lucinda A. KIRBY, born 1828 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died 1866 Austin Co.,
     Washington Quarles KIRBY, born 1832 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died 1868 AL
     John N. KIRBY, born 1832 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died after 1860 possibly
in TX
     Thomas E. KIRBY, born 1838 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died unknown
     Francis J. S. KIRBY, b. 1841 Tuscaloosa Co., AL, d. after 1866 prob. TX
     Mary J. KIRBY, born 1843 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died unknown
     Margaret KIRBY, born 1846 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died unknown
     Amelia (Arnitha?) KIRBY, born 1848 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, died unknown

You asked if any of these children settled in Alabama.  Of the above
children of Edmund KIRBY, John KIRBY settled in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  On his
way to Texas, Henry KIRBY stopped in Tuscaloosa Co., AL.  On his way to
Mississippi, James KIRBY stopped in Kentucky and Tuscaloosa Co., AL.

If this connects with any of your ancestors, I have more complete details on
these people.

Sincerely, Shirley Kirby JOINER>


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