This is in response to Darlene Block and "Saffold" who requested further
information regarding Edmund KIRBY.

Edmund KIRBYs parents were Henry KERBY and Susannah UNKNOWN.  This is the
Henry KERBY whose will was probated in 1790 in Stokes Co., NC.  Children of
Henry KERBY and Susannah UNKNOWN were:

Sarah "Sally" KERBY married a DAVIS.  I believe Sarah was born before 1752
and that she was a widow at the time of her father's death.  She was listed
as a buyer at the sale of Henry's estate.

Edmund KERBY married Sarah SHEPPARD.  I believe that Edmund was born around
1753 and that he died around 1818 in Morgan Co., GA.  (This is my direct

Samuel L. KERBY.  I found a land deed of 1783 in Surry Co., NC from a Samuel
KERBY and wife Mexuelvey, but have seen no further reference regarding
Mexuelvey.  Has anyone ever heard of this name?  There are many references
in Surry and Stokes counties, NC regarding a Samuel KERBY and I believe he
is Edmund's brother.

Lella KERBY married a WILLIAMS.  I have no further information.  Has anyone
heard of the name "Lella" before?  Is it a nickname?

Dorcas KERBY.  I believe she was born before 1755 (based on census records)
and that she married William CUNNINGHAM.  If she married the William
CUNNINGHAM whose will was probated in 1826 in Surry Co., NC, then she stayed
in the Surry/Wilkes, NC area and probably died before her husband since she
is not listed in his will.  Children listed in William CUNNINGHAM's will are
John, Samuel, William, Susannah, Sarah, Dorcas, and Rebecca.

Jesse KERBY was born around 1763 and died about 1816.  He married Elizabeth
D. EAST and they remained in the Stokes Co., NC area.

Pleasant KERBY was born about 1767 and died in 1819/1820 in Jackson Co., TN.
Pleasant married Elizabeth "Betsy" HOLLAMAN.  After Henry KERBY's death,
Pleasant and his family moved to Smith Co., TN then to Jackson Co., TN.

I hope this information is helpful.

Sincerely, Gary or Shirley Joiner <>

More descendants of John JR. KIRBY...Refer to Pittsylvania Co. VA for ancestry!

1. John Kirby b. 7/19/1693  m. Joanna Owen  b. 1/3/1713
2. John Kirby b. 4/8/1741   m. Jemima ?
     3. John T.(Boling Kirby) b. 1774  m. Milley Campbell b.176?
     3. Ransom Kirby  b. 1788   m. Lavisa   b. 1792
     3. Pleasant Boling Kirby b. 1830  m.  Millie Lile
     3. Joseph Daniel Kirby b. 1865  m. Mary E. Head   b. 1868

My Pleasant Boling Kirby and Joseph Daniel Kirby were both born in Georgia in or around Troup County.

Randy Kirby

1820 Census Emanuel County, GA  Moses Curby
1823 -- Deed of Gift of all possessions to his daughter, Margaret Kirby (who
was c. nine years old at the time)
1830 Census Emanuel County, GA 58th District: Moses Kerby
No further record on Moses Kirby. Margaret Kirby lived and died on the land.
If anyone can help me with this, I would be indebted forever!!
Olivia Williamson Saffold

Moses Kirby.  I know nothing about him except he was in Emanuel County, GA, in 1820, and had a daughter named Margaret.  I really need help on this one!

Olivia Williamson Saffold

(Grandfather) John Walter Kerby, b. 10 Aug 1879 in Rabun Co., GA, m. 28
Dec 1921 in Rabun Co., GA, d. 25 Mar 1956 in Clayton, Rabun Co., GA
Buelah Emma Keener, b. 4 Jun 1904 in Rabun Co., GA, d. 1 Mar 1991 in
Clayton, Rabun Co., GA

(Great-grandfather) Warren Cicero Kerby, b. 16 Jan 1852 in GA, d. 12 Jan
1930 in Tiger, Rabun Co., GA
Mary Jane (Mollie) Smith, b. 5 Dec 1858 in Clayton, Rabun Co., GA, d. 29
Mar 1940 in Tiger, Rabun Co., GA

(2nd Great-grandfather) Isaac N. Kerby, b. 1825 in Burke Co., NC, m. 28
Nov 1849 in Rabun Co., GA, d. 6 Aug 1863 in Charleston, SC
Thirza B. Jones, b. 1830 in GA, d. 1908 in Rabun Co., GA

(3rd Great-grandfather) Bailey Kerby, b. 26 Mar 1799 in Burke Co., NC, m.
1818 in Burke Co., NC, d. 7 Jan 1874 in Towns Co., GA
Elizabeth Sherrill, b. 11 Oct 1799 in Burke Co., NC, d. 5 Oct 1874 in
Towns Co., GA.

I am hopelessly stuck at my 3rd ggf, Bailey Kerby.  He moved to Rabun
County, GA before 1850, and later moved to Hiwassee in Towns County, GA.
I have been told -- but have been unable to prove -- that he was a
descendant of Thomas Kerby, an English emigrant who died in York County,
VA in 1688.  I would greatly appreciate any help closing the generations
between Thomas and Bailey.

Anyone interested in seeing some more of Bailey's descendants should
check my web page @

Ron Fletcher

Hazel, where and when was your grandfather born? There are so many Edmunds
in my Kirby line. My great grandfather and great great great grandfather
were named Edmund. I have very little information on Edmund S. Kerby, son of
Edmund Kerby and Sarah Shepherd, nor can I confirm that the information I
have on Edmund S. is correct. The note I put on my family group sheet for
Edmund S. Kerby states "This has lots of problems!" Edmund (father of Edmund
S.) and Sarah's children were:

Jesse Kirby, b about 1773, d 3 May 1834

Francis Kirby, b 20 May 1774, d 11 Nov 1854 (my gr gr grandfather)

Henry Kirby, b 4 Sep 1776, d 23 Jun 1854

Sarah Kirby, b 1781, d ?

James Kirby, b 1787, d 18 Sep 1843

Martha (Patsy) Kirby, b between 1780-90, d ?

Edmund S. Kirby, b between 1790-94, d ?

John Kirby, b 20 Oct 1797, d 25 Oct 1851

Edmund (the father of Edmund S.) and his family moved from NC to GA around
1806, with the exception of Jesse Kirby and James Kirby who, I believe,
stayed in NC. I think that my Jesse Kirby married Jean Martin in Surry Co.,
NC in 1802. James Kirby married Elizabeth Longino in NC on 10 Jul 1810 and
eventually settled in MS after brief stays in KY and AL. If Edmund S. was in
fact born between 1790-94 he would have been about 12 years old when his
family moved to GA. I believe that at some point Edmund S. returned to NC,
got married, returned to GA and sold his land there, then returned to NC.

I have a letter written by Edmund Kerby's grandson (Henry Shepherd Kerby,
son of James Kirby) which lists Edmund S. Kerby as the third son of Edmund
and Sarah. However, the Edmund S. I have been tracking would have been born
between 1790-94, making him the fifth son.

The information I have so far is:

Birth: between 1790-1794 in NC

Census: 1820, Stokes Co., NC (Edmund between ages 26-44)

Census: 1830, Stokes Co., NC (Edmund between ages 30-40)

Property: 20 Dec 1830, bought 463 acres in Morgan Co., GA on Little River
plus 1-1/2 town lots

Marriage: 1832, Elizabeth Uptegrove in Surry Co., NC

Property: 12 Feb 1833, Sold 463 acres in Morgan Co, GA on Little River plus
1-1/2 town lots to his brother Jesse.

Property: 7 Oct 1839, Edmund and wife Elizabeth sold land in Surry Co., NC
to Austin Truelove

Census: 1840, Stokes Co., NC (Edmund between ages 40-50)

Property: 1845, Elizabeth Kirby sold land in Surry Co., NC willed to her by
her father, Isaac Uptegrove. Edmund S. Kirby did not sign this sale.

So, if Edmund S. is in fact the third son of Edmund and Sarah Kirby, then I
am tracking the wrong person. Also, if my Edmund S. Shepherd did marry
Elizabeth Uptegrove, then this must have been a second marriage because the
Edmund in the 1820 census of Stokes Co., already had three children under
the age of 10.

Are you as confused as I am? Does any of this sound like it could be your
Edmund? Can anyone out there help us with these Edmund Kirbys?

Sincerely, Shirley Kirby Joiner

Would you post the names, birthdates and places of birth, if known, of the
children born to Bollin, Ransom, Pleasant Bole and John Daniel Kirby whose
migration path was VA>SC>GA>AL.

I have been reading the posts and I'm confused. I think this is my line. All I
have is John D. Kirby, born 1853-4 in GA  and died in AL. His father was Boles
Kirby. John D. had two sons named Kenneth and Daniel and two daughters named
Elizabeth and Ruth.

Hello Johnnie Hall:

I saw your posting in response to a letter from Esther Kirby indicating that
you were a descendant of Nancy Kirby (Ransom Kirby's daughter) and John W.
Glass.  I am a great-great-grandson of Ransom Kirby through his second son,
Robert Kirby, and I would be delighted to share information with you.  My
info. on Nancy's union with John W. Glass is rather sketchy, as all I have is
taken from the censuses of 1850, 1860 and 1870 in Troup Co., GA and most of
the names were only by initials.  Would you be willing to share your info.
with me?  I will be most grateful.


W. Jack Kirby



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