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Descendancy Chart of Kearney Cotton Kirby Kirby



Kearney Cotton Kirby1 Kirby

+Kezia (Kissee)1 Poe

+-- Suphronia Elizabeth2 Kirby, b. 1850 Illinois, d. 1893 Kansas

+John Daniel Barealow2 Lane, b. 1844 Tamaroa, Illinois, d. 1890 Cartersville, Missouri

+-- Boy3 Lane

+-- Boy3 Lane

+-- Boy3 Lane

+-- Girl3 Lane

+-- Ora Suphronia3 Lane, b. 1880 Missouri, d. 1953

+Walter Hughson3 Seeley, b. 1874 Hiawatha, Kansas, d. 1941 Colorado

+-- Verga Beatrice4 Seeley, b. 1899, d. 1997 Montrose, Colorado

+Arthur Melville4 Dawirs, b. 1896, d. 1971 Co

+-- Harvel Nick5 Dawirs, b. 1920

+Olwen5 Jones, b. 1922

+-- Carol Ann6 Dawirs, b. 1945

+Jerald Roy6 Alderman, b. 1941

+-- Roy Arthur7 Alderman, b. 1970

+-- Michelle Jeanene7 Alderman, b. 1970

+-- Barbara Jean6 Dawirs, b. 1949

+Hugh6 Humphreys

+-- Lorie Melone7 Humphreys, b. 1975

+-- Stacey Lance7 Humphreys, b. 1977

+-- John Arthur6 Dawirs, b. 1952

+Debbie Jo6 Tharp, b. 1955

+-- Elizabeth Michelle7 Dawirs, b. 1979

+-- Jacqueline Suzanna7 Dawirs, b. 1982

+-- Willis Richard5 Dawirs, b. 1922

+Katie Elizabeth5 Clary, b. 1921

+-- Arthur Ernest6 Dawirs, b. 1945

+-- Nancy Eileen6 Dawirs, b. 1948

+William Milton6 Lind

+-- Summer7 Lind, b. 1974

+-- Jasper John7 Lind, b. 1978

+-- Betty Sue6 Dawirs, b. 1954

+-- Robert Arthur5 Dawirs, b. 1927

+Elsie Lillie5 Dever, b. 1925

+-- Diana Lee6 Dawirs, b. 1950

+Gene6 Terry

+-- Kelda Rae7 Dawirs, b. 1971

+-- Chase Allen8 Dawirs

+-- Lee Ann6 Dawirs, b. 1953

+Roger E6 Mayfield, b. 1952

+-- Jill Evangeline7 Mayfield, b. 1979

+-- Skip Elliott7 Mayfield, b. 1982

+-- Larry Lee6 Dawirs, b. 1956

+Cheryl6 Prine, b. 1958

+-- Adam Mathew7 Dawirs, b. 1981

+-- Angela Marie7 Dawirs, b. 1982

+-- Virginia Angie5 Dawirs, b. 1929, d. 1929

+-- Verga Uleta5 Dawirs, b. 1929, d. 1929

+-- Margaret Ernestine5 Dawirs, b. 1930

+Leslie5 Havens, b. 1930

+-- Bruce James6 Havens

+-- Sharon Dene6 Havens, b. 1951

+Gary G6 Reese, b. 1951

+-- Athena Michelle7 Reese, b. 1970

+-- Tyson Cabe7 Reese, b. 1978

+-- Roberta Jean6 Havens, b. 1954

+Scott6 Lavelett

+-- Leslie Cody Fuqua7 Lavelett, b. 1980

+-- Cheyanne Mica Fuqua7 Lavelett, b. 1983

+-- Dustin Edward Fuqua7 Lavelett, b. 1983

+-- Rebecca Jo6 Havens, b. 1957

+Larry Joe6 Hamacher, b. 1958

+-- Tara Jo7 Hamacher, b. 1983

+-- Ashley Renee7 Hamacher, b. 1986

+-- Marjorie Bernadine5 Dawirs, b. 1930

+Otis Laverne5 Collette, b. 1930

+-- Patricia Ann6 Collette, b. 1952

+-- Kenneth Alvin6 Collette, b. 1955

+-- Jewel4 Seeley, b. 1903, d. 1903

+-- Glenn Moses4 Seeley, b. 1905, d. 1972 Oregon

+-- Leelah Ervilla4 Seeley, b. 1907 Albequrque

+Eldwin Francis4 Bolender, b. 1905 Leedey, d. 1977 St Francis

+-- Grace Lane5 Bolender, b. 1930 Matheson

+Marvin Keith5 Moberly, b. 1929 St Francis, m. 1949 Colorado Springs, Colorado

+-- Richard Eugene6 Moberly, b. 1950 St. Francis

+Barbara Ann6 Dillon, b. 1949 Lucas, m. 1971 Lincoln, Kansas

+-- Ronald Allen7 Moberly, b. 1976 Bartlesville

+-- Robert Dwayne7 Moberly, b. 1977 Bartlesville, Oklahoma

+Terri Lynn6 Grant, b. 1959 Bartlesville, m. 1993 Bartlesville, Oklahoma

+-- Shirley Denise6 Moberly, b. 1959 Oshkosh

+Gordon Lee6 Johnson, b. 1954 Omaha

+-- Stephanie Layne7 Johnson, b. 1985 Ks

+-- Lenard4 Seeley, b. 1907 NM, d. 1907 NM

+-- Ota Minerva3 Lane, b. 1884



Prepared by:

Rich & Terri Moberly rmoberly@ionet.net

6213 King Drive

Bartlesville, OK. 74006


I have just received the following info. from my mother. A note found among my grandmother's things. (my grandmother Hollie Iona Kirby, daughter of John Alexander Kirby, gdaughter of James Monroe Kirby)

"Found another clipping in Grandma's album.
Uncle Will-W.A. Kirby
Aunt Julia-Julia Kirby Lamphear of Topeka, Kansas
Aunt Vic-Alice Kirby Wendland of Topeka, Kansas
Interesting-Aunt Julia and Uncle Will were both very dark, brown eyes , with
dark hair and dark complexed."

The 3 Kirbys referered to above are siblings of John A. Kirby and children of James Monroe Kirby. Also the darkness of some of the family may indicate melungeon ancester(s). The American Heritage Dictionary describes Melungeon as: ...dark skinned people of uncertain origin living in the mountains of
eastern Tennessee. John Alexander Kirby (above) was born in Mountain City, TN around 1872.
Mountain City is in Johnson Co., eastern TN. Hope this sparks something in someones Kirby History.
Thanks, Darlene and all.
Marti  tdfulfs@turbonet.com

In response to:
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:30:26 -0500
From: Darlene Moran <phoenix@creative-net.net>

Hello Marti:
It does seem like a coincidence but my James Monroe Kirby was married first to Mary Ann Summerville in Butler Co., Ky in 1868 and second to Mattie Dunn in 1907.  James and Mary Summerville's children were Greenberry, John W., William T., James M.,(born in 1878), Minnie L., Lonnie, Sarah Elizabeth, Emma Janet, Josephine, Dora, and half-brothers Henry and George. I suppose we need to find out who your James' parents were. They no doubt were related in some way as same name's among close family was the norm, especially something like James Monroe. I will be on the look out for other James Monroe's and let you know when I find out something. In the meantime, keep digging. They will turn up sooner or later. I hope sooner!!!
Have a really great day!

Darlene Embry
Kirby Researcher in Kentucky

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