An Index of Pioneers from Massachusetts to the West
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HUNT, Ruth S., b. Salem, 1829; m. 1851, John Kirby of Mich. Lenawee Illus., 82.

page 45
KIRBY, George, b. Berkshire Co., 1806; set. Mich., 1838. Wayne Chron., 379.
page 45
KIRBY, Lydia, m. 1830? Simon Jones of N. Y., O. and Mich. Gratiot, 423.

page 45
KIRBY, Sarah, m. 1790? Benjamin Estes of Maine and N. Y. Lenawee Port, 1216.

page 45
KIRBY, Thankful, m. 1830? Abraham T. Huff of N. Y. and O. Gratiot, 521.



Joseph, son of ---- and Elizabeth Carter, step-son of Francis Kirby, skinner, of London, came 11
April, 1639, with letter of introduction to Gov. John Winthrop. Bought land at Newbury in 1640.
Ret. to Eng. [Reg. XXXV, 373.]

Thomas, son of Thomas H. of Watton at Stone, Herts, bapt. 15 June, 1606, came in the Hector
from London, 10 May, 1637, bearing a letter from his mother's bro., Francis Kirby to Gov. John
Winthrop. Settled at Newbury. Sold land in N. in 1640; [rec. at Ipswich.] Bought land at
Haverhill in 1646; town officer. With wife Thomasine sold land at Salem in 1667. [Thomas Halle
deposed 27 (9) 1671, ae. about 67 years.] Wife Thomasine; ch. Thomas bapt. at Watton Nov.
18, 1633, John bapt. do. April 19, 1635. [Reg. XXXV, 367.]
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Mr. John, propr. Watertown before 1634; brought suit in Court. Perhaps he ret. to Eng. and was
the John, ae. 30, who came in the Truelove in Sept. 1635. A deed (with Latin preamble in due
form,) made and attested by him 25 Nov. 1639, indicates that he was an educated man. [Mdx.
De. IV, original.] A "Mr. Simson of London" was persecuted with other Puritan ministers in 1633.
[Letter of Francis Kirby to John Winthrop, Jr., in Mass. Hist. Coll. 4-7.]

I have this information from when I was a teenager, but I didn't record my
sources, so I hope it is accurate:

gggg grandmother, Mary KIRBY, b. 1742-1743 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA.
Married David WILBUR of Little Compton, RI, son of Samuel WILBORE and
Elizabeth CARR.

Mary's parents:
Nathaniel KIRBY, b. (?) Dartmouth, MA and died 1748 place not listed.
Married Abigail RUSSELL, b. 6/25/1702 in Dartmouth, MA, daughter of James

Nathaniel's parents:
Robert KIRBY, b. 5/10/1674 in Dartmouth, MA, died 1757 place not listed.
Married Rebecca POTTER, d. 1773, daughter of Nathaniel POTTER and Elizabeth

Robert's parents:
Richard KIRBY, b. 1637 Sandwich, MA and died 1720.  Married Patience


Mathew and/or John,

You have accurate information.  One, or both, of you and I are cousins,
as well as several others on this mail list.  To add to your list, here
are some additional ancestors:

Your Richard Kirby, b. 1637 had a father named Richard Kirby, b. 1603 in
Rowington, Warwick, England.  He died on July 21, 1688 in Dartmouth,
Massachusetts.  His wife was Jane (last name unknown).  She was born in
1615 in Sandwich, Banrnstable, Massachusetts and died on March 23 in
either 1649 or 1650 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Richard's parents were
Humphrey Kirby, b. 1592 in Rowington, England and Marjorie White, b.
about 1596 in Rowington, England.  Humphrey's parents were William
Kirby, b. about 1570 and his wife (unknown) who was born about 1572.
Both were from Rowington, England.

If you want to see a huge list (almost 5,000) of descendants of William
Kirby, b. 1570, check out my Family Tree Maker home page at the link
below.  Later on cousin(s). 

The Kirby-Scott Family Reunion in San Antonio this past weekend was a
lot of fun. The reunion has been dwindling in size from year to year,
but there were still about 20 of us there.  The farthest someone
travelled was from Arizona to San Antonio, TX for the event.  It's kind
of interesting that no one with the last name of Kirby or Scott has been
present for some time at one of these reunions.  My grandmother always
attends and her maiden name is Kirby, so I guess there really has been a
real Kirby present.  In addition, the reunion was organized by two of my
cousins, Don Kirby Gray and Doug Scott Gray.


Steve Gray (Grandson of Alma Ruth Kirby of Atascosa Co., TX) 
Austin Pond Society
Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society
Lone Star Koi Club
Mid-Atlantic Koi Club

BIRTHS FROM A.D. 1700 TO A.D. 1800.

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Rebecca daughter of Samll. Kirby and Rebecca his
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BIRTHS FROM A.D. 1700 TO A.D. 1800.
page 84
Samuell Son of Samll. Kirby and Rebecca his Wife, born 27 January 1712.

List of Persons Whose Names Have Been Changed in This Commonwealth

Date of Decree.: 27,
Original Name.: Henry Ambrose Heeling,
Name Decreed.: Henry Lomasney Kirby,
Residence.: Roxbury.

Date of Decree.: 25,
Original Name.: Harold Kirby,*
Name Decreed.: Harold Kirby Shaw,
Residence.: Orange.

Kirby, Harold 285
Kirby, Henry Lomasney 167
Harold Kirby 285

Help!!! anybody out there . . . . .

I am researching my KIRBY line - specifically Timothy KIRBY from MA who
migrated to New York (Oneida County/Monroe County) around 1800.  He married
(we believe) Catherine W. HINCKLEY, daughter of Gershom HINCKLEY (1730-1809) -
a Revolutionary War veteran, also around 1800.  They had several children
including my 3rd gr. grandfather, Gershom Hinkley KIRBY.  Timothy and
Catherine ended up in Wyoming County, NY around 1811 and Timothy died while
living in the area of Currier's Corners between 1815 and 1820.  We need more
information on Timothy KIRBY and would really like some hard evidence that
Catherine W. KIRBY (Timothy's wife) was in fact Catherine W. HINCKLEY (Named
after her mother, Catherine [Wightman] HINCKLEY).  We have traced the
HINCKLEYS back to the 1500's in England.

There are a number of "Silas KIRBYS" descended almost to the the present day
in this line.  Also the names of "Seth", "Charles", "Gershom", "William" and
"David" continue down through the generations.  Any information to help me
break through the "Timothy KIRBY" stone wall would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Kirby

Kenneth Kirby <


Hello. I'm seeking information about FRANK LEWIS KIRBY, who was my great
grandfather. He lived in Fairley, Vt. My grandfather, LEWIS ALBERT KIRBY
was born there in 1875. There is a deadend link to Spencer, Ma., and my
father, LOUIS HEWITT KIRBY, was born and raised in Leominster, Ma. I
sure would like to hook up with someone who knows something about this
line of KIRBYS.

Don Kirby <


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