Looking for information on ancestors or additional descendant information on:

William T. Kirby 2/1795 d. 1/1878 SC
Nancy Bates w/o William b. ca. 1800 d. 8/1880
Birdigh (aka BRM or RBM) Kirby b. 1/1821 d. 5/1888 s/o Wm and Nancy 
(BRM m. Mary Daniel Hunt)
Ransom Kirby s/o Wm and Nancy
Martha Kirby  d/o Wm and Nancy
Sariann Kirby d/o Wm and Nancy
James Madison Kirby b. 12/1845 d. 1/1945 s/o BRM and Mary
(James m. Mary Jane Green)
Etta Lou Kirby d/o James and Mary
Eddie (female) Kirby d/o James and Mary
Dubose Kirby d/o James and Mary

I look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment and would be willing
to share research information to date, including some photos.
Thank you!
Etta Z.

This is sorta a sad story, but hopefully if it reaches, someone else who
know this, they maybe able to help. I dont know Macys maiden name, but she
had two daughters, one in 1919, and 1920, both in Mississippi, sometime
after the birth of her second child, she became ill, and was in the
hospital in Fayette, MS, her husgand, whose first name we dont have either,
could not keep the children, so they were put up for adoption, Macie left
the hopital, searching for her girls, it was cold, wintertime, and she was
found dead in the street of Fayette, we know she is burried at Union Church
Cemetary, in that community.
Her first child, was Nell, and she is my mother in law, and died 10 years
ago in Crystal Springs, MS
We learned after Nells death, that she was never legally adopted, but she
used the name of Nell Vaughn, she later married J.B. Lindsey of Crystal
SPrings, MS, and they had 10 children, her oldest child is my husband,
Jerry. We learned, that Macy suffered from a physical disability, like the
elephant mans foot,,one of her feet, was much larger, huge from what we
have been told.
If anyone can help, with the names or dates, it will be appreciated, her
husband Mr Kirby, was still living in 1964, but she never met him.

Lynda Lindsey
Montgomery, AL

My three oldest Kirbys are:

J. S. Kirby b: 1821 Mississippi

Suzanne Smith Schlabs or



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