I am looking for info on my KIRBY's.

Michael KIRBY was born December 1846 in Manhattan, NY.  All census info I
have found on him state his parents were both born in Ireland.

Michael married Fannie Tierney.  They had several children, all in NYC.

One of them, Edward KIRBY, born March 1880, was my great-grandfather.  He
married Marie Downey in October 1900 in Manhattan.  They had several
children, one of which, Joseph KIRBY was my grandfather, born in Queens,
November 1907.

Joseph married Jane MacDonald in Brooklyn.  They had 4 children, one of
which, Michael, born April 1944, is my dad.

Michael married Barbara Kawa in Brooklyn, August 1966.  They had 5 children,
I am the oldest.

Any info on this line greatly appreciated!

Kristine Kirby Webster



Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949
page 1751
ROCKEFELLER, Lewis Kirby, a Representative from New York; born in Schenectady, N.Y.,   November 25, 1875; attended the public schools; was graduated from New York State College, Albany, N.Y., in 1898; principal of grammar school at North Germantown, N.Y.; employed in finance bureau of New York State Department of Public Instruction 1898-1904; chief
accountant, municipal accounts bureau, in State comptroller's office, 1905-1915; deputy State tax commissioner 1915-1921; deputy State commissioner of taxation and finance 1921-1933; engaged in accounting and auditing business in 1933; delegate to the Republican National
Convention at Cleveland in 1936; elected as a Republican to the Seventy-fifth Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Philip A. Goodwin; reelected to the Seventy-sixth and Seventy-seventh Congresses and served from November 2, 1937, to January 3, 1943; was not a
candidate for renomination in 1942; resumed activities as an accountant and tax consultant in Chatham, N.Y.; died in Canaan, N.Y., on September 18, 1948; interment in Kinderhook Cemetery, Kinderhook, N.Y.


I am trying to find info on the following family:
Great-Grandfather Edward Kirby, b. abt 1870 in NY, d. February 1908 in
Queens, NY.  Was married to the former Maria Downey.  His parents were a
John H. Kirby and Fannie Tiernan.

1.  Kristine Elizabeth KIRBY Webster, b. 4-1970, Brooklyn, NY
        (married Richard Webster, Jr.)
2.  Michael Thomas KIRBY b. 4-1944, Brooklyn, NY
        (married Barbara Kawa)
3.  Joseph William KIRBY, b. 11-1907, Queens, NY
        (married Jane MacDonald)
4.  Edward KIRBY, b. abt. 1870, ??
        (married Maria Downey)
5.  John H. Kirby, b. ?, where??
        (married Fannie Tiernan)

I am stuck on this line...does this sound familiar to anyone?
Kristine Kirby Webster  withakkw@erols.com
Alexandria, VA

French's Gazetteer of New York

JAVA–was formed from China, April 20, 1832. It lies on the w. border of the co., s. of the center. Its surface is an elevated region, broken by hills and the deep valleys of the streams. The highest summits are 400 to 600 ft. above the valleys and 1,000 to 1,200 ft. above Lake Erie.  Buffalo Creek flows through the w. part, and receives a large number of tributaries. Cattaraugus
Creek takes its rise in the E. part. Cattaraugus Lake is a small sheet of water in the S. E. part, nearly surrounded by steep hills. It forms one of the sources of Cattaraugus Creek. The soil upon the hills is a thin, dark loam underlaid by hardpan; in the valleys it is principally a gravelly loam.
About 1 mi. E. of Java Village is a quarry of fine building stone. Java Village (p. v.) lies upon Buffalo Creek, in the N. W. part of the town. Pop. about 200. North Java, (p. v.,) in the N. E. corner of the town, contains a church and about 100 inhabitants. Java Center, (p. o.,) East Java, (p. o.,) in the S. E. part of the town, Curriers Corners, (Java p. o.,) in the S. W., and
Williamsville, near the E. border, are hamlets. The first settlement was made on Lot 32, in the N. W. part of the town, in 1810, by Wm. Richardson and Timothy Kirby, from Lowell, Mass.3 The first church (R. C.) was formed in 1838.4


Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century.
Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography

page 559
KIRBY, EDMUND, soldier, was born in 1840, in Brownville, N. Y. He was made first
lieutenant on May 14,. 1861, and was given the commission of brigadier-general of volunteers, to date from May 23, 1863. He died May 28, 1863, in Washington, D. C.


At 01:56 PM 7/15/98 -0000, you wrote:
>I am throwing myself on the mercy of the list, to see if
>anyone can assist!
Hello Kristine,

My KIRBY line is from Long Island --> Westchester Co. --> NYC,
so maybe I can be of some assistance with the resources I have.
I made hard copies from microfilm of KIRBYs in the NYC Direc-
tories from 1860 - 1902. Went through the papers and there are
Edwards and Johns.  However, I found the following but it does
not fit into the dates you specify in your query.

1862    KIRBY Francis A., wid. John, 405 Fourth
1863    KIRBY Fannie, wid. John, boardingh, 405 Fourth
1864    KIRBY Fannie, wid. John, boardingh, 405 Fourth
1865    KIRBY Fannie A., wid. John, boardingh, 63 E. 4th
1866    KIRBY Fanny A., 200 W. 23rd
1867    KIRBY Fanny A., wid. John, 200 W. 23rd
1868    KIRBY Fanny A., wid. John, 200 W. 23rd
1869    KIRBY Frances A., wid. John, 200 W. 23rd
1870    KIRBY Frances A., wid. John, 202 W. 23rd
1871    No further mention of Fannie.

Oddly enough, my KIRBYs lived at 211 West 23rd Street!  If you
would like to check into the NYC Directories on your own,  I have
transcribed them into a computer file and would be happy to share.
I will continue to check my other resources for you.

Beverly G. Kirby-McDonough
Holland Township, NJ

Beverly Kirby-McDonough <bmcdon@prolog.net


My great-great grandfather was Samuel Kirby, born c. 1834 in New York.
I have, as you will see, very little information about him. He went at
some point to Hawaii. He and his wife (I don't know if they were married
before or after he went to Hawaii) had a son (my great-grandfather),
born aboard ship from Hawaii to California, named Abraham Lincoln Kirby
(b. Oct 1868). (He eventually settled in Santa Cruz).

I believe Samuel's first wife died in CA and he then re-married
Henrietta, also born in NY, who had a daughter from a previous marrige,
Amanda (b. 1856 NY). Together they had Samuel (b. March 1870). He later
became a vagabond. Family legend says Abraham and Samuel were orphaned
at some point.

Abraham married Elta Josephine Langdon in Santa Cruz, CA, and they
continued to live there until Abranham's death. They had two children:
Hazel V. (b. Aug 1888) and Harold Langdon (b. 19 Dec 1891).

Anybody have any connections? Thanks.

cmc c.chan@worldnet.att.net


Don't know if this will help anyone, but while looking at passenger ship
lists I came across these:

Passengers on Ship ST. PATRICK from
Liverpool to New York, 3 December, 1845.

Mathew Kirby
Ellen Kirby
Bridget Kirby
John Kirby

taken from: http://freespace.virgin.net/alan.tupman/sites/irp7.htm#jupiter


Three of three.  This information is a little sketchy but accurate.  George
Kirby of Pawling Township, Dutchess Co., N.Y.  Born 1757 in New Bedford,
R.I.  (Quaker)  He moved to Pawling Twp. in 1780.  He married an Anna Stocum
, d. Feb. 18,1894, and from that union had seven children.  Five sons and
two daughters. (1) Clark , the eldest, b. Feb. 16, 1794.  d. 1881.  (2)
Gideon b. unk. (3) Uriah b. unk., who lived in Amenia (4) William, b. unk.,
who lived near Poughkeepsie. (5) Humphrey, b. unk. , deceased while young.
(6) Anna, b. unk., who married Akin Taber. (7) Amy b. unk., who died
unmarried.  With the exception of Humphrey the family lived to advanced
I am in the process of trying to  locate my 4th great, Timothy Kirby's,
parents. All three of these familys fit the age criteria. Only problem
is...they're not his parents.  We have an 1880 census record that states
Timothy was from New Jersey.  At first we discounted that, however we are
now giving it serious consideration.  He would probably have been born about

William Kirby arrived in the colonies in 1757 as a British soldier.  He
fought in several campaigns as a British conscript.
William was born March 4, 1738 at Shepton Mallet, Somerset Co., England. He
died Sept. 16,1814.  In about 1768 he left the British army. Shortly
thereafter he met and married a Mary Cobb b. 2-6-1751  d.2-13-1813. She was
the daughter of Asa Cobb III 1750-1808 and Sarah Stevens Cobb 1753-1816.
Both William and Mary are buried on the old Kirby farm near Lake Pocatello,
Wallkill Twp., Orange Co., Middletown, N.Y.
William and Mary had two daughters who died in infancy. Their surviving
daughter, Mary b. July 22,1774  d. March 10, 1861, married James L. Moore
March 8, 1792 in Wallkill, N.Y.
Their son John, b.May 18, 1771 in Middletown N.Y., d.July 30, 1851, married
a Demaris Wakeman b. March 11, 1772, in Middletown, N.Y., d. May 29, 1852.
Both are buried on the old Kirby farm cemetery.
Two of three.

We have a 4th great by the name of Timothy Kirby who shows up in Rome N.Y.
about 1801.  My brother, Kenneth, has posted that information to your site.
We are now tracking into New Jersey and Penn. for his parents.  Timothy's
son, Gersham, my 3rd great, made reference in the 1880 census to his father,
Timothy being from New Jersey.  We had thought that information to be in
error, however more recently we've begun to think that maybe there is
something to that.  We found a Timothy in Penn. in the 1790's.  If we can
prove that they are one in the some then we will have an additional posting.
Bare with us.   Erwin Kirby

Take care, Erwin


Here is what I found on the ships' list of passengers:

SS City of Chester
I, Henry Tibbits, Master of the S.S. City of Chester, do solemnly,
sincerely and truly swear that the following List or Manifest,
subscribed by me, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the
Customs of the Collection District of New York, is a full and perfect
List of all the Passengers taken on board the said S.S. City of Chester
at Liverpool and Queenstown from which Ports the said S.S. City of
Chester has now arrived; and that on said List is truly designated the
age, the sex, and the occupation of each of said Passengers, the part of
the vessel occupied by each during the passage, the Country to which
each belongs, and also the Country of which it is intended by each to
become an inhabitant; and that the said List or Manifest truly sets
forth the number of said Passengers who have died on said voyage, and
the names and ages of those who died. Sworn to this 28 Jany 1878 So Help
Me God /s/Henry Tibbits

27. Kirby, Peter         38 M Laborer    Ireland     U.S.    Main deck    


British Bark Duncan Ritchie

British Bark Duncan Ritchie, Tralee to New York, July 21, 1852, burthen
610 tons.

I John McKinnan do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear that the
following List or Manifest of Passengers, subscribed with my name, and
now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs for the District of
New York, contains to the best of my knowledge and beliefs, a just and
true account of all the Passengers received on board the British Bark
Duncan Ritchie, whereof I am Master, from Tralee Ireland, So help me


206 James Kirby           27 M   Laborer    Ireland    United States  
207 Cathl Kirby           41 F   Spinster   Ireland    United States 


209 Timothy Kirby         27 M  Laborer     Ireland    United States   
210 Cathl Kirby           19 F   Spinster   Ireland    United States 


Transcriber's Notes
b. The person recording names was an appalling speller. I have transcribed
accurately, blunders and all. This also goes for dubious occupation
listings, ie the recorder sometimes listed infants and children as spinsters
or laborers.

Rob Kerby


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