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History of Hamilton County Ohio

There is one other line of facts in connection with the drift beds of the county that must not be
omitted here. It is the great depth which some of these deposits have been found to hold below
the present drainage of the country. The series of facts obtained by Timothy Kirby, esq., in boring
a deep well in Mill Creek valley, at Cum-minsville, now within the corporate limits of Cincinnati,
proves very interesting in this as well as in other respects. Beginning at an elevation of ninety feet
above low-water of the Ohio, a succession of drift deposits was penetrated until a depth of sixty
feet below low-water was reached, the bedded rock being first struck at a depth of one hundred
and fifty-one feet below the point of beginning. The deposits included, in descending order, twelve
feet of soil and brick clay, four of sand, thirty-four of blue clay with gravel, nineteen of gravel,
three of coarse sand, eleven of sand with fragments of bituminous coal, nine of blue clay with
gravel (at the bottom of this the level of low-water in the Ohio was reached), sixteen of blue clay
and fine sand and sprinkled with coal, and forty-three of sand, water-worn gravel, and blue clay,
with occasional fragments of bituminous coal, below which, at the depth of one hundred and
fifty-one feet from the surface, were the shales of the Blue Limestone group. Several remarkable
facts are to be observed in this section, the most striking of which is the great depth to which the
excavation of Mill Creek valley was formerly carried. The bed of the stream that occupies the
valley today is at a higher level by one hundred and twenty feet than that of the ancient channel. It
is easy to see that this erosion could not have been effected under existing conditions. It can only
be explained by a higher altitude of the continent, and is thus referred to the opening division of
the glacial period. It has not been demonstrated that continuous channels exist at this great depth;
but the rocky barriers that fringe the streams do not at best disprove this theory, as there is always
room for a deeper channel on one side or the other of the great valleys.
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History of Hamilton County Ohio

Transferred.--First Sergeant Aaron W. McCune; Sergeant James A. Suter; Privates Timothy
Brannon, James Crouch, Joshua Dunkley, Charles F. English, James Kirby, John Mageer,
Richard N, Ross, Joseph Wellington, Jesse C. Young.
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History of Hamilton County Ohio
page 92

Archibald Bowie, Paul Bealer. James Craig, Henry S. Cohn, Andrew C. Chamberand, William
H. Dunlap, Charles Dubois, Richard Evans, John Fords, John Fisk, John Farleigh, Benjamin Fry,
Henry Fulmen, Gottlieb Fiedel, Christopher Gable, Henry B. House-man, James Hopkinson,
Peter Huber, Francis Henskie, James H, Jacobs, George W. Lively, Henry Lange, Henry Myers,
James H. Mahou, Malcolm McMillen, Joseph Morean, James O'Connor, Martin Pistner, Martin
Richardson, Henry Rist, Joseph Roth, Charles Robinson, Joseph Steinbecker, Jacob
Schillenhurg, Lucas Sebastian, Michael Shirer, John Shumate, Oliver Sturgis, Charles Smith,
William Swigart, Frank Thomas, John M. Taylor, Daniel Winters, William Wright, Noah
Anderson, William Bingham, William J. Bradford, Alexander Bradford, James Bains, Marion M.
Black, Daniel Blankman, Dennis Berry, William Conger, William Cox, Milton Car-lile,
DanielCorigan, Jere Cronin, samson Delworth, Samuel W. Downing, Martin Enderidan, Patrick
Fitzgerald, Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Gremmell, William Gerber, James Graham, John Hannah,
James H. Howard, William Henderson, John Harris, Nicholas Haust, William J. Hastings, Peter J
ardan, William Johnson, Henry Johns, Levi Jackson, William Keene, William Kelley, John Kirby,
Matthew Kenney, William Lister, Daniel McGlinn, Joseph Myers, Charles B. Martin, Burnett
Moran, Patrick Maloney, Robert Miller, Charles Murphy, Joseph Lipphart, Frank Long,
Emerson Horton, John Nelson, Josiah Paris, William Patterson, Edward Rice, Henry Riese,
Archibald Robbins, James Ryan, James Roecamp, Charles Scott, John Smith, Modest Urbine,
James Vaughan, Newman Whitney, James Wilson, Samuel Winston. [p.92]
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History of Hamilton County Ohio
page 154

Frank Auchler, Richard A. Bruason, Thomas Barron, Thomas Braekon, John Baldock, Joseph
Bailey, Charles Bowman, Patrick Cha-hill, John W. Colvin, John Cinchorn, Albert Carson, Lewis
Cotton, Robert E. G. Clewers, Salnuel Chain, Thomas P. Cropper, Andrew Caiar, William
Collier, James Dalton, Henry Dixon, Frederick H. Eckbush, John Edmunds, Charles W. Elble,
Frank Elble, Robert M. Fisher, George Freeborn, Charles W. Frazier, Altman W. Geades, Rollin
C. Goodrich, Russell K. Kendall, George Holland, Henry Huff. Daniel Harris, Clay Johnston,
Charles Johnson, Henry Jacobs, Edgar Jones, George Kirby, Amos Kelley, Thomas Kelley, Eli
Koch, Loami Karshner, Zeph Kearns, Henry Lafner, Patrick Lee, James Larkly, Martin V.
Myers, George W. McLerty, Henry Melcher, William I. McCoy, John McCarty, Enos W.
McMillen, Robert W. Minturn, Isaac W. Patterson, Pease Plumb, Thomas R. Quigley, George F.
Reddert, Chapman Roberts, William Ryan, Edward C. Reynolds, John Ratcliff, John T. Sharp,
Alonzo Swerne, Martin Spitznagle, William Seymour, Frederick H. Seward, Henry Whortman,
Barney Williams, John Welch, Theodore Wiggins, Nathaniel F. M. Wheeler, Henry Whet-zell,
Henry G. Whiting, John L. Whiteside, Michael Wisemantle, Charles H. Williams, Joseph Young,
Henry Riehl, Charles H. Weaver, Samuel S. Stratton, John Scherer, John Wagner, Valentine P.
Smith. [p.154]

History of Hamilton County Ohio

john Aberdeen, Thomas J. Armstrong, Benjamtn Aydlotte, Thomas Anthony, Isaac W. Brown,
Josiah A. Brown, Michael Bunker, John H. Booth, Albert Brant. Thomas C. Bundy, Edward
Brady, Adam Bell, Samuel Barnett, Samuel Binney, John Burkhart, Edward Bartlett, Thomas
Costello Robert W. Canton. Charles H. Canton, Charles Crain, George Cast, Orin Crist, George
Crow, James C. Cunningham, Philip Decker, Henry E. Davis. James A. Famish, Benton
Furgeson, John Goodborne, Louis Garachini, Michael Gorman, Thomas Groover, Timothy W.
Green, Martin Gons, James Graziani, Joseph C. Glardon, Albert G. Hopping, William Harris,
John W. Hatfield, Ebenezer Hatfield, John Huntphrey, Abijah W. Hoyden, Eli F. Hamilton,
William Hesse, Ambrose Hallam, John B. Hall, Andrew Jeffries, Areansel D. Jackson, Owen
Kiloore, William Kopp, Harmann Kolkmeier, Michael Kenney, Oscar Kirby, Llewellyn Lodge,
Philip Leonard, Michael Martin, William Meader, Sanford Mullisberg, Franklin Miller, Thomas
McCabe, William McDonnell, Charles P. Miller, Albert Maxwell, Theodore Mortman, Louis
Nardoni, Joseph H. Nicholson, Charles E. O'Hara, Thomas Oreelis, Hamilton Porter, William
Pierce, Joseph C. Prescott, Henry A. Porter, Thomas Quig-lay, George Rork, George Raster,
Thomas C. Roiliston, Julius Rein-nick, Davis Sutton, Abraham Skinner, Charles Storey, Thomas
J. scott, Charles D. Smith, Henry Ewing, John G. Stettor, John L. Sowers, William Shires,
Charles Steine, William A. Thomas, Lester L. Taylor, William M. Taterick, William A. Wellshear,
James Wade, Verner Wycoff, Robert Wise, Edgar B. Wichcraft, James G. Williams.

History of Hamilton County Ohio

Sergeant Oscar Kirby.

History of Hamilton County Ohio

Richard B. Arnold, O. P. Applegate, John M. Applegate, W. H. Andrews, E. A. Appleby,
Joseph Applegate, Henry Barnes, Joseph C, Brody, David M. Bart, Joseph M. Crane, John R.
Cummings, C. F. Clark, Michael Connelly, E. F. Dill, Daniel R. David, Zadok Davis, John Elliott,
Edward Eberlee, George M. Elliott, D.E. Fleming, John Flege, James Gatbert, H. C. Hoping,
Francis Henry, Charles Heller, Joseph F. Hoping, Patrick Higgins, James Jones, Thomas Jones,
Ralph Jones, John Jones. Valentine Johnson, George N. Kirby, Simon Karsh, S. B. Layman,
Isaac Long, Morgan Leasure, Blasure Miller, Thomas Murray, Peter Morris, John Oding,
Alexander Pendry, J. B. Powell, B. Podesta, James Reddish, Allen Reed, David Reed, Charles
Ruffin, Charles Sherbecker, Edward Shaw, Leander Smiley, Frederick Schwartz, O. A. Smith,
Isaac Faggs, D. Vanblangen, H. C. Warmoth.

History of Hamilton County Ohio

Thomas M. Key, E. A. Ferguson, George W. Holmes; Fifty-fifth Benjamin Eggleston, Thomas H.
Whetstone, William S. Groesbeck; Fifty-sixth Benjamin Eggleston, Thomas H. Whetstone,
Thomas H. Weasnor (at the adjourned session, Joshua H. Bates took the seat of Mr. Weasnor,
resigned); Fifty-seventh Warner M. Bateman, S.L. Hayden, G. B. Hollister; Fifty-eighth Thomas
R. Biggs, Henry Kessler, John F. Torrence; Fifty-ninth--Thomas H. Yeatman, Michael Goepper,
Samuel F. Hunt, Nathaniel Lord, jr.; Sixtieth--John Schiff, Joseph F. Wright, Thomas L. Young;
Sixty-first William Pitt Wallace, Vachel Worthington, Stephen H. Burton; Sixty-second--Joshua.
H. Bates, Henry Kessler, E. F. Klein-schmidt, E. P. Ransom; Sixty-third James M. Armstrong,
William T. Forrest, Henry C. Lord, Theodore Marsh; Sixty-fourth Benjamin Egglesion, Charles
Fleischmann, Josiah Kirby.

History of Hamilton County Ohio

First General Assembly Thomas Brown, John Bigger, James Dunn, William James, Robert
McClure, William Maxwell, Thomas McFarlan; Second Samuel Dick, William Dodds, Abner
Garrard, Ephraim Kibby, Ichabod Miller, John Wallace, Stephen Wood, William McClure; Third
Stephen Wood, Hezekiah Price, Judah Willey; Fourth John Jones, Hezekiah Price, Adrian
Hagerman; Fifth-- Ethan Stone, John Jones, Hezekiah Price; Sixth--Othniel Looker, Zebulon
Foster, John Jones; Seventh Othniel Looker, William Perry, James Clark; Eighth- Othniel
Looker, James Clark, William Ludlow; Ninth--John Jones, Peter Bell, Samuel McHenry; Tenth
Peter Bell, John Jones, Ogden Ross; Eleventh Peter Bell, Ogden Ross, William Corry; Twelfth
Zebulon Foster, Peter Bell, Ephraim Brown; Thirteenth and Fourteenth--Jacob Burnet, Ephraim
Brown, Peter Bell; Fifteenth Arthur Henry, Daniel Hosbrook, Benjamin M. Platt; Sixteenth and
Seventeenth Andrew Mack, Samuel McHenry, Peter Bell; Eighteenth--Peter Bell, Samuel
McHenry, William Corry; Nineteenth--Zaccheus Biggs, Clayton Webb, Mi-cajah T. Williams;
Twentieth Clayton Webb, Micajab T. Williams, John T. Short, Samuel R. Miller; Twenty-first
Benjamin Ayres, William Disney, Samuel Rees, Micajah T. Williams; Twenty-second--Samuel
Rees, William Disney, Daniel Hosbrook, Micajah T. Williams; Twenty-third--Micajah T.
Williams, William Corry, Samuel McHenry; Twenty-fourth -- Samuel McHenry, Charles G.
Swain, Elijah Hayward; Twenty-fifth--Elijah| P239p| Hayward, Charles G. Swain, William Corry;
Twenty-sixth Elijah Hayward, Peter Bell, John C. Short; Twenty-seventh Elijah Hayward, Robert
T. Lytle, Alexander Duncan; Twenty-eighth David T. Disney, Samuel Rees, George Graham, jr.,
Alexander Duncan; Twenty-ninth Daniel Stone, Samuel Rees, Leonard Armstrong; Thirtieth
Alexander Duncan, David T. Disney, Daniel H. Hawes, John Burgoyne; Thirty-first D. T. Disney,
Samuel Bond, Israel Brown, Adam N. Riddle; Thirty-second Adam N. Riddle, Samuel Bond,
William C. Anderson, John Burgoyne; Thirty-third--Wil-liam C. Anderson, Samuel Bond, John
C. Short, Elijah Hotchkiss; Extra session, 1835 Samuel Bond, Elisha Hotchkiss, John C. Short;
Thirty-fourth William Conc-lin, James J. Faran, Andrew Porter, Daniel Hosbrook; Thirty-fifth
Israel Brown, George W: Holmes, James Armstrong; Thirty-sixth--James J. Faran, James Given,
A. F. Carpenter; Thirty seventh--James J. Faran, Israel Brown; Thirty-eighth Robert Moore,
Thomas J. Henderson; Thirty-ninth--A. F. Carpenter, John M. Cochran, John Reeves; Fortieth
Robert Moore, William Hatch, James H. Ewing, Oliver Jones; Forty-first Israel Brown, Archibald
Gordon, William Wakefield; Forty-second--James H. Ewing, William Wakefield, John Snyder;
Forty-third Israel Brown, Charles Ree-reelin, James H. Ewing, Jacob Flinn; Forty-fourth John
McMakin, Charles Reemelin, Thomas J. Gallagher, Jacob Flinn; Forty-fifth William S. Smith,
William E Converse, John McMakin, John B. Warren; Forty-sixth--Edward L. Armstrong,
William F. Converse, William S. Smith, John B. Warren; Forty-seventh George E. Pugh,
Alexander N. Pierce, Henry Roed-ter, Alexander Long, Edward L. Armstrong; Forty-eighth
Alexander Long, John Bennett, Henry Roedter, George E. Pugh,. Andrew Purdon; Forty-ninth
Peter Zinn, James Iliff, John Bennett; John Schiff, Andrew Davidson; Fiftieth William H. Lytle,
BenJamin T. Dale, James Shuble, Thomas F. Eckhart, John B. Staetler, Andrew Davidson,
Richard H. Stone, Oliver Brown. At the adjourned session, Henry Brachman, vice Jacob Struble,
deceased; Fifty-first--H. B. Brown, Joseph E. Egley, Nelson Cross, John B. Krauth, E. Bassett
Lang-don, John N. Ridgway, George Robinson, Thomas Wright; Fifty-second--Joseph E. Egley,
E. B. Langdon, William M. Corry, James P. Holmes, George C. Robinson, Charles Thomas,
Ebenezer T. Turpin, John P. Slough; Fifty-third George C. Robinson, Patrick Rodgers, Hunter
Brooke, Aaron C. Bagley, Isaac C. Collins, Joseph J. Bobmeyer, James Saffin, Joseph T.
Wright; Fifty-fourth --William J. Flagg, John Schiff, Joseph Jonas, Patrick Rodgers, Joseph F.
Wright, William Jones, William Jes-sup; Fifty-fifth--Peter Zinn, George Reck, William Stanton,
Milton Sayler, William J. Flagg, James Hus-ton, Amzi McGill, Henry Brachman, Theodore
Marsh; Fifty-sixth--William Stanton, George Reck, Henry Brachman, Amzi McGill, James
Huston, J. M. CoChran, S. L. Hayden, John K. Green, Josiah Kirby; (adjourned session--N. P.
NiXon took the place of George Koch, deceased); Fifty-seventh--Henry Kessler, William
Stanton, N. P. Nixon, J. M. Cochran, Gustav Tafel, M. P. Gaddis, Thomas L. Young, F. H.
Oberkline, George B. Wright (at the adjourned session, Griffith- M. Bunce and Charles E. Cist,
to take the places, respectively, of Maxwell P. Gaddis and George B. Wright, resigned);
Fifty-eighth Henry C. Borden, Robert S. Coleman, George Cist, Henry G. Kennett, Frederick
W. Moore. William H. Scott, George W. Skaats, Jacob Wolf, Henry Warnkin; Fifty-ninth Henry
M. Bates, Thomas A. Corcoran, A. J. Cunningham, Ozro J. Dodds, Thomas J. Haldeman. James
H. Hambleton, George H. Hill, John K. Love, Augustus Ward, Ernest F. Kleinschmidt; Sixtieth
John M. Brunswick, John M. Cochran, Thomas A. Corcoran, Robert Creighton, John J. Fallis,
Thomas J. Haldeman, John A. Shank, Robert O. Strong, Charles P. Taft, Join M. Wilson (at the
adjourned session H. F. Brashear and M. W. Olin, vice. respectively, Robert Creighton and R.
O. Strong, resigned); Sixty-first Chapman C. Archer, George W Boyce, John J. Geghan, James
S. Gordon, Paul A. J. Huston, Edwin W. Miller, Elbert P. Newell, John M. Patterson, Thomas E.
Sater, James L. Haven; Sixty-second--S. W. Bard, L. Burckhardt, Gabriel Dirt, H. P. Goebel,
John E. Naylor, George W. Skaats, Peter F. Stryker, R. M. White, W. P. Wiltsee, John W.
Zumstein; Sixty-third Lloyd S. Bunn, Milo G. Dodds, William Jessup, Frederick Klimper,
Benjamin F. Lovelace, William B. Loder, Joseph G. Sexton, John Sullivan, Irwin B. Wright;
Sixty-fourth Lewis M. Dayton, Chhrles C. Davis, Joseph E. Heart, William H. Hill, Frank
Kirchner, D. Gano Ray, Peter Stryker, Lewis Voight, George W. Williams.


My Kirby line is as follows:

Joel Kirby, w. Hannah,  lived in Miami Co., OH in early 1800's.

Daughter Olivia Kirby, married William Buckles.  Olivia had a sister Libby
Snodgrass.  I have a picture of Olivia & Libby taken in mid-1870's.

Anyone have any information on Joel and wife Hannah.  They were suppose to
come from NJ?

Please e-mail at EUSDA05@aol.com
Pat Evans


Hi I am Sean Alexander Kirby I was born in 1970 in Marymount hospital, Lake County, Ohio. my father is Alan Arthur Kirby, born in Cleveland Ohio 1945, his Father is Arthur Kirby (no middle name) b 1910 d 1994 Youngstown Ohio. his father was Arthur Kirby from York PA. this is all I know so far, although we do trace back to a John and Mary Kirby somewhere in the chain. there is a large burial memorial located in Youngstown Ohio, I have just started researching all of this, but I am highly interested in any information that can be provided, My father is working on places and dates that he can remeber. I would like to be added to the list if possible.

Thanks Sean Kirby  skirby@minot.com



I can't seem to find anything on a JOHN KERBY, born about 1825 in Virginia.
I don't know when or where he died or when he married, but I do know he
married Amanda BERKLEY, probably in Ohio.

Together they had at least one son: Charles Edward KERBY (b. 1854 in Ohio;
d. 1934 in Illinois).  The son (CEK) married Addie Jenettie MATHENEY on 11
March 1877 in Ohio.   CEK and AJM had at least two children, Charles Wesley
KERBY (b.1880 in Illinois; d. 1963 in Illinois) and Fred Lee KERBY/KIRBY (b.
1877 in Illinois; d. 1963 in Oregon).  Fred is my grandfather.  Does anyone
have any information about this John Kerby or his wife, Amanda?

Thanks for any help. Bill Kirby


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