William  Edward Kirby 25 July 1867 Middlebourne, Tyler Co., WV m. 29 Aug 1895
d. 9 Feb 1947 Ravenna, portage Co., OH
b. Greenlawn Cem, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co., WV
Lavina Belle Wade  b. Sept 1874     Sisterville, Tyler Co
d. Sep 1957 West milford, Harrrison Co., WV
b. Greenlawn Cem, New Martinsville,  Wetzel Co., WV
daug of Joseph Richard Wade(son of John Wade & Susan Kirby) & Sarah Ann Kimble(daug of J.J. Kimble.)
James Richard    b. 1 Jun 1896     Sisterville, Tyler Co.,
     m. #1 Berta Carmon Robinson (daug of Marion Francis
     Robinson & Margaret Ellen Morgan) 2 Sep 1917
      m. #2  Widow Beulah Moore Myers
Myrtle Mae b. 30 Mar 1998   Sisterville,Tyler Co., WV d. 1917 m. Roscoe Window
Leslie Aldine    b. 24 Oct 1899 Sisterville m. Mae Pittman
Harley Ross     b. Oct 1901  Sisterville m. Zelma Anderson
Lona Belle        b. 18 Aug 1904  Sisterville m. Alfred Winzenrreid
Iva Virginia     b. Sisterville deceased
Henry McCoy    b. Mar 1911, Paden City, Wetzel Co., WV
    m. Lalah Kirkpatrick.
Carl b. 1916  Paden city
James Richard Kirby,  b. 1 Jun 1896  Sisterville, Tyler m. 2 Sep 1917 Pine Grove, Wetzel Co., WV
    m. #1, 2 Sep 1917  Berta Carmon Robinson  b. 2 Jul 1898, Jacksonburg,
Wetzel Co., WV (daug of Marion Francis  Robinson & Margaret Ellen Morgan) d.
16 July 1963, Pine Grove, Wetzel, Co.,     m. #2  Widow Beulah Moore Myers
James Richard jr,    b. 2 jul 1918    Jacksonburg, wetzel m. Mary Grim
Jack Levi    b. 25 June 1928     Hastings, Wetzel Co.     d. 28 Jun 1928
Patricia Lea    b. 25 June 1928  Hastings, Wetzel Co.   d. 2 July1928
Carl Eugene    b. 29 June 1933    Hastings, Wetzel Co
    m. Bernadette Marie Pendergast

NOTE;  Mr. James Kirby stated that it was believed that William Kirby b.
1839 was illegitimate as he was always told their real name was Ferguson.

Source: Date1980
James Richard Kirby
129 Robinson Street
Paden City, WV 26159


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