Our cousin Don Severs sent me quite a treasure trove today by U.S.


It's "Aunt Matt's Family Tree," copyright 1934, revised in 1935 and

twice in 1939. For 38 typewritten pages, Martha Elizabeth Kerby Porter

recounts the tales of her branch of the southern Iowa/northern Missouri Kerby

family, circa 1880.

The account starts out: "Three brothers, Jesse, a Revolutionary

soldier, Asa and Solomon, came from England before the Revolutionary War and

settled in the eastern part of the United States. They later settled in Warren

County, Kentucky, about the year 1795. Solomon Kerby married Frances Ellison

about 1794 and their first child was David R. Kerby, born Sept. 24. 1795 (died

about 1883)."


Other sources indicate that the first of our line on American soil was

Thomas Kerby III, who arrived in 1634 and had a son, Robert Kerby, born May 1,

1662 in New Pocoson, York County, Virginia — our first direct ancestor born in

America. We, I have been told, are descended from his second son, John Kerby,

born July 19, 1693 in Charles Parish, Virginia, also known as “Old John.”

Old John married Johanna Owens in 1729. They had ten children: seven

sons: Francis, David, John Jr., Henry, Josiah, Jesse and William; and three

daughters, Joanna, Susannah, and Mary. David was born July 14, 1738 and during

the Revolutionary War took the Oath of Allegiance and is listed in the

Daughters of the American Revolution’s Patriot Index.

David and Elizabeth had ten children, Solomon, Jesse, Leonard, Agnes,

Samuel, Sarah, Zepphor, Elizabeth, Asa and Isaiah, according to The Virginia

Genealogist, Vol. 23, published in 1979, compiled by Larry Blackman.


Are these the Solomon, Jesse and Asa referred to by Aunt Matt? The

names are uncommon enough for this not to be coincidence, right? We'll just

assume she didn't have the story straight about their origin.

One of the first stories she relates is about Solomon's son David:

"David R. Kerby was 17 years of age when he married Mary Rowland. they

had six children. Ewing Jefferson Jackson Rowland Torrence Kerby was their

first child. The father, thinking he might be the only child, named him for

his favorite presidents and relatives. When Weing was a boy, his friends used

to call him Ewing Jefferson Jackson Rowland That Tormenting Kerby. Of course,

changing the Torrence to Tormenting as children will do. Ewing married Sarah

Rollin (Aunt Sally), a cousin of his mother. They had two children, the first

being the first white child born in Appanoose County, Iowa, about a mile north

of Cincinnati, Iowa. Their names are as follows . . .

The first section of "Aunt Matt's Family Tree" is mostly the children

and grandchildren of David R. Kerby. The second section is titled "Incidents

about David R. Kerby." Among them:

"In November 1833, David Kerby and Mr. Duncan were sitting around a

campfire after a day of hunting. They were about startled out of their wits by

the unusual meteoric display. Mr. Duncan and another man were playing cards

and thought the falling stars heralded the last day, so they threw the cards

in the fire and got down by a log and went to praying. Grandfather said he

never head a man pray so hard in his life."

Allegedly the meteor storm had the same effect on a local African-

American woman who "was going down to the spring for water the night the stars

fell. She threw her bucket down and started up the hill shouting,

“Hallelujah, I'se gwine farther up de hill to meet Jesus."

What follows are quite a few anecdotes -- many of them of the Foxfire

nature, describing how early Kerbys made their own ink, how school was taught

(with kids studying aloud as well as the alternative "silent" method) and how

boys teased girls in the 1800s. It describes Aunt Matt making dye and spinning

cotton. There's a story of an Uncle Ike who told stories about knowing Daniel

Boone, pranks, and the story of a little sister who killed a pet chicken,

angering her bigger sister who loved the animal.

On which side were our forebears during the War Between the States? I

was always raised with Southern sympathies. According to Aunt Matt, the Kerbys

were slaveholders:

On page 19, Aunt Matt tells:

"When Uncle Asa died, he left two old feeble darkies. His daughter

Nancy said she would take care of them and they should never be sold as long

as she could take care of them. The old darkies were named Uncle Pete and

Uncle Joe. It was rather hard to get enough coffee, but Nancy's daughter

Melissa said that if anyone got coffee, it would be old Uncle Pete, who was

most feeble. So every morning, she would pour the coffee out first for him and

take it to his cabin."

Aunt Matt also relates the mysterious murder of a young Tommy Kerby in

1863, which is followed by this reference to his grieving mother: "Tommy's

mother said she never had anything she loved but that it had been taken away

from her. When she was small, her father had given her a little negro girl as

her own to play with. She had great times with the child and one day missed

her. After searching, she found her drowned in a spring."

There are recollections of David Kerby's beautiful ability to pray, his

career as a preacher, and his very low opinion of Mormon leader Brigham Young.

On page 22, there's this tidbit:

"Old Aunt Tilda" told Aunt Matt the reason she married a Kerby was that

the Kerbys were the "Royal Family."

The stories continue -- more Foxfire-type stories of such things as how

to deal with tobacco worms. Then there is this on page 27:

"Aunt Matt says that no record is known of any Kerby being convicted of

crime, in jail or divorced."

Here's a cute story: "Sam Kerby was always the pet of the family. One

day, he and his brother Dave were out in the field. They plowed up a nest of

baby rabbits. David fixed them back as best he could. During the night, Dave

heard Sam crying and he asked him what was wrong. He said, "Why, that old

mother rabbit never will find those little rabbits." So Dave got up and

dressed himself and Sam and took the lantern and sent out in the field where

the rabbits had been. they were gone. (Aunt Matt said the dog probably ate

them.) Dave said, "See the old mother rabbit has come and gotten them." So

that satisfied Sam and he went home and was asleep in no time.

There are several poems by various relatives.

On page 38, it all wraps up with this story:

One time there was a boy in the neighborhood who was the greenest

thing. He wanted to go a-sparking. So. he went to a neighbor's house and asked

the girl who was about 15 to go with him to a meeting [church service] five

miles away. he had a big long legged horse for the girl to ride with a side

saddle. His own mount was a little pony. A wagon load of Kerby children were

going to the meeting, too. they saw the two riders ahead of them. All at once

they saw the girl slip over sideways in the ditch. The girths slipped and the

girl, saddle and all went over. the boy didn't know enough to ride on the side

facing the girl, but was on the right side with her back to him. When she went

over, he stood up in the stirrups and peered over to see what had become of

her. David said disgustedly "Well, why don't he get down and help her up?" She

was lying flat on her back in the ditch. Cousin Mac Sawyer said, "Well, he is

a-trying to find her." They were all so tickled they laughed the rest of the

evening. The meeting didn't do them any good, they were so tickled.

All, in all, this is fascinating, colorful stories, rich detail of life

in the late 1800s and Aunt Matt's personal thoughts on who is related to whom.

Some of it is a little sparce. As to my family's direct line, she recounts the

sons and daughters of David Robert Kerby, and their marriages and children and

grandchildren. Of my line, she notes that David Robert's son "Ervin married

Susan Bland, she died, he married Margaret Sumpter, 2 c: Dave married Ota

Wells, 2 children, Ford, Ellen Wells; Josephine married Perkins, 5 children:

Ruth (I met Ruth aged 13 at time of Glenwood reunion, 1935) . . ."

Well, that is accurate, but a little meager. Erven Jasper Kerby was

born Sept. 9, 1836 in Putnam County, Missouri. He had four children with his

first wife, Elizabeth, who died in 1854, then four more with his second wife,


Erven Kerby’s eldest son, David Marion Kerby, was born in 1880 in

Appanoose County, Iowa. His youngest son, Ford Erven Kerby, born in 1899 and

died in 1987, was my grandfather.

Is "Aunt Matt's Family Tree" a good read?


Send me a self-addressed envelope with enough postage to tote 38 pages

your way and I will send you a copy. I will even pay the postage of the first

person who offers to type it in to post to the Kirby-Kerby database.

Let me know if you are interested.

Rob Kerby

Green Forest, Arkansas


Joseph W. Kerby b.about 1820. First information was on the 1850 KY census.

Joseph and wife, Zerilda Hough/Huff lived in Franklin Co, KY (near

Frankfort) with children Susan, George, Nancy, James, Elihu and Elizabeth.

In 1853 Joseph received a patent to 320 acres of land near what is now Ft

Worth, TX. His wife died while they lived in this area. In 1859 he moved

to a farm which was located on the county lines of Wise and Parker Counties

called "Terrapin Neck". I am looking for Joseph and Zerilda's parents and

siblings. I'm told Zerilda came from the Paducah KY area.

If you have information on this family, please reply to


Lois Weaver []



Found this site for KY KERBY'S

Kerby, Elisha (1794 - )
b. 1794 in VA
d. in Estill, KY
spouse: Riddle, Nancy (1806 - )
- m. 10 Jul 1827 in Estill, KY
----------child: Kerby?, Sally? Ann? (~1827 - )
----------child: Kerby, Elisha (1828 - 1881)
----------child: Kerby, Robert (1829 - )
----------child: Kerby, Permelia (1831 - )
----------child: Kerby, Francis Marion (r1832 - ~1911)
----------child: Kerby, John Harriett (1836 - 1915)
----------child: Kerby, Mary E. (1838 - )
----------child: Kerby, Catherine (1840 - )
----------child: Kerby, William (1842 - )
----------child: Kerby, Joel F. (1844 - )
----------child: Kerby, Aseanath (1847 - )
----------child: Kerby, James (1848 - 1881)
Kerby, Elisha (1828 - 1881)
b. 16 Apr 1828 in Estill, KY
d. 5 Dec 1881 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Rice, Luvina (1830 - 1898)
- m. 1849
----------child: Kerby, Wade (>1849 - )
----------child: Kerby, Richard (>1849 - )
----------child: Kerby, Nannie (>1849 - )
----------child: Kerby, Annie (>1849 - )
----------child: Kerby, Franklin M (>1849 - )
----------child: Kerby, William H (1850 - )
----------child: Kerby, John Milford (1852 - )
----------child: Kerby, Frances (1854 - 1896)
----------child: Kerby, Dora (1878 - 1909)
Kerby, Elisha (~1855 - )
b. ABT. 1855
spouse: Riddell, Ann (1855 - 1920)
- m. 20 Feb 1882
Kerby, Frances (1854 - 1896)
b. 20 Nov 1854 in Estill, KY
d. 19 Sep 1896 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
spouse: Riddell, William Taylor (1845 - 1928)
- m. 30 Nov 1871 in Elisha Kerby's, Estill, KY
----------child: Riddell, Elbert (1873 - 1943)
----------child: Riddell, Lathrup (1876 - 1949)
----------child: Riddell, Elisha (1881 - 1977)
----------child: Riddell, Otis (1885 - 1977)
----------child: Riddell, Provie (1886 - 1980)
Kerby, Francis Marion (r1832 - ~1911)
b. 1831-1833 in Estill, KY
d. ABT. 1911
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Wakefield, Lucy Jane (~1833 - )
- m. 18 Dec 1855 in Estill, KY
Kerby, Franklin M (>1849 - )
b. AFT. 1849
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
spouse: Kerby, Lucy (~1849 - )
Kerby, James (1848 - 1881)
b. 1848 in Estill, KY
d. 1881 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Freeman, Chaney (1848 - 1920)
----------child: Kirby, Adie (~1879 - )
Kerby, Joel F. (1844 - )
b. 1844 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: ?, Elizabeth (~1839 - )
Kerby, John Harriett (1836 - 1915)
b. 5 Dec 1836 in Rice Station, Estill, KY
d. 24 Jan 1915 in Rice Station, Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Richardson, Lucy Ann (~1836 - )
- m. 6 Apr 1864 in Estill, KY
----------child: Kirby, Flora M. (~1865 - )
----------child: Kirby, Thomas M. (~1869 - )
spouse: Dawes, Sarah E. (~1858 - )
- m. 6 Dec 1877 in A. Dawes' Res., Estill, KY
Kerby, John Milford (1852 - )
b. 1852 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
spouse: Lanter, America Belle (~1852 - )
- m. 14 Dec 1870
Kerby, Lucy (~1849 - )
b. ABT. 1849
spouse: Kerby, Franklin M (>1849 - )
Kerby, Mary E. (1838 - )
b. 1838 in Estill Co., Kentucky
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Aldridge, Thomas J. (~1838 - )
- m. 14 Oct 1873
Kerby, Nannie (>1849 - )
b. AFT. 1849
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
spouse: Adams, James (>1849 - )
Kerby, Permelia (1831 - )
b. 1831 in KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Martin, Jefferson (1828 - )
- m. 22 Aug 1853 in Elisha Kerby's, Estill, KY
----------child: Martin, Amanda (~1854 - )
----------child: Martin, William R. (~1856 - )
Kerby, Richard (>1849 - )
b. AFT. 1849
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
Kerby, Robert (1829 - )
b. 1829 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Wakefield, Margaret A. (~1838 - )
- m. 12 Oct 1853
----------child: Kirby, Susia (~1856 - )
----------child: Kirby, Angeline (~1859 - )
----------child: Kirby, Mary M. (~1868 - )
spouse: Moore, Martha A. (~1829 - )
- m. 20 Jul 1865
Kerby, Sarah Elizabeth (1848 - 1924)
b. 6 Mar 1848 in KY
d. 30 Apr 1924 in Rice Station, Estill, KY
spouse: Riddell, John E. (1843 - 1916)
- m. 28 Jun 1866 in George S Kerby', Estill, KY
----------child: Riddell, Eva L. (~1868 - )
----------child: Riddell, Scott (~1869 - )
Kerby, Wade (>1849 - )
b. AFT. 1849
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
spouse: ?, Rose (>1849 - )
Kerby, William (1842 - )
b. 1842 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
Kerby, William H (1850 - )
b. Jul 1850 in Estill, KY
father: Kerby, Elisha(1828 - 1881)
mother: Rice, Luvina(1830 - 1898)
Kerby?, Sally? Ann? (~1827 - )
b. ABT. 1827
father: Kerby, Elisha(1794 - )
mother: Riddle, Nancy(1806 - )
spouse: Cox, Issac Or Bill (~1827 - )

From: Julia Kidd <>

Subject: Jesse Kirby-Sophia Chioce debate

This will end forever the differences about Jesse Kirby. There were at
least two (here) and probably at least one more. We have found the graves
of Jesse and Sophia on Lee Harris Bluff ,7 Miles South of Bowling Green,
Warren County, Kentucky.
In memory of Jesse Kirby SR, Born Oct.23rd. 1757. Died Decr.17,1852 in the
96th year of his age. A Soldier of the Revolutionary War, a Christian and
In Memory of Sophia Kirby, wife of Jesse Kirby SR., born 23rd Septr.1760.
Died July 11th. 1853 in the 93rd. year of her age.

Julia Anne Kirby Kidd

MY one and only Kirby ( but I want more) is Rebecca Elizabeth Kirby born about 1810 in Kentucky.  Married King Hiram Caplinger in abt. 1837. Died abt 1887 in Benton Co., TN.  Estate settlement papers list her as Elizabeth.

Descendants of Elisha Kirby

1  [1] Elisha Kirby b: Abt. 1793 d: Aft. 1880
. +Catherine Fry
...... 2  John Kirby b: 1830
*2nd Wife of [1] Elisha Kirby:
. +Elizabeth Isabella Scott
...... 2  Delaney Erca Kirby b: Abt. 1818 in Madison Co. KY. d: November
            08, 1864 in Davis Co., IA.
.......... +Kiziah Jane Hessia Horn Abt. b: Abt. 1820 in Estill Co., KY.
             d: January 15, 1864 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Ansel Walter Kirby b: April 11, 1840 in Fabius, Davis
               Co., IA. d: March 20, 1913 in Potosi, Linn Co, KS.
.................. +Margaret Stringer b: Abt. 1845 in Indiana d: February 20, 1881 in Potosi, Linn Co.,KS (B: Littell Cem.; Linn,                     KS)
.............. 3  Emeline Kirby b: 1841 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Nancy A. Kirby b: 1843 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Elizabeth Kirby b: 1844 in Davis Co., IA. d: February 15, 1865 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Elisha Kirby b: 1848 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Samuel Delaney Kirby b: 1849 in Davis Co., IA.
.............. 3  Martha Kirby   b: 1851 in Davis Co., IA. d: December 11,1864
.............. 3  Eliza Kirby b: 1854 in Appanoosa, IA.
.............. 3  Joel Kirby b: 1856 in Appanoosa, IA.
.............. 3  James Kirby b: 1857 in Appanoosa, IA.
.............. 3  Thomas Kirby b: 1859 in Appanoosa, IA.
.............. 3  Matilda Kirby b: 1861 in Appanoosa, IA.
...... 2  Dicy Kirby b: Abt. 1820 in Madison Co. KY.
.......... +Douglas Hamilton
...... 2  George Kirby b: Abt. 1822 in Madison Co. KY.
.......... +Milly Lackey
...... 2  Elizabeth Kirb b: Abt. 1824 in Madison Co. KY.
...... 2  Elijah Kirby b: Abt. 1826 in Madison Co. KY.
...... 2  Kizira Kirby b: Abt. 1827 in Madison Co. KY.
*3rd Wife of [1] Elisha Kirby:
. +Nellie Riddle b: Abt. 1806 in KY.
...... 2  Elisha Kirby b: April 16, 1828 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Lucinda Rice
...... 2  Robert Kirby b: Abt. 1829 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Margaret A. Wakefield
...... 2  Pemilia(Amelia) Kirby b: Abt. 1831 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Jefferson Martin
...... 2  [2] John H. Kirby b: Abt. 1836 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Sarah E. Dawes
...... *2nd Wife of [2] John H. Kirby:
.......... +Lucy Ann Richardson
...... 2  Mary C. (E) Kirby b: Abt. 1837 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Thomas Aldridge
...... 2  Frances Marion Kirby b: Abt. 1840 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Lucy Jane Wakefield
...... 2  Cathrina Kirby b: Abt. 1840 in Estill Co.,KY.
...... 2  William Kirby b: Abt. 1842 in Estill Co.,KY.
...... 2  Joel Kirby b: Abt. 1844 in Estill Co.,KY.
...... 2  Sena Kirby b: Abt. 1847 in Estill Co.,KY.
...... 2  James J. Kirby b: Abt. 1849 in Estill Co.,KY.
.......... +Chaney Unknown
ANSEL WALTER KIRBY is my line through his daughter Harriet Ann.
To my knowledge his descendants migrated to KS and TX. I have *some*
information on them as well as his mother's HORN line.
I would like to know more about his grandparents Elisha and Elizabeth
I. Scott KIRBY of Madison and Estill County, KY.



Joe Kirby married Lizzie (Elizabeth) Lanter.  KY? Possibly Madison Co.
Their 3rd child: (other children died at birth)was Robert Alexander Kerby b. 21 July 1873 Ricmond, Ky d. 17 July 1968 Rolla,MO
1st wife was Nan Woosley, she died at age 16/17
Only child was Marvin J. Kirby (grandfather) b.KY/24 Aug 1890 d.12 Mar 1974 WA 
Children of Marvin and Lillie Lucinda (Buzard)m. July 1911 McLean Co., Il
Floyd McGarvy
Vanessa Lillie
Lloyd Marvin
Mable Jeanetta (my mother)
Russell Dean

Robert Alexander and Katharine Puckett (2nd wife)b.20 May 1873 m. in Estill Co.
Beechem Bryan   b. 05 Oct 1897      d. 18 Apr 1974
Cardia Lee      b. 26 Apr 1899      d. 16 Jan 1922
Edgar Turley                         d. 01 Jun 1972
R.A.            b. 16 Mar 1903       d. 10 Apr 1897 in Iowa
Daisy Mae       b. 02 Apr 1905       d. 21 Jun 1941
Vernon L.       b. 08 Nov 1907
Leonard Glen    b. 08 Nov 1909
Woodrow Mary    b. 17 Nov 1915
Eva Lon         b. 14 Aug 1916
Lydia Caterine  b. 22 Jan 1918

I am looking for any information on Joe (Joseph)
Thank you and have a good day
Wanda Wyles at wwyles@



The following are my Kirby ancestors:

More details and descendants if there are any connections.

  1  David Joel Kirby  b: 1807 in Kentucky
     +Elizabeth Brown  b: 1811 in Indiana
   2  John Francis Kirby  b: Sep 01, 1840 in Jennings Co., Indiana
      +Mary Harriet Teel  b: Feb 12, 1843 in Algonquin, McHenry, Illinois
     3  John L. Kirby  b: Sep 26, 1860 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
     3  Christina J. Kirby  b: Apr 04, 1862 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
     3  Mary Anne Kirby  b: Feb 22, 1863 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla,Washington
        +Pliny Barger Bateman  b: Jun 18, 1861 in Centralia, Marion, Illinois
     3  Francis Evaline Kirby  b: Mar 22, 1865 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
        +James H. Fudge  b: Apr 05, 1865 in Huntsville, Columbia, Washington
     3  Abbie Lorene Kirby  b: Feb 12, 1867 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
         Harold Oliver Pollard  b: Aug 1893 in Huntsville, Columbia, Washington
     3  J. F. Kirby  b: Aug 06, 1869 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
  *2nd Wife of David Joel Kirby: 
     +Nancy Clarissa Boswell
     3  William Amber Kirby  b: Dec 31, 1852 in Ripley Co., Indiana
        +Emma Armenta Teel  b: Jun 13, 1855 in McMinneville, Yamhill, Oregon
       4  Mary Ellaneen Kirby  b: Aug 06, 1873 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
       4  Rose Emma Kirby  b: Apr 11, 1878 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
          +Benjamin Bernard Gillespie   b: Jul 04, 1884 in Warrensburg, Missouri

Kirby Parker



Eileen Rice <>
David Robert Kerby

Seeking info on Mary Jane Rowland Who mar. David Robert KirbyBr. Sept.29 1795 Warren Co. Ky. Mary Jane Rowland Br abt. 1795? Father Jesse Rowland  Br. 4-28-1752 ?   Does any one have Mary Jane's Anceastal linage back to where Rowland came to America and back more. Any help would be a great help.
Best to you all

>From Robert E. Kirby, Author:

"My on-the-spot, where-it-happened research required four cross country
trips and local travel totaling over 30,000 miles. I talked with dozens
of people: distant relatives, county clerks, librarians, historical
society officers and docents, court clerks, local historians, road
department staffs, farmers, teachers, authors, U.S. National Park
specialists and many others. I also retained some of them-a National
Historical photographer, a professional land researcher and three
consulting genealogists. The Library of the Daughters of the American
Revolution in Washington D.C., the Library of the Filson Club in
Louisville, Kentucky and the California State Library are only three of
the many outstanding research facilities I have visited. Thanks to five
genealogical authors(Noel-Currer Briggs, Thomas Vincent Watkins, Tommeye
Quarles Meyer, Mary Sue Mathys, and Ted Lissauer), I bridged the 114
year gap between 1748 Lunenburg Co.,Virginia, and 1634 New Poquoson
Parish of the Virginia Colony."

My Kirby lineage beginning with myself:
1.Darlene Embry                         Ky, Kenton Co

2. Anna Mildred Kinkade           Ky, Butler Co
    Paul Monroe Moran                Ky, Casey Co

3. Lura Bell Kirby  born 1896   Ky, Butler Co
    Preston Kinkade born 1896  Ky, Butler Co

4. Greenberry Kirby   born  1868   Ky, Butler Co
    Delia Elamon         born    1871  Ky, Butler Co

5. James Monroe Kirby  born 1847     Tenn, Sumner Co
    Mary Ann Summerville born 1850     Arkansas

6. Westley W. Kirby    born 1822     Tenn (some question as to whether
Westley is the father of James Monroe Kirby), Sumner Co*
    Nancy Hodges        born 1822      Tenn, Sumner Co

    * I  have it from another source that James Monroe's parents were
Joseph Kirby and Dolly Woodward and that he was born in Robertson Co,
Tenn. This is being researched and any info that someone may have on
this would be greatly appreciated.

7. John Kirby    born 1796  South Carolina, Greenville Co
    Sarah 'Sally' Woodall  born 1802     Virginia,   Franklin Co

8. Leonard T. Kirby     born 1760        Virginia, Pittsylvania Co

9. David Kirby Sr.    born 1738        Virginia, Goochland Co
    Elizabeth Tarrant    born 1740       Virginia, Henry Co

10. Jonathan 'John' Kerby   born 1698     Virginia, York Co
      Joanna Owen                 born 1714      Virginia, Prince George

11.Robert Thomas Kerby   born  1662      Virginia, York Co
     Catharine Clarke Tompkins  born abt 1672    Virginia

12. Thomas Kerby III   born 1609              England, Norfolk Co
      Mary Ray

13. Thomas Kerby II                                  England

14. Thomas Kerby I    born 1555               England, Norfolk Co

15. George Kerby       born abt 1530          England, Norfolk Co

A partial list of sources for my Kirby lineage can be found on my web site at
I have no reason to believe that all those people are wrong.

My information stands as is...and my sources integrity remains intact!
Darlene Embry
Kirby Researcher in Kentucky

I have Agnes Kirby, born May 19, 1808, daughter of Solomon Kerby(born
1762 in Virginia-died  May 16, 1816 in Warren County, Kentucky), and
Francis Ellison(born about 1775). This from Denis Graham, URL is:
I also have a web site about the Kirby family at:
Solomon Kerby was a brother to my Leonard
Tarrant Kirby.
Darlene Embry


I have an Elizabeth Tarrant d/o Leonard Tarrant.  Elizabeth married David Kirby about 1756.  This Kirby family ended up in Warren Co., KY. Jesse Kirby was the s/o Elizabth Tarrant and David Kirby.  Nancy was their daughter, married William Potter, their son was John married to Nancy Gladish, their son was John married to Manarva Elrod.   Their daughter was Mary Ellen Potter married to John Manley, their daughter was Manerva Manley married to William Lee Buchanan, their daughter  was Ellen Lois Buchanan married to Winston Christian, their son was Charles Walter married to Mildred Eloise Mayfield, their daughter is me-Margaret Carolyn Christian married to Chester Martin.
Does any of this ring a bell?

Hello all:

The grave markers for Jesse and Sophia Choice Kirby are now online at

They are still not the quality I would like but pretty good for a copy of a copy. I hope to visit the cemetery myself soon and see if there is anything left of their markers.
These photos were taken in 1953 so the markers could be in unreadable shape by this time.

Darlene Embry
Kirby Researcher in Ky

The URL for the Jesse and Sophia grave markers has changed to

I am also interested in hearing from anyone who has information on the
Wesley W. Kirby, born in Sumner Co., Tenn., Oct. 18, 1822, died April
21, 1878 in Simpson Co., Ky. He married Nancy Hodges in 1841.
I am particularly interested in their children, especially James, their
Also, interested in any info on  Wesley Kirby who is in Blount Co., TN.,
in 1860 with son James H. Kirby, 17 yrs old, b:circa1843.

Darlene Embry


  1. David - b. 1738, Goochland Co., VA; d. May 11, 1811 Warren Co., KY.

Dear Larry,

Interesting to read about your Jesse and Dicey.  He is a great uncle of mine.
His brother David is my 6th great grandfather, David married Elizabeth Tarrant
and eventually ended up in Warren County KY with many of their children
including their son, my 5th greatgrandfather Jesse Kirby husband to Sophia
Choice. I recently visted all of their gravesites.  Here is where my direct
line stayed for the next 140 years until my Mom moved up to Louisville in the
1940"s to begin her family.  

Let me know if you have questions on this branch.  I think it's quite
interesting that your Jesse's family ended up in KY too just in a different
county,  wonder if they ever visited one another??


Darlene Block


..1 George Kirby b.abt.  1867   (1920 Bell Co.KY census)*in KY-
OR..... 1870(1910 Bell Co.KY census)*in W.V.

*(Note: question on census, Place of birth of this person?)states
his parents were born in KY.
marr. Nancy (Nannie)Lou Whitaker b.1881(1910BellCo.census)in WV
OR..... 1874(1920 Bell Co.census)in KY
Parents are listed as being born in WV in the 1919, list as KY in
1920. *NOTE:Guess they got old and decited they were from KY?

Their children:

.....2 Gertrude b.abt..1895 WV  marr. Loyd Johnson  b.abt.1895
*I am guessing that he married Gertrude,as there is only one other
daug. which is my grandmother. He is shown on the 1920 census as
son-in-law, widower, with 2 Children:
............3 Anthony b.abt.1913
............3 Charley b.abt.1915.

.....2 Sherman b.abt.1897 WV
.....2 Charles b.abt.1899 KY
.....2 Julia b.1904 Bell Co.KY d.1962 Dayton,OH
marr.1 Lee Ander/Leander Barnett (aka Martin)
*NOTE: More on Lee Ander if asked. That one is a bit mixed-up. I
now know why I don't post much!
marr.2 (maybe a Walker?)
marr.3 Cross
.....2 Frank b.abt.1906
.....2 Edgar (Eddie) b.abt.1908

I am willing to share/exchange info. (O' Heck, Just ask, I'll give it to
you. but would prefer you share back.)
Thanks for your time.


Hi all,

        I have an Edward Kearby 1781-1845 who married Elizabeth Butler and
his brother Henry 1778-? who married Susannah Butler and Catherine Butler.
I made a trip to Kentucky to find these three ladies families but still came
up dry.  Do you or any other Kearby researchers know who the ladies parents
were.  I would very much like to get beyond this puzzle.  Even the Butler
list has not given me any insight as to where their family was from and who
their parents are?  I do know they at one time were in the Jessamine Co.
Kentucky area.  I have the Kearby line back further and am willing to share.

        Thanks for any help you can give.
                                 Sue Swartzmiller <


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