KIRBYS in Ohio from Maryland originally, looking for:

William KIRBY, b abt 1780 in Md, died bef 1864 in Knox Co, Ohio md.
Mary ??             b abt 1780 in Md, died abt 1863-66 in Knox Co, Ohio
Their children:
1. Daniel Kirby b 1800 in MD
2. Thomas Kirby b. abt 1802 in MD
3. Nathan Kirby b about 1804 in MD
4. Catharine Kirby b about 1806 in Fredricktown Md
5. Hannah Kirby (my ancestor) b abt 1811 in Md
6. Henrietta Kirby
7. MArilla Kirby
8. Abner Kirby
9.Arthur B. Kirby
10. Ann Kirby
Would appreciate any info on the above, mail to

I am a "newbie" to this site.
I decend from Richard "enoch" Kirby in Montgomery Co, MD., wife's
name is unknown.

His daughter, Sara Kirby b ca 1760 in Prince George,MD m
Theodorus Neale in 1778 in Prince George. Sara d ca
1833 in Shelby Co,KY.

Would like to correspond with anyone who has info or is connected
to this line.


Rita Neal Crane

All you disgruntled MD Kirby researchers, go and read this wonderful Historical peace that has just been posted to the MD GENWEB Archives web site.

Legend of the Chesapeake,

It really is a very informative story that will interest most MD researchers.


From Fresco, Margaret K., "Marriages and Deaths St. Mary's County Maryland 1634-1900" (1982, privately printed)

p. 179  KIRBY, Thomas, m. by
1675, Mary Brown, dau/Wm. & Margaret Brown of
St.M.CO. Ref. Prov. Court NN:4 (7)

p. 179  KIRBY, Peter (possible s/Thomas who d.
1725 & Deborah), m.
Henrietta ---, and had children:

Richard b.2/22/1754 & Rebecca b.1/4/1762  Ref. will TA-1:330, (48) is
Register of St. Andrews Episcopal parish 1744-1816 published in Chronicle of
St. Marys op.cit. vol. 6 no 1, Jan 1958"

There are no further entries for Richard and Rebecca.
Births,Marriages, and Deaths of ST.ANDREWS PARISH of St. Mary's County, Md.  Page 91

Kirby,Richard, s/o Peter Kirby and Henrietta his wife, b. 22 Feb.1754
Kirby, Rebecca, d/o above, b. 4 Jan 1762.


The Early Settlers of Maryland
Edited by Gust Skordas
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc
Baltimore 1974

NAME, Book, page, Remarks
Kerby, EdwardWC2, 128, Transported 1679
Kerby, George, 4, 620, Immigrated 1661
Kerby, John, 4, 620, Immigrated 1661
Kerby, Robert, 15, 390, Transported 1676

Kerby, Thomas, 17, 570, Service 1673.  Of St. Mary's Co.
Kerby, William, 9, 454, Transported 1666
Kerbye, Peter, WC2, 381, Transported 1675-80. Servant
Kirby, George, 5, 305, Transported 1663
Kirby, William, 17, 478, Service 1673. Of St. Mary's Co.

Note:  in the remarks column, "Immigrated," means the individual
furnished his own transportation to MD, while "transported: means that
someonbe other than the person indexed paid for his passage.  Quite
often a person "transported" is also described as a "servant," which
means that he had contracted to repay the cost of his transportation by
agreeing to act as a servant for a period of years.  Under certain of
the Conditions of  Plantation a servant was entitled to claim fifty
acres of land upon completing his period of servitude satisfactorily.  Such
claims are indicated by the word "service."

In the front of the book, it says "This book is an index to the names of the early settlers of Maryland
that are found in the first twenty-four volumes of the Patent series. In the descriptive list of these records that follows, it will be observed that each volume has two reference numbers.  The volume number is useful to the staff members in returning the books to their proper location on the shelves, but serves little purpose otherwise.  It is the liber number that identifies the volume for record purposes.   Thus all references in this index are to the liber number.  With one exceptions,
the volumes listed are transcripts, so it was considered useful to give the date when the copy was made.  The dates of the original records are given in parentheses immediately following the liber title.
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A Key To Southern Pedigrees
Virginia County Records
page 43
Kirby. Warfield's Hist. of Anne Arundel and Howard Cos., Md.

My "other" Kirby family shows up in Dorchester Co., Maryland, where
Thomas Kirby m 1) Rebecca SKINNER on 31 Oct 1798 and m 2) Mary RAWLINGS
on 2 June 1813.  He had sons Henry and Risdon with Rebecca and sons
William and James with Mary.

Am I the only person in the world searching for a Kirby line in
Dorchester Co., Maryland?  My Thomas m 1 to Rebecca Skinner in 1798 and
m 2 to Mary Rawlings in 1813.  Children born to Rebecca and thomas were
Risdon and Henry; children of Thomas and Mary were my gg-gf James and
his brother William.  The sons married into the following families:
Russell, Briley, Stewart, Vaughn, Butler, Messick.  All sons but William
migrated to IL in 1837, eventually settling in Henderson Co., IL.  

Risdon and wife Nelly Briley had: Jonathan, Mary J., William and Samuel.
The 1850 Federal Census for Henderson Co., IL gives:
Charles Kirby, age 25 b MD., wife Agnns afe 21 b VA, Thomas A. age 2,
Sarah J. age 5/12  Children both born IL.
Thomas Kirby, age 30, b MD, wife Sarah age 25 b VA.  Children Risdon H.
age 7, Melissa A. age 1 and David F. age 3 all born IL.
Joseph Kirby age 27 b MD, wife Jane age 26 b PA, childeren William H.,
age 3, Josephus (question about this name) age 1, both b IL.  Also
residing in home were Jane Kirby age 54 (probably wife of Henry
deceased? mother of Joseph) b MD, and William H. Kirby, age 20 b OH.
Risdon Kirby, wife Elizabeth and four children.

Any cousins?

Gaila J. Gilliland

Gaila Gilliland

I noticed the Kirby web page is sadly lacking in the MD families.  I found some colonial families on the FTM CD"s.

Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789

Kerby, Richard State : MD
County : Frederick Co.
Location : All Saints Parish
Year : 1756
Page # : 126

Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789

Kirby, Benjamin State : MD

County : Queen Anne's Co.
Location : Kent Island
Year : 1763
Page # : 183

Kirby, Enock State : MD

County : Montgomery Co.
Year : 1778
Census type code : Fidelity Oath

Kirby, Joshua State : MD
County : Anne Arundel Co.
Year : 1778
Page # : 023
Census type code : Fidelity Oath

Kirby, Londsbury State : MD
County : Queen Anne's Co.
Location : Wye Hundred
Year : 1778
Census type code : Continental Census

Kirby, Michael State : MD
County : Talbot Co.
Year : 1738
Page # : 056
Census type code : Petition List

Kirby, Richard State : MD
County : Talbot Co.
Year : 1738
Page # : 056
Census type code : Petition List

Kirby, Samuel State : MD
County : Queen Anne's Co.
Location : Kent Island Hundre
Year : 1778
Census type code : Continental Census

Kirby, William State : MD

County : Talbot Co.
Year : 1778
Page # : 113
Census type code : Fidelity Oath




William Kerby of the Wall Street Journal whose great-grandmother sold the
land to the US for the original Ft. Washington stated that the common
ancestor was Walter Kerby from England who landed in Maryland in about
1650.He also stated that the Kerbys generally named their sons John and/or
William down through the generations.He said their family spoke of their
cousins in North Carolina also..

The KIRBY Family of Maryland

Most of the following information is provided from: Mr. Chris Christou, Jr. Also, Mrs. Irma S. Harper contributed to the information. Their sources are Will, Land records and court records of MD.


b. 1640 d. 1702 in Queens Anne County MD married 1st to an unknown person. Married 2nd by 1679 to Jane (N) b. aft. 1650 d. 25 Mar. 1682 in Kent County MD. Walter married for the 3rd time, Elizabeth BODY aft. 1682. B. 1640 d. aft. 1722. She had married 2nd (N) BROWN aft. 1722

Body’s Neck was owned by Elizabeth’s husband Walter KIRBY and was originally patented to William BODY in 1650 for 200 acres. Benjamin KIRBY called her, Elizabeth BROWN in 1722.

On 8 Nov. 1677 Hugh MAGREGOR of Cecil county conveyed to Walter KERBY of Kent county, cooper, 500 acres Welsh Ridge on Corsica Creek (Talbot Co. Land records 4:15)

21 May 1678 Lewes BLANGY and his wife, Mary of Kent County conveyed to Walter KIRBY, 250 acres Allens Deceit at the mouth of Long Creek.(Kent county Land Records K:23a)

10 Nov 1679 John DABB and Anince, his wife, of Kent Island conveyed to Walter KIRBY of the county aforesaid, cooper, part of land on the N.E. side of Kent Island, 200 a (Kent land records K:21b)

10 Nov 1679 Walter KERBY of Kent County, cooper, and his wife Jane, conveyed to Robert Page of Kent County, planter, 500 acres Welsh Ridge. (Talbot Co. Land Records 3:355)

Walter KIRBY patented the following three tracts of land in Kent County, 100 acres Ashford on 29 Oct 1680; 50 acres Kerby’s Addition ON 10 Jan. 1681; and 50 acres Kirby Prevention on 11 July 1694. (Maryland Patent Land records 25:15; 27:360)

27 Jan 1681 Walter KIRBY and his wife Jane of Kent county, cooper, conveyed to John SUTTON of the same county, 100 acres Ashford on Kent Island on the south side of Long Creek. (Kent Land Records K:79)

14 June 1699 Walter KERBY and his wife Elizabeth conveyed to Thomas TANNER 50 acres Chance on Kent Island at the Wading Place Bay; also 100 acres Providence on East side of Kent Island (Talbot co. Land records 9:67)

Walter KERBY of Kent Island died leaving an undated will proved 4 Feb 1702. Eldest son James and 2nd son William were devised 2 tracts, Allen’s Deceit and Kerby’s Additon, on Long Creek. In the event of their dying without issue, the estate was to pass to 3rd son, John and w2nd daughter, Rebecca, equally. Wife, Elizabeth was devised Body Neck for the term of 12 years provided she remain a widow; said land to pass at end of 12 years to youngest son Benjamin. Wife to maintain 4 youngest children, viz., Matthew, Mary, Rebecca and Benjamin. In the event of all aforesaid children died without issue, the estate to pass to children of Caleb and Elizabeth COCKERELL. The executors were wife, Elizabeth and Caleb COCKERELL. The will was witnessed by Phillip CONNER, John SUTTON and Alex. FORBES (Maryland Will Books 11:389)

By his first wife, Walter was the father of James b. C 1665; William b. C 1667; John b. C 1669, Matthew b. C 1673; Mary b. C 1675 and Rebecca, b. C 1677 who married James SUDLER.

By 2nd wife, Jane, Walter was the father of Jane b. 4 Mar 1682 in Kent Co. MD (Kent Co. Land Records K:1)

By 3rd wife, Elizabeth, Walter had at least one son: Benjamin.

2 generation

WILLIAM KIRBY son of Walter (1)

b. C 1667 d. c Oct 1717 in Kent Island

married Ann Unknown b. c. 1667

At Nov court 1714 WM KERBY brotht the two sollwoing writings: 24 July 1710. Be it known…that I James SUDLER of Kent Island acquit and discharge Elizabeth WALTERS of the said Island and province, widow, of and from that part or portion of Walter KERBY’S estate which became due to my wife, Rebecca SUDLER, as her child’s part or portions the sum 10.17 as also of and from al other debts, dues and demands, from the beginning of the world to the day of the date hereof …. The second one read: 23 March 1714/15 Then received of William KERBY the sum of 10.11 pounds current money it being if full of my wife’s portion or part of her father’s estate this day received per George JACKSON (Queen Ann judgment guardian ET No. B:388)

William KIRBY of Kent Island, Queen County died leaving a will dated 7 Mary 1716 and proved 3 Oct 1717. Names were sons Walter and James, to whom were devised two tracts, Allens Deceit and Kirby’s Addition, to be equally divided between them at age of 18 years, Walter to have first choice; son Walter; daughters: Sarah and Mary . The executor was wife Anne. The will was witnessed by William RAKES, William WHITE and Richard HOULDING. ( Maryland Will Books 14:394)

William was the father of; WALTER; JAMES; SARAH; AND MARY

3. MATTHEW KIRBY, son of Walter (1) b. 1673

married Elizabeth Unknown b. c1680 d. aft. 1744

On 20 March 1739/40 Matthew KIRBY, joyner, gave to his daughter Rebecka KIRBY, one Negro boy named Preston, about 6 months old (Talbot Land Records 15:1)

Matthew and Elizabeth were the parents of: Benjamin, b. 1720; Elizabeth, b. c1721, m. James KIRBY, b. c1715; Rebecca, b. c1722, married Francis ARMSTRONG, Jr., 6 Aug 1740; CLOUDSBERRY, b. c1723; Mary, b. c1724, m. Unknown VANDYKE on 22 Jan 1749; MARTHA, b. c1725; RACHEL KIRBY, b. c1726; and DEBORAH, b. c1727.

4. BENJAMIN KIRBY, son of Walter (1) was b. c1680, and d. by June 1722 in Kent Island, queen Anne County. He married Elizabeth Unknown (probably widow of Unknown BLANGEY), b. c1680, d. Oct 1746. She married 3rd, after 1722, Nicholas CLOUDS.

Benjamin KIRBY, of Kent Island, Queens County died leaving a will dated 17 Jan 1721 and proved 7 June 1722. Named was an unborn child, to whom was devised dwelling plantation on Kent Island aforesaid to wife Elizabeth during life; at her decease to brother Mathew, and at his decease to his son Benjamin. Also named were mother, Elizabeth KIRBY, godson Andrew PRICE, and Brother Mathew. To wife Elizabeth, executrix personal estate. The will was witnessed by Nathaniel CONNER, Daniel HARRIS, and James CONNER. (Maryland will book 17:197)

On 11 Nov 1724 Elizabeth KIRBY, widow of Benjamin KIRBY, of Queens Anne county gave to her children: Lewis BLANGEY, Jacob BLANGEY, John WELLS BLANGEY, Sarah BLANGEY, Rebecka KIRBY and Benjamin KIRBY, furniture, farming utensils, cattle, horses, pigs, clothing and other articles. (Queens Anne Land Records Island Kent Books: 282)

Benjamin and Elizabeth were the parents of: REBECCA; BENJAMIN, B. c 1718; and Sarah, b. c1721, married 1) Unknown EVANS, and 2) Unknown PRICE.

BENJAMIN KIRBY, son of Matthew (3), was born c1720. On 28 Nov 1744 he married Elizabeth Comberford, b. c1724.

On 4 Nov 1740 Perry BENSON, Gent., and john VALLIANT, carpenter, conveyed to Benjamin KERBY, son of Matthew KERBY, joyner, deceased, the same piece of land conveyed to Matthew KERBY 21 April 1738 but not in time for the consideration of 14 pounds paid by Matthew KERBY –65 acres, part of Partnership. (Talbot Land records 15:29)

6. CLOUDSBERRY KIRBY, son of Matthew (3) of Talbot County was born c1723 and d by June 1752, leaving a nuncupative will. Christopher SPRY and James KIRBY, witnesses to a nuncupative will made by Cloudsberry KIRBY, late of this county, joyner, deceased, who being sworn state they heard said Cloudsberry KIRBY say who was then seriously ill with a fall from a cherry tree that in case he should die, he would have all his estate go to his mother Elizabeth KIRBY, she paying all debts and that he died the following morning, which was the 21st day of the same month of May, being about 40 hours ago; also Jonathan SHANAHAN, JR., on oath, states he heard said Cloudsberry KIRBY say about 3 hours before he died, that he would leave all his estate to his mother Elizabeth KIRBY. Signed on 1 June 1752 before Jere NICHOLS, Deputy Commander of Talbot County (Maryland Will Book 28:349)

Benjamin KIRBY, son of Benjamin (4) was b. c1718. He married and had issue. Nicholas CLOUDS, half-bro. Of Benjamin, in his will filed 28 June 1769, named Benjamin’s four children (Maryland Will Book 37:2423) : ELIZABETH; REBECCA; BENJAMIN, and NICHOLAS.


MICHAEL KIRBY, son of Walter (1) was b. c180, and d. 18 May 1724 (Talbot county St. Peter’s Parish records) On 22 April 1724 Michael KERBY, Sr., was age c65 (Talbot County Land Commissions) He married Elizabeth PARROTT, b. 22 Dec. 1670, d. 27 April 1710 (Talbot County St. Peter’s Parish records), daughter of William and Sarah (MORGAINE) PARROTT.

On 10 March 1701 John Parratt and Agnis his wife, son and heir of William PARRATT, conveyed to Michael KERWICK, 100 acres, Strawberry Fields. (Talbot County Land Records 9:111) On 1 Aug 1706 a tract of 49 acres, Kerwick’s Addition, was patented to Michael KERWICK of Talbot County (Maryland Land Patents DD5:582, ILA 248)

On 21 Nov 1705 Robert JADWYN and his wife Martha conveyed to Michaell KERBY 50 acres Strawberry Hill’s Addition on a branch of Kings Creek. (Talbot County Land Records 9:362)

On 4 March 1724 Michaell KERBEY conveyed to his son Michaell KERBY a gift of 50 acres Buckrainge near the Beaverdams on the heads of the branches of Kings Creek. (Talbot Land Records 13:108)

Michell KIRBY, planter, of Talbot County died leaving a will dated 23 September 1718 and proved 4 June 1724. Named were son John, executor, to whom was devised the dwelling plantation 100 acres Strabrefield; son Michael, buck Range; son William, 49 acres Kirbey’s addition; and son David, Lembrick. Sons aforesaid to pay to son Richard at age of 21, 4,000 lbs. Tobacco. Son David and daughter Rebecca to care of their uncle and aunt, Richard and Rebecca WEBB, until 18 years of age. To five sons aforesaid and two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca, personal estate. Youngest son Richard to care of John Rathell till 18 years of age. The will was witnessed by Richard DUDLEY, Thomas DUDLEY, and Richard WEBB. (Maryland Will Book 18:277)

On 17 Aug 1725 an administration account was filed by John KIRBY, executor Legal representatives: 7 children (unnamed) (Maryland Administrations 7:73)

Michael and Elizabeth were the parents of (Talbot St. Peter’s Parish): SARAH; B. c1690, married John RATHELL; MICHAEL, b. c1698; JOHN, b. c1700; WILLIAM b. c1702; DAVID b. c1704; RICHARD, b 23 March 1706; and REBECCAH, b. 12 April 1710.

2.) MICHAEL KIRBY, son of Michael (1) was b. c1698, and d. Nov. 1772 in Talbot County. Michael KIRBY gave his age as 74 in 1772.

He married 1st Elizabeth VICKERS, daughter of Joseph and Mary VICKERS and married 2nd Unknown WALKER, b. c1700, daughter of Charles and Rebecca (Isaac) WALKER.

On 3 Jan 1737 John BURGES and his wife Elizabeth conveyed to Michael KIRBY 227 acres, Bouses Range on West Side of Tuckahoe Creek at the head of Colburn’s branch. (Talbot County Land Records 14:304)

AT August Court 1770 Michael KIRBY, age c71, stated that about 47 years previously the place he now shows was showed to him by William BROWN, William VICKERS and John VICKERS and Thomas VICKERS to be the place where the beginning tree of Piccadilly. (Court minutes 925:206)

Michael KIRBY of Talbot County died leaving a will dated 5 Nov 1770, proved 17 Nov 1772. He named his children James, Jacob, Susannah, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth. He named Mary HARRINGTON, widow, and Betsy BROADWAY wife to Abner, grandchildren Parrott, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lydia children of David KERBY, and friends John GOLDSBOROUGH, Joseph BERRY, James KEMP, tract Buck Range . WIT: John ROBERTS, William PARROTT, James PENFOLD, Greenbury Goldsborough. (Maryland Will Book 38:890)

Michael KIRBY was the father of: DAVID, b. c1728; JAMES, b. c1730; JACOB, c1732, married Elizabeth ROBERTS who married 2nd James THOMAS; SUSANNAH KIRBY, b c1734; Mary KIRBY, b. c1736; ANN, b. c1738; and ELIZABETH, b. c1740.

JOHN KIRBY, son of Michael (1) was b. c1700 and d. by March 1729 in Talbot County. He married Elizabeth unknown, b. c1700, died after 1730. She married 2nd, on 26 July 1730, Isaac DOBSON.

JOHN KIRBY, son of Michael (1) was b. c1700, and d. by March 1729 in Talbot County. He married Elizabeth Unknown b. c1700, d. after 1730. She married 2nd, on 26 July 1730, Isaac DOBSON.

On 7 Aug 1728 John KERBY conveyed to Richard KERBY, cordwinder in consideration of 4000 lbs. of Tobacco left to Richard by his father Michael KERBY, deceased to be paid by his brothers, John, Michael, William and David KERBY, conveyed 37 acres Venture now possessed by John KERBY (Talbot land Records 13:439)

John KIRBY (KERBY) of Talbot county died leaving a will dated 18 Nov 1728 and proved 26 March 1729. Named were son Lemmon, to whom was devised the dwelling plantation at age of 21; and daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca, 5 acres Wolfpitt Ridge and 30 acres adjacent bought of Edward TURNER; daughters to be for themselves at age of 16. Should their mother die during their minority, they were to be left to care of Brother David. The will was witnessed by Edward RICKETTS, Richard KIRBY, and Mary THORNLEE. (Maryland will book 19:597)

On 24 Dec 1730 an administration account was filed by Elisabeth KIRBY, now wife of Isaac DOPSON. Distribution was made to widow

(footnote) Mary VICKERS later married William BROWNE who left a will naming his grandson David KIRBY, son of his daughter-in-law (stepdaughter) Elizabeth KIRBY.


Unnamed, 1/3) and one son (unnamed) and two daughter (unnamed). (Maryland Administrations 10:614)

In March 1741/2 Isaac DOBSON, Lambert CLYLAND, and Lemon John CATROP of Talbot county gave bond they would pay the sum of 25.13.10 pounds, etc. to the children of John KIRBY, deceased daughter Rebecca, and son lemon. (March 1741/2 Court: Talbot County Guardian records A)

John and Elizabeth KIRBY were the parents of: LEMUEL (Lambert), b. c1721; ELIZABETH, b. c1723; and REBECCA.

4.) DAVID KIRBY, son of Michael (1) was b c1704 and d cMay 1749 in Talbot County. He married Elizabeth Unknown, b c1712 Elizabeth gave her age a 60 in 1772. David was under 18 in 1718 when his father wrote his will.

David KERBY of Talbot county, planter, on 3 Aug 1727 conveyed to Michael KERBY o Talbot County planter, 1-1/2 acres part of Limbrick BETWEEN THE HEADS OF THE BRANCHES OF Kings Creek and Tuckahoe. The wits. Were Samuel MORGAN and Edward TURNER. (Talbot county Land Records 13:372)

David KIRBY died leaving a will dated 22 Jan 1748 proved 5 May 1749. He left his son Parrott 20 acres bought of William TURNER, and named his son John, wife Elizabeth, and brother Michael KIRBY. He also named "other younger sons." The will was witnessed by Michael (x) KIRBY, David KERBY, and Lambert KIRBY. (Maryland Will Book 26:39)

5.) RICHARD KIRBY, son of Michael (1), was b 23 March 1706 in St. Peter’s Parish, and d. 1766. He married Margaret HUNTER, b c1709, and d c1790. She gave her age as 63 in 1772.

On 3 June 1729 William TURNER and his wife Mary conveyed to David KERBY

40 acres Turner’s Range on the head of the branches of Kings Creek. (Talbot Co. Land Records 13:498)

On 19 Nov 1765 Richard KIRBY and his wife Margaret conveyed to their son, John KIRBY 18 acres, part of Kirby’s Outlett and 35 acres, part of Kirby’s Venture. (Talbot Land Records 19:296)

Richard KIRBY of Talbot County, died leaving a will dated 20 July 1765, proved 4 June 1766. He names his wife Margaret, and children David, Richard, Robert, Aaron, Mathew and Hannah. The will was witnessed by Joseph GOLDSBOROUGH, William COOK, Ebenezer JESTER. (Maryland Will Bk 34:68)

Richard and Margaret were the parents of: DAVID; RICHARD; ROBERT; AARON; MATHEW; AND HANNAH.

6. MICHAEL KIRBY, probably son of David (4), was born c1726 in MD and d. 26 Jan 1806 in Talbot county Maryland. He married Lydia CHAPMAN, b. c1728 d. after 1795, daughter of Daniel CHAPMAN.

On 7 Aug 1767 Michael KIRBY, Jr., and his wife Lydia conveyed to Robert LOWDER, 39 acres, part of Elizabeth’s Enlargement. (Talbot County land records 19:442)

Michael KERBY, Jr., served in the Talbot County militia under Captain Robert GODSBOROUGH in 1748.

Michael KIRBY of Talbot County, died leaving a will dated 15 April 1805, proved 11 Jan 1806. He named son Michael, to have all lands on the east side of the road from Williamsborough to Three Bridges also the timber and woodland of tract Wolf Pitt Ridge, on the West Side during natural life, then to be sold among his surviving children. Michael was to pay son Cowell 50 pounds and Cowell to have all lands on west side except the woodland. To grandson William KIRBY bed and furniture. The residue to Cowell who was appointed administrator. The will was witnessed by John GREGORY, James NABB, Mary KNOTTS. (Talbot county will books 6:86; Talbot county Administrations JP#B:198)

Michael was the father of : MICHAEL, b. c1755/65 and COWELL, b. c1765.

7. DAVID KIRBY, son of Michael (2), was b. c1728. He married and had issue: PARROTT, b. c1755; ELIZABETH, b. c1757; SARAH, b. c1759, and LYDIA , b. c1761.

8. MICHAEL KIRBY, son of Michael (6) was b. c1755/65 and d. 18 Dec. 1810 in Talbot county MD. He married Ann Unknown b. c 1765/84, and had issue: RACHEL, b. c1800; PARROTT, b. c1802; MICHAEL, b. c1804; SUSAN ANN, b. c1806; MORDECAI, b. 1808; and SILAS, b. 1810

9. LAMBERT KIRBY, son of John (3) b. c1721. Lambert and his wife Elizabeth, on 20 Jan 1756 conveyed to John GARRY



KIRBY, Unknown married by 12 April 1735, Susanna, dau. Of Samuel WRIGHT of Kent Island, Queen Anne county (Maryland Will Book 21:563)

Samuel WRIGHT of Christ Church Parish, Kent Island, Queen Anne county, made his will of 22 August 1766, and named cousin James KIRBY, son of Walter KIRBY. (Maryland Will BK 35:449)

KIRBY, ANTONY, on 19 April 1774 was conveyed by William ROSE and his wife, Elizabeth, 120 acres Archadia (Talbot Land Records 20:371)

KERBY, BENJAMIN, at March Court 1712/3 chose as his guardian William BROWNE. (Queen Ann JU ET No. B:232)

At November Court 1713 Benjamin KERBY chose as his guardian in the place of William BROWNE, who committed waste on his land, William KERBY, who had John GWYN and John SUTTON as his securities. His petition was granted. (Queen Anne JU ET No. B:251)

KIRBY, BENJAMIN, age 47, in April 1769, mentioned Edmund KELLY who married Ann DAILEY. (Queen Anne EJ: Hutchens, James)

KRIBY, JAMES married and had issue: JAMES, JR., b. c1750, d. c1775; EMORY, b. c1752; and CLOUDSBERRY, b. c1756.

KIRBY, JAMES, son of Walter, was named as a cousin in the 22 Aug 1766 will of Samuel WRIGHT of Queens Anne county ( Maryland Will BK 35:449)

KIRBY, JOHN orphan, On 26 March 1772 had a valuation made of this land and plantation; Mary ARRINGTON, guardian. (Talbot Land Records 20:242)

KIRBY, MATHEW married by 8 May 1770, Sarah, admx. Of Joshua HEWITT of Talbot County (Balances of Final Distribution 5:380)

KIRBY, ROBERT and his sons were named in the will made 13 May 1768, of Edmund CLARK of TA county (Maryland Will BK 37:21) His sons were: BENJAMIN, also named as son of Robert in the 25 Nov 1764 will of Francis CAMPERSON (Maryland Will Book 33:271) CALEB, MOSES; AND ABNER.

KIRBY, SARAH: on 30 day, 7 month, 1761, the women Friends produced a testimony against Sarah KIRBY. (THMM)

KIRBY, WALTER, of Queen Anne County died by 7 May 1755, when his estate was distributed by his administrator, Sarah KIRBY (Balances of Final Distribution 1:131)

KERBY, WILLIAM: On 17 April 1723 a valuation was made of the plantation of William KERBY; Matthew KERBY, guardian. (Queen Anne County Records IKB: 205)

KIRBY, WILLIAM of Queen Anne county died by 1 September 1768 when his estate, with a balance of 356.71 pounds was distributed by Rachel KIRBY, the administrator, with Benjamin WALTERS and John WALTERS as sureties. Distribution was 1/3 to Rachel, the widow, and the residue to the three children, WALTER, ELIZABETH, AND ANN. (Balances of Final Distribution 5:104)

William KIRBY married by 14 Jan 1763 Rachel, daughter of Robert WALTERS of Kent Island, Queen Anne County. (Maryland Will BK 31:827)

 Source:  Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Vol. 3

by: Robert W. Barnes & f. Edward Wright 

I have searched my notes and have not found Richard Henry.  Most of my
research is on the Eastern Shore so if he moved to Baltimore it is unlikely
that I would have anything on him.

The Bible I mentioned is for:

William Anthony KIRBY b. 3 Apr 1826 Talbot Co., MD
m. Margaret ARMSTRONG 18 May 1858; d. 2 Feb 1893
1.  Edward John KIRBY b. 14 May 1859
2.  William Armstrong KIRBY b. 5 Jul 1861
3.  Robert Walton KIRBY b. 25 Aug 1864
4.  Davis Clark KIRBY  b. 28 May 1868
5.  Emilie KIRBY  b. 15 Jan 1871

The above William was the son of
Edward KIRBY (1788-1857) mar. 1822 Celia Ross  Talbot Co., MD
1. William Anthony KIRBY (1826-1858)
2.  Emily KIRBY m. Alexander BOWDLE

The above Edward was the son of
William KIRBY (1763-1797) mar. Sarah HADDAWAY 1786 Caroline Co., MD
1.  Amasa KIRBY b. 1786; d. 1821
2.  Edward KIRBY  b. 1788
3.  Mary KIRBY b. 1790
4.  Martha KIRBY  b. 1793
5.  Elizabeth KIRBY  b. 1796
6  William KIRBY  b. 1797; d. 1821

You might look to see if any of the above names run in your family.  In
spite of the number of children in the above families, this is a rather
narrow line.  To the best of my knowledge only one male in each of the two
earlier generations above survived and had children.

Whether or not any of this sounds familiar to you, do not loose heart.  I
have often found the early 1800's the hardest period to span.  When you get
back a little farther, Maryland maintains wonderful records.

Hope this helps.

Good hunting,

Hello ~ I'm new to this list and I'd like to provide a bit of information
about what I have already found in my search of the Kerby surname and
encourage anyone with additional information to assist on my line to contact
me.  Thanks!

Raymond Eugene Kerby (1924 to present) is my grandfather and through
conversation with him I have been told that "Andrew Jackson Kerby"
(1862-1948) was his grandfather.  I have found the resting place of Andrew
Jackson in Prince George's Cty, Maryland and note by the markers and records
that he is laid between his first and second wife, Ellen Nora Thom (d. 1905)
and Mordulia (d.1921).  Another marker found in P.G. County is for "Gertrude
M." (d.1937) and states "wife of A.J. Kerby" (was Andrew Jackson married 3
times?)  I have found church records only for the marriage of Andrew Jackson
Kerby to Ellen Nora Thom.  And Ellen was my gr-gr-grandmother.

I have not yet had a chance to research the Census for Maryland for
additional information but do plan to do so in the near future.  In the
meantime, would anyone here have information on the Kerby surname in P.G.
County, Maryland?

I also do have My Family Tree online which includes the markers as I found
them at
St. John's Episcopal Church in Broad Creek (P.G. County) Maryland at: .

Thanks in advance,  Rhonda

I am new to this list and I am helping a friend research his family tree.
Here is the information we have so far.

Cloudsbury Kirby Sr.
B: <1761> E,, Maryland
Date of death and spouse unknown.
Children: Frisby, Cloudsbury

Cloudsbury Kirby JR.
B: 28 Feb 1789 Easton Point, T, Maryland
D: 29 Aug 1878

Married: 13 Oct 1807
Elisabeth Spouse
B: <1793> S,, Maryland
>Date of death unknown
Children: William, James, Josiah, Jacob, Hester

Jacob Brown Kirby
B: 2 Nov 1818 Baltimore, Maryland
D: 19 Mar 1908 Son's home M Iowa

Married: 29 July 1908
Harriet W Wesner (Wisner)
B: 2 Apr 1818 Pennsylvania
D: 17 Sept 1890
They had 11 children: Hester, Deborah, margaret, Harriet, Charles, Emily,
Alinda, Evingline, William, Jacob, George.

Charles Brown Kirby
B: 5 June 1846 or 1848 In Kentucky
D: 10 July 1920

Married: 10 Aug 1868
Emma Elza Cutbirth
B: 30 July 1849 Iowa
D: 19 July 1935
One Child Rose Nell Kirby
B: 14 Jan 1889 Putman CO Missouri
She Married Elmer Burton Worley

Birtle Brown Kirby (Bert)
B: 20 Sept 1879
D: 21 Aug 1948

Alfred Brown Kirby
B: 13 March 1901
D: 9 Apr 1955

Buddy Dean Kirby (Father)
B: 22 Feb 1932
D: 8 July 1998

I hope someone finds this information helpful and can help us in return.

Thank You

Renata L. Sutton

Your friend researching Cloudsbury KIRBY is stuck in the same time period
and place that I am.  There seems to be a long line of Cloudsbury's and
they become confusing.

IGI has:
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Sarah HOPKINS   24 Jul 1796  St Peters Par., Talb. Co.,

Talbot County, MD marriages:
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Sarah HOPKINS   23 Jul 1796
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Elizabeth SPROUSE  3 Oct 1807
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Rachel CUMMINGS  12 Dec 1820
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Anne MANSFIELD  16 Apr 1823
Cloudsbury KIRBY m. Margaret Ann MARSHALL 29 May 1832

In addition to the above marriages an earlier Cloudsbury KIRBY left a
noncuperative will (liber 28; filio 349) written (said?) 31 May 1752 and
proven 1 Jun 1752 in which he left his entire estate to his mother
Elizabeth KIRBY.  This will was witnessed by Christopher SPRY and James
KIRBY. This Cloudsbury Kirby was the son of Matthew Kirby (b. c.1690; d.
c.1740) and Elizabeth ___?___  [CLOUDSBURY?].
Further, Matthew KIRBY (c.1690-1740) was the son of Walter KIRBY and
Elizabeth ___?___.

I think but can not prove that I am from the above Walter KIRBY line.  At
present I am lost at :

William KIRBY
b. 9 Sep 1763  Talbot County, MD
m. 6 Jan 1786 to Sarah HADDAWAY in Caroline Co., MD
d. 11 Nov 1797  Talbot County, MD

Good hunting,
Kirby in New Jersey, US

For several years I have been unable to find the parents of:

William Kirby

b.  9 Sep 1763  Talbot Co., MD
m. 6 Jan 1786 Sarah HADDAWAY,  Caroline Co.,MD
d.  11 Nov 1797

1.  Amasa Kirby (1786 - 1821)
2.  Edward Kirby  (1788 - 1857) m. 1822 Celia Ross
3.  Mary Kirby  (1790 -      )
4.  Martha Kirby  (1793 -      )
5.  Elizabeth Kirby  (1796 -      )
6.  William Kirby  (1797 - 1821)

I believe but can not yet prove that the above William is a descendent of
Matthew Kirby who was in Maryland by 1679.  Several of his sons were on the
Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone with Kirby
Family in this area.
Kirby <


A majority of the information (below) comes from records kept by St. John's
Episcopal Church in Broad Creek (Prince George's County) Maryland.  "Broad
Creek" is less than 5 miles from Oxon Hill, (now also known as Fort
Washington), Maryland.

William Kirby b.abt 1801? d. 3/29/1871
married Hei Amelia Robinson 10/27/1836 (marriage license)
***their children were:
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Kirby b. 8/3/1837
Martha Judith Kirby b. 2/22/1839
Mary France Kirby b. 4/21/1840
John William Kirby b. 1/10/1842
Margaret Henrietta Kirby b. 12/16/1843

William1 again married, this time to:
Barbara Jeisendoffer 12/29/1846 (marriage license)
***their children were:
George Francis Kerby b.10/14/1847
James Albert Kerby b.2/9/1849
Hannah Elizabeth Kerby b.4/21/1850
John Henry Kerby b.abt. 1852
William Frederick Kerby b.abt.1853
James Buchanan Kerby b.6/3/1854
Samuel Kerby b. 2/10/1855
Ella Sophia Kerby b.5/4/1858
Delilah Rebecca Kerby b.1/10/1860
Andrew Jackson Kerby (my gr gr grandfather) b. 1/7/1862  d. 1948
Edward J.L. Kerby b.abt.1864

Andrew Jackson Kerby b.1/7/1862 d.1948
married at least 3 times
***first to: Ella Nora Thorn(e) b.6/22/1867 d.3/12/1905
***second to: Mordulia English Fewell b.? d. 1/18/1921
***possibly to: Gertrude M. Thorn b.? d.10/4/1937

Andrew & Nora's children:
William Clagett Kerby (my gr grandfather) b.1887
Edward Kerby b.1888
Edward Lee Kerby b.1890
Helen Ruth Kerby b.1900
Andrew Kerfoot Kerby b.1895
James Bryan Kerby b.1897
Ella Irene Kerby b.1886
Esther Soffiah Kerby b.1892
Charles Norfolk Kerby b.188?
Florance Lucy Satterlee Kerby b.1898
Leonard Royal Kerby b.1902

Andrew & Morulia's children
Mardulia Kerby b.1911
Arietta Elizzabeth Murdock Kerby b.1907
Benjamin Eluffie Nickles Kerby b.1909

Andrew Jackson Kerby married:
Louisa Theresa Cadle and their children were:
Raymond Eugene Kerby b.1924
Lillian Kerby b.1909
William Robert Kerby b.1912
Chester Leroy Kerby b.1916
Joseph Melvin Kerby b.1918
Thelma Naomie Kerby b.1921
Lindy Aubrey Kerby b.1927

I welcome any and all suggestions and/or information.
Rhonda (My Famiy Tree) (Avon Collector's Lost & Found)



To January 1, 1929


SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   4. The said Mercy Kirby was the daughter
of Jonathan Kirby, born 1752, died 1791, and his wife Lydia Tyler, born
1763, died October 22, 1805; married May 27, 1782. 5. The said Lydia Tyler
was the daughter of Benjamin Tyler born 1720, and his wife Lydia Tomlinson;
married 1759. 6. The said Benjamin Tyler was the son of John Tyler, born
May, 1682, and his wife Hannah Wade (4th daughter of Samuel Wade, Jr.) 7.
The said Hannah Wade was the daughter of Samuel Wade Jr., born 1685, died
1733. 8. The said Samuel Wade, Jr., was the son of Samuel Wade, born 1645,
and his wife Jane Smith; married 1668.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   Extra Information, Services in Army or
Government. Samuel Kirby (grand- father of Helena Kirby of the fourth
generation) served in the Revolutionary War, and Miss Elma Lawson Johnson is
(through his service) an accepted D.A.R.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   4. My grandmother was the daughter of
Israel Kirby, born Janu- ary 15, 1800; died January 27, 1847; married Helena
Kirby, daughter of Thomas, 1822, born May 29, 1801; died August 30, 1889.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   apply for membership in The Society of
the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims by right of descent from Samuel Wade,
born 1645. Service: Was a member of the New Jersey Legislature, and a land
owner of Salem County, New Jersey. I was born in Mickleton,Gloucester
County, New Jersey. 1. I am the daughter of Joseph B. Owen, born August 16,
1838, died March 9, 1907, and his wife Christiana Packer, born October 15,
1838, died January 14, 1900; married February 18, 1863. 2. The said Joseph
B. Owen was the son of David Owen, born September 30,1814, died September 9,
1879, and his wife Elizabeth Jones, born November 26, 1813, died August 22,
1892; married Sep- tember 29, 1836. 3. The said David Owen was the son of
Joseph Owen, born Feb- bruary 23,1 787, died February 23,1866, and his wife
Mercy Kirby, born August 11, 1788, died May 30, 1830; married March 5, 1812.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   8. My 4th g. grandfather was the son of
Recompence Kirby, born 1644, died 1720; married Rebecca Allen, daughter of

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   7. My 3d g. grandfather was the son of
Richard Kirby, died 1740, married Ann Cheshire 1722.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   6. My 2d g. grandfather was the son of
Robert Kirby, born 1734, died 1794; married Amy----1760, died prior to 1794.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   5. My g. grandfather was the son of
Israel Kirby, born March 22, 1759; died February 10, 1846; married Rachel
Shinn, daughter of Thomas Shinn, born February 12, 1765; died November 5,

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   3. My mother was the daughter of Thomas
H. Kirby, born February 2, 1823; died September 10, 1890; married Emma G.
Carr February 12, 1857; born December 13, 1835; died January 17,1913.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   2. I am the daughter of Thomas Kinney
Johnston, born February 13, 1855; living 1923; married Elizabeth Hartshorne
Kirby April 14, 1880; born 1860, living 1923.

SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS   New Haven, 1644, born West Kirby,
England, 1600, died Brad-

While I was searching for detailed information regarding my great
grandmother, MARTHA JUNE PORTER b. aug. 17, 1890, d. Jul. 7, 1967, m.
WILLIAM LUTHER KIRBY 1905 Oakland, MD, I found this person.  I don't
have this person in my files and was wondering if someone knows where
she fits.  What I have is:

b. jun 16, 1876  OHIO
d. April 1970 Fairmont WV
widowed no spouse listed
information given by niece MARCELL CLAYTON of FAIRMONT
                               sister MYRTLE BRILL of BETHESDA, MD
            MARY E. SAYRE
If this is connected in any way please let me know.

Kimberlee A. Williams <

My Kirbys are from Maryland (and there
seems to be very few Maryland researchers), but I have received interesting
information from Kirby researchers in New England, the Mid-West and elsewhere.
It appears, to me, most of the Irish Kirbys immigrated to New England, and the
English Kirbys to Maryland and Virginia....then further South.
  Branches of
both went West.
I hope others researching the Maryland Kirbys will join this list.
Harry Kirby

I am a "newbie" to this site. I decend from Richard "Enoch" Kirby in Montgomery Co,MD, wife's name
unknown. His daughter, Sara Kirby b 1760 in Price George,MD m Theodorus Neale in 1778 in Price
Sara d ca 1833 in Shelby Co,KY

Would like to correspond with anyone having info on the
above family or is connected to them.

Rita Neal Crane


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