Maryland Calendar of Wills

Overseer: William Kirby.

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 4

Kirby, Wm.,Kent Island, Queen Anne's Co.,
Test: Geo. Kirby, Wm. Thornton, John Kirk, Tho. Taylor.
Kirby, William, plasterer,St. Mary's Co.,

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 5

To cousins, John, Michal, William and David Kirby, Aron Parratt and John Ralhel, Jr.,
Test: Michal Kirby, John Baggs, Edward Turner. 16, 119.
Kirby, Benj., Kent Island,Queen Anne's Co.,
To mother, Eliza. Kirby, godson Andrew Price and bro. Mathew, personalty.
Test: Peter Gegendy, John Sallaway, Eliza. Kirby. 17, 201.
Kirby, Michell, planter,Talbot Co.

Test: James Burnett, Denis Lary (Larie), Katherine Lary (Larie), John Kirby, Ellis Thompson. 18, 315.
Kirby (Kerby), William, planter,St. Mary's Co.,

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6

Kerby (Kirby), John,Talbot Co.,
To son Caleb, ex., and hrs., dwell. plan. ——, being pt. of “Hopkins Point”; sd. son not to sell to
Mathew Kirby or any others except some of the Hopkins, or Thomas Spry or John Weamoth.
To 4 sons George, William, Abraham and Joseph, residue of personal estate when they arrive
at age of 21. Shd. any child die during minority, survivors to divide portion of dec'd; shd. wife die during minority of child., they are to be under care of the Friends of Chester and Cecil Meetings. Sister Elizabeth Kirby not to be pressed by extx. for money due testator.
Test: Thomas McWilliams, Thomas Kirby (Kearby). 20, 545.

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 7

To brother Thomas and hrs., all rights and interests in “Turnner's Discovery,” King's Creek,
excepting portion thereof sold to John Kirby, on condition that sd. brother make over to dau.
Phebe and hrs., his rights and interests in “John's Hill,” King's Creek.

Test: Charles Morgan, David Kirby, John Heelis. 20. 724.
To servt. James Kirby, his freedom.
Test: David Kerby, Isaac Dobson, Richard Kirby (Kerby). 21. 503.
To dau. Elizabeth, certain personalty; shd. sd. dau. die before age of 18, to son John and hrs;
20 to purchase negro woman for dau. Mary; shd. sd. dau. die before age of 18, to pass to dau.
Susannah Kirby and hrs.

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 8
page 166
[p.166] To Sarah Evans and Benjamin Kirby, personalty.
To granddau Elizabeth Kirby, personalty at 16 yrs.
To bro. John, sisters Agnes Traverse and Mary Shenton, personalty, including slave now
hired to William Kirby. Test. gives bills owing to his bro. John, including amounts paid to Major Pollard, Mr. Hopell, Margaret Bryen.


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