Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

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Kirby, Elizabeth
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Kirby, Michael
Kirby, Peter
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Pennsylvania Wills, 1800-1825

Kirby, David
Kirby, Dinah
Kirby, Lydia
Kirby, Nathaniel
Kirby, Stanley
Kirby, Thomas

BERKS CO. WILL ABSTRACTS       1800-1825
pg. 30
KIRBY, Stanley        12 Dec 1803             Maiden Creek
adm. to Dinah, the widow. pg. 64
KIRBY, Thomas           2 Jun 1807            Union
Adm. to Lydia, the widow and David Kirby, a brother pg. 182
KIRBY, Lydia               7 Feb 1821            Union
Adm. Nathaniel Kirby, son pg. 185
MERKEL, Casper        5 Sep 1821             Richmond
Adm. Jacob & Benjamin, sons, and Stanley KIRBY, son in law.    The widow

KIRBY, THOMAS, Maiden Creek. April 16, 1761 - October 2, 1765.
Mentions that heirs seized of a tract of 529 acres of land on
Schuylkill in Exeter. Also of tract of 69 acres adjoining said tract.
To oldest son Joseph, the tract of 69 acres and also 131 acres of the
larger tract.
To sons William and Peter the remainder of said tract being 398 acres,
to be evenly divided between them.
To sons Stanley and Michael my tract of 380 acres in Maiden Creek, to
be evenly divided.
Also to son Standly 100 towards maintenace of wife and dau. Mary(as
she is impotent).
To son Thomas, my riding horse, he having been provided for.
To son John 50 having not behaved himself as should have done.
To dau.Elizabeth 5 shillings.
Remainder to Standly.
Whereas I THOMAS KIRBY son of William KIRBY late of Peter Street in
Westminster, City of London and Elizabeth his wife my mother, was by my
uncle Wm. STANDLEY and my mother by indentures dated in or about the
last year of the reign of our late Sovereigh Lady Ann, Queen of Great
Britain, bound as an apprentice to a certain James SPENCER living in
Black Friars, the city aforesaid, whitesmith. Being as I am informed
the only surviving heir and nearest of kin living to the estate of my
grandfather STANDLY (mother's father) who with his son, Thomas my Uncle
are December'd. without issue. [Goes on to devise his right in certain
real estate to his son Joseph.].
Exr: son Standley.
Wit: Peter RODARMLE and Rudolph HIGH.

KIRBY, STANLEY, Maiden Creek. December 12, 1803. Adm. to Dinah, the widow.
KIRBY, THOMAS, Union. June 2, 1807.  Adm. to Lydia, the widow and David KIRBY, a brother.
FINCK, JOHN, Maiden Creek. January 20, 1818. Adm. David OHLINGER, son-in-law, and Stanley KIRBY, friend. The widow renouncing.
LESHER, ABRAHAM, Windsor.March 30, 1819.Adm. to Stanley KIRBY and John LESHER, friends.The widow renouncing.
KIRBY, LYDIA, Union.February 7, 1821.Adm. Nathaniel KIRBY, son.
MERKEL, CASPER, Richmond.September 5, 1821.Adm. Jacob and Benjamin, sons, and Stanley KIRBY, son-in-law.
The widow renouncing.

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