Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834


Kirby, H.

SMITH, GEORGE. City of Phila. School Master.
3 mo. 23, 1782. July 28, 1787. T.521.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Benjamin, Mary. Exec: Elizabeth Smith,
Benjamin Morgan [of West New Jersey, Merchant].
Guardians: Edward Jones, Jacob Jones [of Merion, Pennsylvania].
Wit: H. Kirby, L. Weiss.

INDEX 1790-1802

Kirby, Charles
Kirby, Hannah

KELLER, CHRISTOPHER. N. Liberties. City of Phila. Taylor.
December 10, 1799. December 18, 1799. Y.255.
Children: Elizabeth [Wife of Capt. John Osman], Hannah [Wife of Capt.
Charles Kirby
], Frances. Grandchildren: Fannny Maria and Eliza
Stricker [Children of Late Daughter Sarah Stricker, December'd]. Maria
Skelton [Daughter of Daughter Elizabeth Osman], Maria [Daughter of Late
Daughter Molly Wager, now Wife of Adam Reichart].
Exec: Son-in-Law Capt. John Osmon, George Goddard, Andrew Tybout.
Wit: R. Whitehead, Jesse Groves, James Vaillant.

INDEX 1820-1825

Kirby, Beulah

WALKER, BEULAH. Philadelphia. Widow. October 24, 1823. November 12,
1823. 8.102. Ground rent out of lot in Philadelphia lately occupied by
Pierce Butler, Esq., decd., to Frederick Beates and after his decease,
to Richard M. Cooper and Joseph V. Clark in trust for my daughter:
Elizabeth Kinsman should she die during minority of the eldest of her
children then Trustees to pay to my sisters: Elizabeth Clark, Keziah
Black for use of my two grandchildren: Elizabeth Maria Louisa Kinsman,
Charles Kinsman. Nieces: Beulah Kirby, Beulah Ann Black, Sarah Clark.
Decd. sister: Mary Vanleer. Nephew: Samuel Dyer, Edward Dyer, land left
me by my father in Woolwich Township, N. J. to be bounded by lands of
Eli Wilson and Benjamin Adams. Joseph V. L. Clark. Sisters: Elizabeth
Clark, Zebiah Button, Kezia Black. Great nephew: George Wells. Niece:
Hannah Duncan. Rt. Rev. Bishop White for Deaf and Dumb Assylum of which
he is a member. Grandniece: Hannah Wells and her sister Matilda. Mary
Virginia Vanleer, daughter of William Vanleer of Maryland. Nephew:
George Black. Mary Black and Francis Black. Mary Crane now living with
me and to Ackey a coloured woman formerly living with me. Exec: Richard
M. Cooper, Joseph V. Clark. Witnesses: Joseph Parker, Benjamin Lippincott, Isaac Billanger


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