This Kirby mailing list is from "Spartanburg Marriages 1785-1911 Implied
in Probate Records".  Because marriages weren’t officially recorded at
this time, this information was compiled from Probate Records.
Therefore, the dates are not necessarily that of the marriage, but do
show a year in which the person mentioned was living.  There may be
duplicates, but the years will be different.
Kirby, __________ Gossett, Nancy Z. 1876
Kirby, __________ Griffin, Mary J.
(widow of Obadiah Griffin) 1861
Kirby, __________ Peterson, Patsy 1827
Kirby, __________ Wilkins, Elizabeth T. 1837
Kirby, __________ Wilkins, Teresa E. 1831
Kirby, Jacob (Kerby) Lipscomb, Patsey
(dau. of David Lipscomb) 1852
Kirby, John M. Gossett, Catherine (Kate) 1875
Kirby, R. L. Lee, Nancy Elizabeth (Bettie)
(dau. of John M. Lee) 1881
Kirby, Uriah Littlejohn, Elizabeth
(dau. of Henry Littlejohn) 1852
Kirby, William T. (Kerby)   Bates, Nancy 1813
Burges, Thomas Kirby, __________ 1831
Gossett, Jr., John Kirby, __________ 1832
Green, Joshua Kirby, __________
(dau. of James T. Kirby) 1858
Harvey, J. D. Kirby, __________ 1863
White, David (Daniel?) Kirby, __________ 1831
White, Lemuel Kirby, __________ 1831
White, Lemuel Kirby, __________ 1856
Wilson, James H. Kirby, Altamira 1852
Wilson, James H. Kirby, Altamira (Alta)
(dau. of John T. Kirby) 1854
Gossett, __________ Kirby, Catherine 1853
Gossett, John Kirby, Cathrine (Caty) 1847
Trimmier, J. V. Kirby, Clara 1853
Smith, __________ Kirby, D. C. 1860
Sanders, __________ Kirby, E. Ada (Addie)
(dau. of John T. Kirby) 1869
Brown, William Kirby, Elanor (Elender) 1847
White, Daniel Kirby, Fernetta (Fenetey) 1847
White, __________ Kirby, Fernitty 1854
White, __________ Kirby, Ity
(dau. of Richard Kirby) 1867
White, Lemuel Kirby, Ity (Itery) 1847
Trimmier, William H. Kirby, Martha A. 1853
Easterwood, Joseph Kirby, Mira Ann 1847
Easterwood, Joseph Kirby, Miriam 1854
Zimmerman, __________ Kirby, N. E. 1860
Burgess, __________ Kirby, Polly 1853
Burgess, Thomas Kirby, Polly 1847

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