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click.gif (3449 bytes)Large TN KIRBY descendant Report by: Bob Duggan


From: Elwin G kirby <>
Subject: Birth place of Richard Kirby of Blount Co, Tn.

A lot of information is being passed around concerning the birth place of
Richard Kirby of Blount Co, Tn.  Richard Kirby Jr, of Southampton Co, Va
had a son by the name of Richard ( Richard III ) Who left a will in
Southampton Co.  " was presented in court Aug 14, 1783 (page 344) by a
Lawrence House-- a witness, who was allowed 140# of tobacco for 2 days in
court and travel ling 30 miles and returning"  In this will, Richard gave
his inheirted lands in Southampton Co to his younger brothers, Thomas and
Miles.  It is apparent that he had no children.  His wife is mentioned on
page 322.
The above is from SOUTHAMPTON CO, VA, ORDER BOOK--1778-1784

Hi Tim Carter,

I am interested that you have a GG-Grandfather Henry Kirby born 2 May 1807 in
N.C. I have a GG-Grandfather Henry Franklin Kirby born 1812 in Green Co., TN
and died January 6, 1867 in Cane Hill, Arkansas. His son was Thomas Henry
Kirby who was born in Washington Co., AR and died in 1913 and is buried there
with his wife Rebecca Virginia Ashley. My Grandfather was the Rev. William
Franklin Kerby, who was born1870 in Jackson Co., MO. and married Lula Lee
Cole in 1894. Both are now resting in graves in Arlington, Texas, where I was
born.  According to a distant cousin, Clarence Thomas Chambers, our branch of
the Kirby/Kerby/Kearby family is supposedly descended from the John
Kearby/Joannah Owens family. I have a lot of information about my
Grandparents and their descendents.  Maybe we have a connection. Good luck on
your search.
Bill Pattillos
Sacramento, CA

Hello Larry,

Your post interested me.  Very seldom do I see the name KEARBY.  Please
see the data below on my KIRBYs, taken from hand notes by my G-Uncle
Albert.  My GG-Grandfather Henry KIRBY,(may have been William Henry
KIRBY) supposedly was born 2 May 1807 in NC.  Uncle Albert indicated that
Henry spelled his last name KEARBY.

As per other writings of T.A.A. Carter, Henry was married [1] to
Elizabeth L. (?) on 8 Nov 1832, and [3] to Mary E. (?) on 9 Aug 1870.


The following was transcribed from notes written by Judge T.A.A.Carter
(Thomas Albert Almarine Carter).  The spelling is as on the original

Kirby family.  Henry Kearby (as he spelled his name) (Children all
spelled it Kirby)  was born May 20 1807.  Married 3 times.  To July Ann ?
did not know maiden name June 17 1841.  Died Aug 28 1888.  He was of
German decent, was buried at Chidester Ouachita Co Ark by his 2nd wife,
my Gr mom.

Larry, you show that you are in Camden, SC.  Were your ancestors
KEARBY's, and were any of them from there?

This family settled near Chidester, AR, near to Camden, AR.  Just
wondering if this might be some indication?

Any help in finding parents and/or siblings of Henry KEARBY/KIRBY would
be greatly appreciated.  Also, looking for "live KIRBY cousins".

Thank you,

Tim Carter           


From: Robert S. Duggan, Jr. (Author of the Large TN Report)

In my database I have 1547 blood descendants and their 847 spouses from
Richard KIRBY (b. c 1748 VA d. 30 Apr 1811 Blount Co., TN) & his wife
Sarah Jean Small (b. 1748 Scotland d. 5 Apr 1826 Blount Co., TN).

Will be happy to share data.

Bob Duggan in Atlanta

Robert S. (Bob) Duggan, Jr.


My name is Stephanie Tayloe 510 Hickory Dr ,Buchanan Tenn 38222.I am
working on Henry Kirby or Kerby of Albermarle Co Va. He married Ann?
he went To Rutherford and Davidson Co Tenn. His son was Henry R
Kerbyborn 1787 in Va livied in Rutherford Co.Who was the father of Old
Henry Kerby born about 1750 Va Who was his wife.Thankyou for your time


My Kirby-Kerby  (also sometimes KERLEY) line came to White County,
Tennessee, around Sparta about 1800.  Richard and William were
brothers.  John P. Kirby was the son of one of them.
Which?  John's son, Reuben, married Permillia Ann Kirby, his cousin.
Reuben served in the Civil War in Dibrell's Cavalry.  He and Millie Ann
moved to Cumberland County, Tennessee, back to White County, and later
to Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas, along with their children, William
Thomas, John, Polk Davis, and Susannah or Susan Ann.  The children later
moved to Cass County, Texas, and-or, Grayson, Collin, Dallas,  and
Denton Counties,  Texas.
Susan Kirby Morris
Terrell, Texas


WDC GenWeb - Descendants of Thomas Brown


* Thomas Brown b. Jun 28 1773 Botetourt VA, d. abt 1866 Jackson Co TN
  m. Nancy Jane (or Elizabeth) Litton Nov 5 1795 Botetourt Co VA
     b. 1774 Botetourt VA, d. abt 1807 Jackson Co TN
  *  John Brown b. 1796 VA
     m. Elizabeth Wheeler b. May 5 1797
     *  Eliza Brown b. 1820 Jackson Co TN, d. abt 1900 Jackson Co
        m. James Green Kirby 1836 Jackson Co TN; b. Jul 11 1814 TN, d. 1897
        *  Dorcas Marie Kirby b. 1837 Jackson Co TN
           m. John Litton Brown b. 1833 Jackson Co TN, d. in the Civil War
           Descendants of Dorcas Kirby and John Brown
           2nd husband of Dorcas Marie Kirby:
           m. Wiley Steakley b. 1844
           *  Ann Steakley b. 1867
           *  Alice Steakley b. 1870
           *  Calvin Steakley b. 1871
           *  David Steakley b. 1875
           *  Jane Steakley b. 1878
        *  Aurelius Kirby b. 1843
        *  Maria Kirby b. 1845
        *  Ira C Kirby b. 1846 Jackson Co TN
           m. Mary J Steakley b. 1855
           *  Alice C Kirby b. 1873
           *  Anna M Kirby b. 1876
           *  Lizzie Maxie Kirby b. Jul 18 1879
           *  John Henry Kirby b. Oct 20 1890
        *  Henry William Kirby
           b. Aug 10 1848 Jackson Co TN
           d. Apr 3 1930 buried Double Springs Cem, Putnam Co TN
           m. Mary Narcissis Wheeler Dec 16 1869
           *  Omna Harold Kirby b. Jan 1 1871
           *  Fannie Elizabeth Kirby b. Mar 28 1876
           *  Mollie Ella Kirby b. Jul 30 1878
        *  Jane F Kirby b. 1860 Jackson Co TN
           m. Tandy Brown b. 1862 Jackson Co TN


Here is how I am descended from "Old
Richard" Kirby, who died in 1811 in Blount County, TN:

Richard Kirby (1748 - 1811) m.  Sara Jean Small (1748 - 1826) [fifth-great
James Kirby (1786[80?] - 1835) m. Lydia Ayres (1789 - 1838) [fourth-great
Richard Kirby (1813 - 1876) m.  Narcissa Moody Wright (1816 - 1859)
[third-great grandparents]
Isaac Wright Kirby (1850-1926) m. Dorcas Houston Wright (1852-
1917)[great-great grandparents]
William Sloan Kirby (died 1946)  m.  Maggie Askins (1877-1962) [great
Charles Walton Kirby (1897 - 1970) m. Ola Belle Kendrick (1897 - 1982)
Charles Walton Kirby, Jr. (1925 - 1991) + Annie Dorothy Aycock (1919 - )
Milford Kendrick Kirby (1954 - ) (me)

Like many others, I would love to know for sure who the ancestors of "Old
Richard" were.

Other surnames I am researching, and can share what I have on:

Best wishes,
Milford K. Kirby

From: TLS>

I am looking for information on my g-grandmother's first husband, Sylvester
  I have almost no information about him, but here is what I do know.

My grandmother, Amanda Sue Margaret HURST, was born in Claiborne Co., TN iin 1881, to Nelson and Fanny HURST.  She was single and living at home during the 1900 census.   Prior to 19 Sept 1902, she married 'Vester KIRBY, according to her father's will, who denied all benefits to them.  Family history says that they ran off to either Pikeville or Pineville, Kentucky
to get married.  (A check of both locations has turned up nothing.)  Thereafter, they moved to Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana.  On 4 Oct 1906, they divorced in Crawfordsville.  My g-grandmother married my g-grandfather.  My understanding is that Sylvester KIRBY married a woman in Montgomery County, Indiana.
That's it -- that's all that I have to go on.  Does anyone have a Sylvester KIRBY in their family history?


Tony Servies


Looking for information on the following KIRBYs:

Eliza Jane KIRBY (c1829 Smith Co, TN - )
  m. c1847 Macon Co, TN to Henry L. WAKEFIELD

William KIRBY (1806 NC - 1883 Smith Co, TN)
  m1. Elizabeth
  m2. Josephine Elmyra WAKEFIELD

Pleasant KIRBY (c1767 Stokes Co, NC - )
  m. Unknown

Henry KIRBY ( - will dated 1790 Stokes Co, NC)
  m. c1762 Stokes Co, NC to Susanna

Can anyone help locate these people?

Michael Woolverton

Looking for inforamtion on JOSEPH L. KIRBYborn 1816 in Tenn. married SUSAN C. born 1825 in Alabama,their children are VIRGINIA  J.-1839, MARIAN  LIDDY 

ANN ALABAMA-1841, JESSE ELBERT (EFF)-1844, DEWITT-1850, ANDREW-1853, MARY-1855.tHE FOUR OLDS BORN IN Miss. LAST TWO johnson co., Ark. Find in the 1850 censes in Tippipp   co. Miss.  Joseph died  in 1858 in Johnson co Horsehead, Ark. Jesse Elbert(Eff) Kirby and Sarah Ann Boyer is my GG-Grandfather and mother. Their children

are J. HENRY-1865, NANCY-1866, CORTHULA EMELINE-1869, ELIZA-1870, WM. FRANKLIN-1873,SUSIE ANN-1875, JAMES SILAS-1877, CHARLEY1878, LORA-1882, HARRIS JESSIE-1884, LAURA-1887, CLIFTON no dae, died at the age of 21, single. Susie Ann Kirby married Michael Peter Bean Jr.-1871 in johnson co. Ark. are my G_Grandfather and mother. Their frist 4 of their 9 childen were born Johnson co. Ark. Their last 5 children wree born after 1899, when the family left

Lou Gap Spring, Ark. and to McIntosh co. Indian Territory or Okla. CORELIA-1891,

ARVA-1893, BEULAH-1895, VERNON-1898 ARGUS-1901, BERLIN-1903,MAMIE-1906, OLEN-1911, AND OPAL- 1912-1914. Argus married Lula May Moore is my Grandfather and mother.

Bonnie Braswell <


Is anyone doing research near Mountain City, Johnson Co., TN.? I still do not know which Kirby line I belong to.  ggrandfather "John Alexander  Kirby", born 1/4/1872 Mountain City, TN. Father was James Monroe Kirby,
mother possibly a Lefler. I have no other info. on John's parents. John was the forman of the famous "HT Horse Ranch" Dakota Territory in the late 1800's. Married in Dickinson, N.D. 6/26/1899 to Matilda "Tilly" Eliza
Tuttle. They homesteaded in western MT and lived out their lives there. John & family may not have stayed in Tennessee long. Does any one have Kirby's that would have been in the Dakota's?
Thanks for any help.

I came across this in my files, and thought I would share it.   This is taken
from Wm's  pension application for service in the Union Army.  Application was
made from Casey, Tn., Nov. 26, 1898.

William M. Kirby--no birth date given
Mar. Delila Jane Borden, Jan 1878, by Esq. Wiley A. Whitley, Macon Co., Tn

Lizey Kirby, June 12, 1880
William Daniel Kirby, Jan 25, 1882
Mattie Kirby, March 22, 1885
Haley Paton Kirby, May 22, 1887
Marlin L. Kirby, May 22, 1887
Florence Bell Kirby, Dec 18, 1889
Cora T. {not sure of this name and initial} Sept. 2, 1894

William M.'s father was Jesse B., who was a son of Pleasant Kirby {d. ca 1819
Jackson Co., Tn}, who was a son of Henry Kirby, who left a will in Stokes Co.
Va ca. 1790.




I'm searching for the parents of a Winnyfred Kirby who was born about 1789
North Carolina. She married Jonathan Walsh b 7 April 1788 and had several sons
and daughters. One son was a name Henderson Walsh.  Jonathan and Winnyfred are
buried in Madison County, TN...

Any help appreciated.


Records from a Baptist Churh in Warren Co., Tenn., lists Susanna Kerby joining
in 1814, charter member, and some later the membership list included Henry,
Henry, and Roseanna, as well as Susanna.  Henry and Roseanna were excluded
from the church in 1820.  Are these the same Kerbys who settled in Smith
County, where Old Henry left a will ca 1827?  If not, here is another Henry
and Susanna to add to the list of Henry and Susanna Kerbys!  It keeps growing!

Evea Bachnak


I am new to the Kirby list so I would like to submit my sparse Kirby
info to see if anyone can help me.

I descend from Armanella Jane Kirby born 23 Aug 1845 in Jackson,TN. Her
parents are Austin Kirby b- abt 1811 in NC and Deborah Sloan b- abt 1823
in TN. Armanella married Joshua V. Glover in Perry County,IL in 1864.
Austin and Deborah had the following children:
1. Amanda Kirby b-abt 1839 in TN
2. Mariah Kirby b-abt 1844 in TN
3. Armanella Jane Kirby b-23 Aug 1845 in TN
4. General H. Kirby b- Nov. 1849 in TN
5. Clinton Kirby b-abt 1850 in TN
6. Alice Kirby b-abt 1854 in IL
7. Dewit Kirby b-abt 1863 in IL

The last name has also been spelled Kearby and Austin's name has been
spelled Austain in the 1840 Smith County, TN Census. In 1850 they are
found in Macon County, TN. I suspect that the county boundaries changed
instead of them moving very much.

I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me anything about the
Kirby-Sloan Families in TN and NC. I would like to find their parents.
Thank you.
Jeff Williams


Dear Bill:

Great to hear from a Kerby cousin!  Do you know who Henry Franklin Kirby's (born 1812 in TN) father was?  I'm guessing your desc from Old John & Joanna's son Henry.   Let me know how you fit in.  I'm desc from their son,
David, 1738-1811.

Here's all I have on your Henry:

Descendants of Henry Kerby, son of Old John & Joanna Kerby:

1   Henry Kerby b: 1734  d: 1803 Rutherford Co., Tennessee
   +Anna Witt b: Abt 1744 m: Abt 1760 d: 1806 Rutherford Co., Tennessee
  2   Joseph Kerby
  2   Josiah Kerby
  2   Philip Kerby b: 1759
  2   Christopher Kerby b: September 10, 1760
  2   Henry B. Kerby, Jr. b: 1788

There are others on the List desc from Henry, so I'm sure we could fill in
much more of his descendants.

Don Severs <>

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