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Diana B.-73
J. W.-76
James H.-73
James O.-37
Lola E.-37
Lula F.-73
Opal V.-76
R. J.-76

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Cameron, WVa. Aug. 6, (1835) --Funeral services for Mrs. Lucinda Kirby Manning, age 53, wife of Roy
Manning of this city, will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the home of W.D. Matthews
at Cameron. Rev. W.E. Pierce will conduct the rites. Internment will be made in the Big Run
cemetery. Mrs. Manning died(August 3, 1935) at Moundsville, where she had been visiting. She is
survived by her husband, two sisters, Mrs. Edward Gump of Cameron, Mrs. Martha Bates of Louisville,
Ky.; four brothers, Charles Kirby of Brewster, WVa.; J. J. Kirby of Moundsville, William Kirby of
Littleton, and Frank Kirby of Sherrodsville, O.; and two daughters, Mrs. Santiago Jaime and Mrs.
Oscar Siburt of Moundsville.

Submitted by: Cheryl McCombs.

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Huge Wonderful selection!

Last weekend, June 26 and 27, my brother and I spent close to 5 hours
transcribing headstone engravings at two Calhoun County, WV cemeteries.
Walking up one row and down the other, we took pictures of some that we
knew to be family.  Because of the various spellings throughout the
history of the Kerby/Kirby family, we were very careful in making sure
we had the correct spelling for each individual and family.  The names
were copied precisely as engraved on the stone.  Unless otherwise noted,
spelling of spouses' last names is the same.

This was the first time I have been able to do any onsight research. I
spent close to 6 hours in the Calhoun County Public Library at
Grantsville.  I could have spent 6 days and still not wanted to leave.
At any rate, I will be sending the results of that trip as I am able.  I
hope all of you that haven't yet been able to walk the cemeteries where
your families lie are able to do so.  I've heard people talk about the
feelings of family connection one gets from visiting cemeteries and
doing this kind of research.  That feeling is so real.

Hur Cemetery at Hur Church (now Mt. Olive Methodist Church), County
Route 9/6, Hur WV.

Floyd Kerby  
1883 - 1956

Eliza Kerby John M. shared headstone
1864 - 1905 1862 - 1933

Orval Kerby Velma B. shared headstone
Sept 09 1903 Dec 26 1912
July 1 1984     -

Donald Ray Kerby Rubbing required for dates
Apr 17 1935
Nov 14 1954
In Memory (more, but undecipherable)

Helen Marie Kerby
1938 - 1948
Our Darling

Ruhamah Stallman Kerby Wife of John Wesley (JW) Kerby, my 2nd g
Born Aug 16 1841
Died Dec 1 1901
Sleep in Jesus, Sleep in Rest

J. W. Kerby John Wesley
Born Dec 11 1831
Died Nov 24 1913
Aged 81 Ys 7 Ms 8 Ds

Son of JW and R Kerby "Cemeteries of Calhoun County, WV" lists this
Born July 25 1882 child as "Joseph J. Kerby, s. of J.W. and R. Kerby"
Died Sept 22 1884 but I did not find a name on the headstone
Aged 2Ys   Ms   28 Ds

Note: Just to the right of the Son of JW and R Kerby was what appeared
to be a fieldstone marker.  There were many of these in this cemetery.

Emory Kerby Almira Shared headstone
1866 - 1953 1868 - 1958

Ray Kerby
Private US Army
May 6 1897
Jan 17 1982

Montie Ray Kerby
Oct 3 1897
May 13 1967

Mary E. Kerby Thomas
1870 - 1961 1856 - 1929

William Kerby William Jr. father to John Wesley
Born Sept 4 1800 my 3rd great-grandfather
Died Apr 7 1881
Aged 80 Ys 7 Ms 8 Ds

Thomas Kerby
1856 - 1929

Note: In this area, most specifically between and around the graves of
Thomas and J.W. KIRBY, there were what appeared to be the remains of 7
markers, either fieldstones or eroded headstones.

J. W.
Son of Sylvester & RJ KIRBY (CAPS for emphasis on spelling)
Born Oct (undecipherable) 1882
Died Dec (undecipherable) 1882

Daughter of Sylvester and RJ KIRBY (CAPS for emphasis on spelling)
Born Aug 31 1887
Died Nov 15 1905

Rosanna J No surname on headstone
Wife of Sylvester
1862 - 1908

Sylvester KERBY (CAPS for emphasis on spelling)
Mar 17 1862
July 2 1935

M. Gene Kerby M. Marie Shared headstone
Aug 26 1932 June 7 1935
    - Aug 22 1996
Father Mother

Opal V. Kirby Talmon T. Shared headstone
1913 - 1975 1894 - 1973

Jeanette Lynn Linda L. Kerby Shared headstone
Jan 10 1975 Feb 2 1951
Feb 4 1976 June 10 1969

Holly Kerby Lizzie Shared headstone
1908 - 1994 1911 - 1966

Note:  Graves from M. Gene Kerby to Lizzie were located together in what
appeared to be a family section of the cemetery.  This may just be my

Evert Kerby His Wife, Pearl Shared headstone
1885 - 1967 1896 - 1977

Minnie Kerby
1888 - 1912

Gladie Kerby Appeared to be a child's headstone

REESIN Kerby Nancy Note different spelling of Resin
No dates No dates

Mary E. Kerby My half second great grandaunt
Wife of W H
June 4 1855
Aug 11 1904
Aged 29 Ys 7 Ms ?Ds

W H Kerby (William H.)  half-brother to John
Dec 14 1854 Wesley; my half 2nd great granduncle
Aug 16 1924

James Hollis Kirby
July 23 1885
Nov 28 1964

Diana Belle Kirby
Dec 20 1884
Aug 26 1953

Lula French Kirby
Mar 30 1910

Note:  The previous 3 graves were found in what might have been a "Cain"
family plot.

Lawrence Kerby Nela Lou Shared headstone
1889 - 1949 1894 - 1979

Denver M. Kerby
1920 - 1970

John M. Kerby
1862 - 1933

Eliza Kerby
1864 - 1905

Floyd Kerby
1883 - 1956

MT ZION CEMETERY, located on Route 16 at the Mt Zion Methodist Church,
Mt Zion, WV

Elva Poling Kerby
1910 - 1970

Willard Poling
1910 - 1970

Willard Poling
1910 - 1950

Bernice C. Kirby Gunter
Jan 3 1933
Oct 29 1983

Roscoe C. Kirby Tensie D. Shared headstone
Feb 18 1900 Nov 4 1900
May 15 1990 June 10 1989

W Jake Kerby Eulah Shared headstone  *Neither person
Apr 10 1914 Oct 15 1913 is listed as being in this cemetery
Married August 14 1937 in Cemeteries of Calhoun County WV

Dewey Kerby Martha Shared headstone
1899 - 1991 1899 - 1967

Simon Kerby Glena Shared headstone
1907 - 1991 1909 - 1954

Roy S Kirby Eva B Shared headstone
1908 - 1978 1905 - 1969

I have the Cemeteries in Calhoun County West Virginia. If anyone
researching Calhoun County, WV Kerby-Kirbys knows the cemetery or
district, I will be happy to do lookups.




I have here some info from pages of the Marshall County Death index:

Kerby, Peter F.    ; white male  ;  Date of Death:03-10-1925; Place of Death:Moundsville ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: Arterio sclerosis;       AGE:97 years, 09 months, 08 days; Occupation:Retired   ; Consort of, Or Unmarried:widowed; Name of Person giving information of Death:Benj. F. Bone ; Physician

Kerby, Molley E.   ; white female;  Date of Death:04-02-1919; Place of Death:Cameron, WV ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: Burned; AGE:27 years, 03 months, 13 days; Occupation:         ; Consort of, Or Unmarried:; Name of Person giving information of Death:   Physician

Kerby, John ; white male  ;  Date of Death:07-08-1912; Place of Death:McMechen, WV; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: unknown  AGE:----------------------------; Occupation:         ; Consort of, Or Unmarried: ; Name of Person giving information of Death:J.T.McCombs   ; Coroner

Kerby, Henry; white male  ;  Date of Death:01-05-1912; Place of Death:Moundsville ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath:  AGE:---------------------02 days; Occupation: ; Consort of, Or Unmarried:; Name of Person giving information of Death:Chas.G. morgan; Physician

Kerby, Marsden Lee ; white male  ;  Date of Death:09-17-1928; Place of Death:McMechen    ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: Premature Birth-7months;AGE:----------------------------; Occupation:; Consort of, Or Unmarried:; Name of Person giving information of Death:P.D.Pharlow   ; Physician

Kerby, Alexander ? ; white male  ;  Date of Death:01-13-1929; Place of Death:Moundsville ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: Labor Pneumonia AGE:69 years, 11 months, 18 days; Occupation:Laborer  ; Consort of, Or Unmarried:married; Name of Person giving information of Death:L.H.McCuskey  ; Physician

Kerby, Rebecca Jane; white female;  Date of Death:04-10-1922; Place of Death:Cameron, WV ; Name of Disease or Cause ofDeath: Infirmaties of old age; AGE:87 years, ------------------; Occupation:Housewife; Consort of, Or Unmarried:widowed; Name of Person giving information of Death:C.R.McGuffie  ; Physician

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In memory of John Kirby, who departed this life July 7, 1911.

Once again death has summoned a brother Odd Fellow. He has completed his work in ministering to the
wants of the afflicted and of bringing joy into places of misery. And whereas, he having been a true
and faithful member of our beloved order since the institution of Hur Lodge No. 358.

And whereas in the death of brother Kerby the community has lost a good and faithful citizen and Hur
Lodge a faithful member. Bro. Kerby was at all times ready and willing to extend a helping hand to
any one in distress. Therefore be it.

Resolved that Hur Lodge No. 358, in testimony of our loss, tender to the bereaved family of our
deceased brother our sincere condolence in their deep afflictions.v And be it further resolved that
a copy of these resolutions be sent to each of the county papers, and a copy to the bereaved family
and a copy to be spread upon our minutes.

Respectfully Submitted. Wm J. Sturms. R. O. Haskins. J. D. Robinson. Committee.




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