Terms Cash
W.H. Oldham, Trustee
dated Oct 9th 1865 aforesaid, Oct 10
Report of Trust Sale
In pursuance of the above notice the undersigned W. H. Oldham Trustee in
place of James M. Hoge, who has removed from this Court has this day
sold to Isaac Hoge the Sixty four acres of land named in Wm. J. Kerby's
Deed of Trust for the sum of seven Hundred and fifty five Dollars, said
Isaac Hoge being the highest and best bid to aforesaid land.  The Costs
of sale are as follows: to wit
Advertising in Wheeling Register $51
Crying Sale by Sherif Lutes $21
Trustees Com.  5% on $300 $15
Trustees Com. 2% on $150 $9.10
Recording this Report $1.00
Amount of Sale $755
Applied on Hoge's claim against
Wm J. Kirby, Estate in including Cost $595.10
$159.90 Surplus one
hundred and fifty nine 90/100 dollars in
hands of Isaac Hoge
W.H. Oldham, Trustee
Dated Nov 11, 1865
The Above balance of $159.90 is in my hands
Isaac Hoge
State of West Virginia Marshall County
Recorders Court August Term 1866
The report of W. W. Oldham Trustee of the Sale of Sixty four acres of
land belong to the Estate of William J. Kirby has this day received for
record and having been filed in this office more than 30 days previous
thereto and there being no exceptions filed therewith or otherwise taken
thereto the said report is thereupon admitted to record
Walter Evans, Records
of this Sale $32.10

State of West Virginia Marshall County Recorders Office Aug. 10, 1864
On motion of Mary E. Kerby (widow) who made Oath as Administratrix and
together with Peter F. Kerby her security entered unto and acknowledged
a bond in the penalty of $200 conditioned as the law directs Thereupon
Letters of Administration is granted the said Mary E. Kerby on the
Estate of William J. Kerby, deceased
Ordered that William Covalt William P. Crawford and James Cox being
first duly sworn before a Justice of the peace do appraise in current
money the personal Estate of William J. Kerby deceased and return the
appraisment under their hands to the Recorders Office
Walter Evans, Recorder

William J. Kerby Estate
August 9 1864 The appraisement of Wm. J. Kirby , deceased
      Property, Vis

1 Lot of Oats in the shed $80.00 Amt. Brought up $392.00
One Mare 65.00
One Carriage 35.00 One Ax   1.00
Two bedsteads & bedding 22.00 One box of Iron   3.00
Two cows 35.00 One shovel Plow         1.25
One Stove 8.00 One large kettle            5.00
Four Beehives 16.00 One pair spreaders          1.25
Three head young cattle 19.00 One barrel             5.00
One lot of Corn 50.00
Thirty five saw logs 5.00
One lot of Staves 40.00
One Table and Seven chairs 3.00
Nine Jars 1.00
Cupboard and ware 1.00
One plow .50 Wm. Cobalt
One Sythe .50 Wm. P. Crawford
One Maddock & hoe 1.00 Samuel Cox
$392.00 $409.40

West Virginia Marshall County Recorders Office Sept 12, 1864
The appraisement list of the Estate of William J. Kerby, deceased,
was this day received in my office and admitted to record
Walter Evans, Recorder

William J. Kerby's Estate
Sale Bill of the property of Wm. J. Krby, deceased, Sept 3 1864
John Simmons 1 Mattock .50
Silas Merrill 1 Bee Stand 4.00
M.M. Oment 1 Ax 1.00
Jas. Kerby 1 Bee Stand 4.46
Mary Kerby 1 Bee Stand 5.00
P.F. Kerby 1 Lot of Sheaf Oats 81.00
Mary E. Kerby 1 Stand Bees 4.00
Jas. Kerby 1 Mare 69.00
Abram Henderson 1 Sythe    .40
P.F. Kerby 1 Plow    .50
Thos. Fox 1 Cow 26.50
M. M. Oment 1 Heifer 26.25
Silas Murrill 1 Yearling Calf 14.00
Jacob Israel 1 calf   8.15
Mary E. Kerby 1 Horse Carriage 3.25
Jas. Kerby 1 Shovel Plow 26.75
Jas. Reid 1 11.50
Joshua Covalt 1 lot chains    .50
Wm. P. Crawford 1 Draw Knife   3.15
Abram Henderson 1 Draw Knife   1.00
John Reid 1 Iron Wedge     .59
Samuel Reed 1 set     .50
David Lahue 1 set chairs    1.55
Wm. P. Crawford 1 Clamp Screw      .50
Barney Pyles 1 Mattock.     .45
Samuel Reed 2 Hoes     .75
P. F. Kerby 1 Reg. White Lead    1.50
John Gray 1 box Sundries           .25
P.F. Kerby 1 Lot Logs   25.00
Martin Cummins 1 Lot Stave logs @10.00 pr hundred
Wm. P. Crawford 1 Kettle          4.50
Joshua Covalt 1 Barrel              .75
John Reed 1 Field of Corn            57.00

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Rosy E. Kirby b. 21 February 1879 Liberty District, Marshall Co., VA Father: James Kirby
Mother: Nancy Kirby Filed 1879, Book #1, Page 146

Rosa Kirby LEWIS d. Sept 12, 1960 Blosser Hill, Springhill Twp., Fayette Co. PA
Father: James KIRBY Mother: Nancy WHITLATCH Cause of death: C.V.A. due to arteroschlerosis -hypertension
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