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I am searching for information on my Kerby family. Searching for Mary Kerby, born 1833, believe Cahirconlish, Limerick, Ireland. She married  Thomas FitzGerald, 10 February, 1852, Cahirconlish, Limerick, Ireland. This family lived on their family farm at Abington, Parish of Murroe, Limerick, Ireland. She and Thomas had , Catherine, Maurice, Ellen, Anne, Mary Anne, William, Thomas, Eliza Mary, Patrick, Margrette Mary, James, John, Josephine Mary, and Alice Mary. Believe Mary Kerby's  father was Maurice Kerby.

Will share information, please  post this  family in your web site.


HELP HELP!      Does anyone have ANY KERBY's from these areas.  

"I have just found that our KERBY family came from Letterkenny area,Donegal
Co, Ireland.  ?Kerby was killed at the Battle of Quebec in 1759. His son
John (Jack) KERBY b. abt.1755 in Albany,NY., m. Alison (Elcy)
Donaldson,Gore of Cambden,NY? They were married in Detroit MI in June 1781.
They had 12 children, Mary b.1782, James b.1785, Ann b.1786,  John Peter
abt.1788, William b.1791. All born Detroit, MI., George b. 1793 in Prairie
du Chien,WI. He had 3 wives and the rest of the family were born in
Ontario,Canada. Jack Kerby fought in the 1812 War and his sons were all
Col. and Aaron KERBY was a Lt.Col. but I don't know what militia they were
in. Infact that is all I know about them. Does anyone have any
connections?" This man covered alot of area in those days and he was
married 3 times.
I would surely like to hear from someone as I didn't get very far on the
Canadian Kerby's. Thanks

Barnie Cowan at Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada

Thomas KIRBY b. 1841/42 in Ireland.

He claimed to arrive USA via Port of New York in Jul 1872. It really my
have been as late as 1879.

He was in Chicago prior to being a Homesteader in Faulk County South
Dakota from 1882 to 1892.

He died 4 July 1907 in Chicago.

Wife was Maria Hays (Hayes) She was born in Ireland in 1852. d. in
Chicago in 1997.

They had four children born in South Dakota:
Josephine b.4 Oct 1882 d. 16Aug 1903 in Chicago. No off spring.
James  b.22 May 1884 d.24 Feb 1948 in Chicago. No offspring.
Theresa b.16 Oct 1885 d. 18 Nov 1949 in Chicago. No offspring.
Thomas b. 16 Mar 1888 d 20 Apr 1958 in Chicago. m. Dorothy MONAHAN 29
Nov 1911 in Chicago. Four children born in Chicago:
Thomas H. b.5 Sep 1912 d. 16 Mar 1914 in Chicago

Dorothy b. 7 Sep 1917

Francis Joseph b.4 Mar 1919 d. 25 Apr 1939 in Chicago

Robert W. b.2 Apr 1931

Can you help expand this family??

For 30 years I have been trying to get my Thomas KIRBY back to the old
sod.Maybe some day.

Thomas KIRBY b Dec 1841 in Ireland (S. DAKOTA 1885 census). Arrived USA
through port of New York in September 1872 (Citizenship papers). Died
Chicago 4 July 1907 (Death Certificate).
Married to Maria Hays(?). (Date and Place unknown)
Lived in Chicago prior to arriving at the homestesd in Faulk County
South Dakota in 1882.( Homestead papers) Returned to Chicago 1892. (
Faulk County deeds).
There were four children:

Josephine 1882-1903 Never married. No children.

James 1884-1948  Never married. No children.

Theresa 1885-1949 Never married. No children.

Thomas 1888-1958 Married Dorothy Monahan 1912. Four children.

It is possible that Thomas was from county Tipperary but I have not been
able to prove it.

Any ideas/help/thoughts/relatives???

Rip Kirby <

I only have one Kirby on my family tree but would love to learn more
about her.
Her name is Mary born around 1840 in Ireland.
She was married to a Granfield and died in CT
That is all we have if any one has any information would appeciate it.



I would like to have the following posted in the Ireland section in Countries on the Kirby-Kerby web page:

   My great great grandfather was John Kirby, a native of the city of Limerick
in Co. Limerick, Ireland.  He was born around 1810 and married Mary McMahon
around 1834.  Their children were baptized in St. Munchins Church in Limerick
City:  Catherine 1837,  Michael 1839, Mary 1840, John 1845, Thomas 1847 and
Margaret 1850.  The family emigrated to the U.S. in 1850 settling in Portland,
Maine.  Catherine Kirby married Michael Hamilton in Portland in 1862.
    I would like to hear from other Kirbys from Limerick, Ireland or the U.S.
for possible connection.


WILLIAM KIRBY, merchant tailor, was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1851. He came to New
York in 1867, and the same year went to Lawrence, Ken., where he worked with his older
brother for one year, then started in business for himself. He made his first appearance in politics
in 1872, by writing an article for the Lawrence Standard, reviewing the political situation of that
year, pointing out the neccessity of, and the benefit to he derived from, united action on the part of
the Irish-American element of that place. It attracted considerable notice and resulted in the
formation of an Irish-American club, of which he was elected president. In 1873 he settled in
Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo. In 1876 he was chairman of a building committee that erected a Catholic
Church in that place. In 1877 he was waited on by leading citizens of the Second (the most
important) Ward of the city, who urged him to become a candidate for Alderman of said ward;
this he refused, but after much persuasion be consented. The law pertaining to special election
being overlooked by the Mayor, Hon. F. E. Williams, the election was declared void, and had to
be done over again, but he positively refused to run again, lest he should be considered an office
seeker. While there, he wrote some for the local papers as well as for the St. Louis Messenger.
Leaving Joplin in 1877, he located in Kansas City. While there, he was urged by some of the
newspapers and property owners to be a candidate for Alderman of the ward in which he lived,
but declined. In 1879 he started in business at Chicago, or as it is called, the Stock Yards. While
there he wrote a letter to the Emerald, which resulted in the formation of a Land League Club, of
which he was elected and re-elected vice-president; he keeps a good stock of fine goods, and
does the leading merchant tailoring business of the Stock Yards.

Here's what I know about my KIRBY family.  Would love to have you post
it on your web site.  Thank you!!

  1.  Joseph KIRBY b. Sep. 31, 1829 County Galway, Ireland (according to his
    CW pension papers). Immigrated to the US in 1833 (according to 1900
    He fought for the Union in the Civ. War. He was a cook for Co. C 1st
    Cavalry Unit for the entire war.
       d. Aug. 1913 buried White Oak Grove Cemetary, Washington Co, MO
       m. 1st Mary Lemmons (b. 1835 Indiana) in Washington Co, Mo
        2.  Sarah Kirby b.1857 in Mo.
        2.  Lizzie Kirby b. 1859 in Mo.
       m. 2nd Sarah A. Scaggs (b. Feb. 1839 in Indiana)in Washington Co, Mo
        2.  Mary L. KIRBY b. 1857 in Washington Co, MO
        2.  Eliza J. KIRBY b. 1860 in Washington Co, MO
        2.  Ellen KIRBY b. 8-5-1867 in Washington Co., MO
         d. 1-5-1963 Washington Co, MO buried New Masonic Cemetary
         Potosi, MO
         m. Jeptha Jasper MERCER b. 5-13-1891
        3.  J. Wilbern MERCER b. 5-13-1891 Washington Co, MO
           d. 7-12-1972 Washington Co, MO buried New Masonic
           Cemetary Potosi, MO
        3.  Ira L. MERCER b. 4-5-1893 Washington Co, MO
           d. 4-21-1984 Washington Co, MO, buried New Masonic
           Cemetary, Potosi, MO
           m. 1st Mae Unknown b. 7-8-1899 d. 1-16-1932
         4.  Iona Lee Mercer b. 8-17-1920 d. 7-25-1938 both in
              Washington Co, MO buried New Masonic Cemetary
           m. 2nd Pearl L. Unknown 1908 - 1983
        3.  Carl L. MERCER b. 1895 Washington Co, MO
        3.  Annie D. MERCER b. 1892 Washington Co, MO
           d. 1953 Washington Co, MO buried Anthonies Mill
           Cemetary Washington Co, MO
        3.  Charlee MERCER b. 1898 Washington Co, MO
        3.  Ollie (maybe Olga) J. MERCER b. 1898 Washington Co, MO
        3.  Sherman E. MERCER b. 3-7-1904 Washington Co, MO
           d. 2-13-1996 Washington Co, MO buried Sunset Hill
           Cemetary Washington Co, MO
  3.  Lytle H. MERCER b. 1906 Washington Co, MO d. 1910
           Washington Co, MO buried Rabbit Hollow Cemetary
           Washington Co, MO
        3.  Susan C. MERCER b. 10-9-1909 Washington Co, MO d.
           10-19-1925 buried Rabbit Hollow Cemetary Washington
           Co, MO
        2.  John William KIRBY b. Sep 1869 Washington Co, MO
         m. Unknown
        3.  Lizzie M. KIRBY b. May 1885 Washington Co, MO
        2.  Ann KIRBY b. 1871 Washington Co, MO
        2.  Joseph C. KIRBY b. Jun 1874 Washington Co, MO
        m. Sarah Ellen VANCE b. 5-15-1882 Washington Co MO
        3.  Mary KIRBY b. 1901 Washington Co, MO
        3.  Minnie KIRBY b. 1903 Washington Co, MO
        3.  Frank KIRBY b. b. 2-11-1904 Wash. Co, MO d. 10-27-1986 Potosi
           MO 1st m. Grace JARVIS 2nd m. Florence WILKERSON
        3.  Fred KIRBY b.b. 6-7-1906 Shirley, MO d. 9-23-1969 Farmington,
           MO m. Mildred M. KING in Washington Co, MO
        4.  Helen KIRBY m. Lee RICHARDSON
        4.  Doris Naomi KIRBY m. Jimmy Dale TODD
        4.  Bonnie Ruth KIRBY m. James MOSIER
        4.  Alice Marie KIRBY m. Ollie Brown HARDIMAN
  The last pair are my parents.  My mother and her sisters were all born
  in Potosi (Washington Co) MO, as was I.  I know very little else about
  the KIRBYs.  I find Joseph sr. first appearing in the Washington Co, MO
  census in 1860 (so where was he from 1833 until 1860?) and find him last
  in the 1910 census living with his daughter Ellen and all the MERCERs.
  The other 'odd' bit here is that I have been unable to find a marriage
  record for Joseph jr & Sarah VANCE.  Both were still living at home (i.e
  with parents) in the 1900 census.  By the 1910 census Sarah had remarried
  (a man named Andrew DEVINE, in 1908) & she & the 4 kids (plus another,
Ellen  DEVINE) were living with him.  Joseph jr was still alive at that point.
  He is enumerated across town with the family of John P. BLOUNT (who is 91)
  & is listed as a servant/farmer.  The 1910 census is the last trace I
  find of either Joseph KIRBYs.
  Terri Hardiman-Black

I am seeking information on the KERBY/KIRBY and LOFTUS/LOFTIS families.
Michael KERBY/KIRBY. Born in Ireland in 1802, emigrated and came to Randolph
County, VA later WV. Emigration prob in the 1850's. DIed August 1889 in
Randolph County.
Married to Katherine (?). Child of Mary b. 1844 in Ireland, married to John
LOFTUS/LOFTIS in Randolph County. Mother of James (b. 1867) & Michael (b.
1869) LOFTUS/LOFTIS. Both born in Randolph Co.
John LOFTUS/LOFTIS Mary's husband was born in Ireland 1840 died in Randolph
County 1870. His Parents were Daniel and Mary (?). They probably both
emigrated to VA/WV also.
Any help will be appreciated.

Brian R. Donnelly <

I'm another person looking for Irish KIRBY's!

1. JAMES KIRBY, b. about 1820, Tallow(?), County Waterford, Ireland, son
of John and Mary (Sullivan?) Kirby. arrived in Port of NY, July 1849;
married Catherine SLATERY in Stockbridge, Ma. about 1851; had 3 sons,
James, John and William.

Catherine died about 1856; James remarried to Ellen KEEFE (O'KEEFE?)
about 1857; children were: Mary Ellen, Thomas, Maurice, Julia,
Elizabeth, and Edward.  Maurice, Elizabeth and Edward had no children.

2. Mary Ellen KIRBY, born about 1860, married Lawrence "Skip" KILLFOILE,
in Stockbridge, Ma. about 1881.  Children were: Sarah, Edward, Thomas,
Allen, James, Alice, Myra, Mary Ellen, Frank, Eleanor, Esther, Colletta,
Grace and Julia.

Thomas KIRBY married Bridget McCormack, had one son William.

Julia KIRBY married Michael NAVIN, had two sons, William and Edward.

I'd appreciate any info or clues!

Ginny Killfoile Formel


I am searching for relatives/ancestors of John Kirby born December 1846
probably in Dublin.  Came to USA in 1860s, settled around Providence
Rhode Issland.  He married Mary Sullivan.  They had 3 children Rose
Anna, Mary Elisabeth and Daniel Johnny.  Mary Elisabeth married Andrew
Thomas MacNamara.

Any suggestions for my search will be appreciated.



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