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The Kerby line I have stumbled over is coming from Scotland.  And according to a book about noble families this Kirby/Kerby
family has several branches in England and Ireland as well.  I have sir Anders Kerby born abt 1550-1600. He had a son
Erik who moved to the part of Sweden which now is Finland.

Elwin G kirby wrote:

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I've been reading through your e-mails.  To add to the confusion I thought I would post this bit of information for you.


Our Kearbeys came from Scotland in 1777, and originally the name was Kearney.  They changed the spelling to keep from becoming indentured servants.  Some changed their spelling to Kerby, some to Kirby and some to Kearby and again some to "Kearbey".  Our ancestor was Francis Marion Kearbey (Kearney) b: 1754, Nereau, Scotland.  We evolve down to Thomas Lee Kearbey b: 1800, Francis Marion II b: 1839, John Phillip Kearbey, John Phillip Jr.b: 1910, Poplar Bluff, MO., Elden Phillip Kearbey (my husband)b: 1946.  There are alot of similar names that the other Kerby's have.  There is probably a link to some of them, although some of the dates of birth, etc., are earlier than our branch.  Francis Marion I, fought in the Revolutionary War, Francis Marion II, fought in the Civil War for the South and is buried at the Higginsville, MO. National Cemetary.

Mickey Burnett Kearbey


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