I have the COLEMAN name in my tree as a
middle-name.  Since it is not a typical first name, I suspect it to be a
family surname brought in by previous generations but I have not been able to
find the connection as yet.  Here is what I have:

Charlie COLEMAN MOSES, b. 12 Nov 1886, d. 25 Feb 1968.  Son of John Samuel
MOSES, b. 1856 and Fannie Margaret (Maggie) KIRBY, b. 1867.  Grandparents
MOSES are __?___and Susan MOSES and John S. KIRBY b. 1823? and Elizabeth
(Eliza) Ann KIRBY (maiden name was KERBY also) b. 1823?.  Eliza's father was
William P. KERBY, mother's name unknown.

COLEMAN also appears as a middle name in the line of Charlie C. MOSES' wife,
Mary Jane "Mamie" MAWYER (MOYER) b. 7 Oct 1877, d. 17 Apr 1953.  Her parents
were Joseph COLEMAN MAWYER b. 1851 and Nannie (Nancy) Jane KIRBY b. 1853.
Mary Jane's grandparents were Jacob & Sarah Jane MOYER and William Overton
KIRBY and Mary Ann KIRBY.  All were from Albemarle Co., VA.

I did find a COLEMAN H. KIRBY who married Elizabeth M. JOHNSTON on 1 Dec 1838
in the Marriage Bonds and Licenses I found at the Albemarle Co. Courthouse in
Charlottesville, VA.  I need to go further back but it looks like I'm close. 

Anybody who can help me tie all this in?  Thanks,

Gayle Andriani


Anderson J. Kirby

I am a great-great grandson of of Anderson J. Kirby, born 17 February
1806, Buck Island, Albemarle Co, VA; died 31 March 1886, Orearville,
Saline Co., MO. Have some data on his family from work done Mrs. Lila
Kirby Stedem of Saline Co, MO, about 1975.

Anderson first married (Albemarle Co, VA, 1825) Mary Ann Moyer; secondly
(1848 in Saline Co, MO) Nancy Kennedy Brockman. Anderson was the son of
Noel Kirby and Sally Bishop (daughter of Francis Bishop).

The confusion starts with the parents of Noel. Have seen several
possibles, but nothing confirmed, but I have data for most of Noel's

Based on given name of Anderson, I have tried to tie to the Anderson
family without success.

Wayne P. Warlick



With all the postings on this list of Kirby's back to the "OLD COUNTRY", I
hope some one can get me out of 1850 Virginia.

ISO the husband, parents and ancestors of BETSEY KIRBY, b. 1785 in Albemarle
Co. VA. The following is my lineage from Walter Anderson Kirby, my 2nd GGFather to
Betsey, my 4th GGrandmother. ((MNUK) & (GNUK) is my symbol for Maiden and Given name unknown)

I have only published the essentials here.  If this "Rings Any Bells" I have more and will be glad to share.
WALTER ANDERSON KIRBY, b. 2 Mar 1866, Rockbridge Co., VA; d. 3 Dec 1951,
Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge, VA m. (1) ISABELL TREMBLE MCCORMACK, 13 Nov 1888,
Rockbridge Co. VA m. (2) ETTIE MAE VEST, 27 Oct 1915, Rockbridge Co., VA.
Isabell's family is believed to go back to Cyrus McCormick, the inventor of
the Reaper.

Walter Anderson Kirby was the son of:
WILLIAM R. KIRBY was born 9 Aug 1835 in Albermarle Co. Va., and died 5 Aug
1903 in Rockbridge Co. VA.  He married MARTHA ELLEN HARLOW, b. 31 Jul 1855 in
Rockbridge Co.  VA, daughter of TANDY HARLOW and ELIZABETH WREN.

i. ELIZABETH E. KIRBY, b. 1855; m. JOHN R. CLEMONS, 12 Sep 1879.
ii. MARY JANE KIRBY, b. 1858, Albemarle, Co.; m. JAMES W.
         CLINGBELL, 30 Dec 1880, Rockbridge Co. VA.
iv. MARTHA F. KIRBY, b. 1861.
v. TANZY JAMES KIRBY, b. 2 Apr 1863, Rockbridge Co.  VA; d. 17 Feb
          1942, Rockbridge Co. VA; m. SALLIE T. McCormack, 26 Dec 1889,  
           Rockbridge Co. VA.
    vi. WALTER ANDERSON KIRBY, b. 2 Mar 1866, Rockbridge Co., VA
   vii. ROBERT TOWNSEN KIRBY, b. 23 May 1868, Lexington, Rockbridge Co
         Va; d. 1939, Rockbridge Co. Va; m. DORA LEE AGNOR, 17 Jul 1889,
          Rockbridge Co. Va.
   viii. (GNUK) KIRBY, b. 10 Jan 1870, North River / Kerr's Creek.
ix. NORA L. KIRBY, b. 17 Feb 1873.
x. SAMUEL C. M. KIRBY, b. 2 Sep 1877, Brownsburg, Rockbridge Co. Va.

William R. Kirby was the son of:
BETSEY KIRBY, (MNUK) was born 1785. The only firm record of Betsey is in the
1850 Albemarle Co. Census. Believe Betsey's Maiden name was ECTERN and her
husband was Thomas Kirby.  Not confirmed.
Children of BETSEY KIRBY listed in the 1850 Albemarle Co. Census
i. CATHERINE KIRBY, b. 1824, Albermarle Co. VA.
ii. JAMES KIRBY, b. 1828.
    iii. WILLIAM R. KIRBY, b. 9 Aug 1835, Albermarle Co. Va.; d. 5 Aug 1903,
         Rockbridge Co. VA.

Any help will be appreciated.
Charlie Leighton


Hello Glenn,
  The Nancy Kirby that I believe was the daughter of my Henry R. Kirby Sr. and his wife Ann was born October 14, 1785 in Albemarle Co., VA.  She married Lewis C. Anthony on August 22, 1804.  Lewis  was born October 19, 1785 in NC.     The reason that I BELIEVE that Nancy Kirby was the daughter of my Henry R.
Kirby Sr. is that on May 21, 1816, her husband Lewis C. Anthony was given Power of Attorney by Henry Jr. to sell the land in Albemarle Co., VA that belonged to the deceased Henry Sr. 
   I do not have the information with me at this moment but I am almost positive (if I remember correctly) that Nancy and Lewis were living in Rutherford Co., TN at the time of his being given Power of Attorney, which was
  My Kirby line moved from Albemarle Co., VA to Rutherford Co., TN and married into the following lines: 
Henry R. Kirby Jr. married Mary Hudson
Sarah Ann Kirby married James Madison Anderson
Henry Madison Anderson married Nancy E. Baxter
Martha "Mattie" Virginia Anderson married Franklin Pierce Weeks
(They moved from Rutherford Co., TN to Canadian, Pittsburg Co., OK in 1908)
Hettie May Weeks married Walter Charles Salmans (my grandparents)
Howard Ray Salmans married Lessie Mae Haynes (my parents)
Glenda Rae Salmans married Ronald Joseph Ferrari

Hope that this in some way will help you.    Glenda Ferrari

Hi Evea,
  My belief is that Henry BAKER Kirby Sr. and Jr. was NEVER in Rutherford Co., TN.    I just think some have erroneously thought that they were the same Henry and I believe that they are different Henrys.  I think that there is a Henry R. Kirby Sr. & Jr. and also a Henry Baker Kirby Sr. & Jr.   My Henry R. Kirby Sr. & Jr. were in Albemarle Co., VA and Rutherford Co., TN. 
  I have seen people mix the information about the two Henrys and report it all as if it was for one Henry.
       Glenda Ferrari

Has anyone heard of a Edmond R. Kirby? I will give what little information
that I have. My great-grandfather was Jefferson Randle Kirby, born in 1845,
died in 1925. On his marriage certificate to Nannie Sprouse he states that
his parents are E.R. & Mildred C. Kirby. He married Nannie in Albemarle Co,
VA. I found in the 1850 Albemarle Census that list a 35 year old Edmond
married to a Mildred ( age 25). Also, listed is a 5 year old Randle, and 2
year old Mary, and a 1 year old William. Quite by accident, I found another
brother. On his marriage to Sarah Bass, he list his name as Joseph James
Thomas Kirby with parents as E. R. & Mildred C. Kirby. Edmond and Mildred
are listed in that 1850 census but I have not been able to find them before
or after that. Jefferson shows back up in 1880 Albemarle Census living in
the Sprouse household working as a farm laborer. I have since found on the
USGENWEB that a Edmond Kirby married a Mildred C. Thomas in 1841 in Fluvanna
Co. VA.

I have not been able to find out any more information on my E. R. (Edmond) &
Mildred, or Mary, William, or Joseph. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank-you in advance

John Kirby of Albemarle County, VA, married Mary P. Robertson on
11/18/1809.  That’s all I know about him.
Their children were:
Fayette F. Kirby, b. 6/5/1811
Edwin M. Kirby, b. 9/20/1812
Sarah Eliza Kirby, b. 12/3/1813
Christopher Kirby, b. 12/25/1815
Janett S. Kirby, b. 4/6/1818
Mary P. Kirby, b. 8/11/1820
Margaret Eleanor Kirby, b. 8/25/1822
Almira Robertson Kirby, b. 11/25/1824
John Perriman Kirby, b. 9/11/1827 , d. 9/29/1827
I have information about where these people were born, who they married
and, in some cases, when they died.
I'd be grateful for any help.
Barbara Jensen <

Looking for information on the family, particularly ancestors and
siblings, of Edwin M. Kirby, as well as his death date.  He is the son
of John Kirby, b. Albemarle Co., VA, date unknown, who married Mary
Robertson 18 Nov 1809.  I have information on the Robertson family.
Edwin m Margaret J. Martin 25 Oct 1832
Their children (all born in Nelson County, VA):
John H., b 4 Oct 1833, d. 24 June 1843
James H., b 17 Dec 1835
Mary E., b 14 Feb 1839, m. Lilburn Fortune in Rockport, MO; d. Pike
County, MO, 5 July 1860
Judith M., b. 10 Feb 1841, m. John G. Long, Saline County, MO, 15 Feb
Virginia E., b 27 Sept 1843, m. _______ Folck in Saline County, MO
Isabella A., b 23 August 1846, m. George Sylvenous Folck in Saline
County, MO, 6 June 1863
Edwin F., b 4 June 1849
William R., b 8 Oct 1852
Sallie Kate, b 4 June 1856

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Jensen <

Looking for information on the family of John KIRBY, of Albemarle and Nelson Co., VA, m. Mary P.
Robertson 11/18/1809. Their children were :
Fayette, b 6/5/1811
Edwin M., b 9/20/1812
Sara Eliza, b 12/3/1813
Christopher G., b 12/25/1813
Janett S., b 4/6/1818
Mary P., b 8/7/1820
Margaret Eleanor, b 8/25/1822
Almira Robertson, b 11/25/1824
John Perriman, b 9/11/1827


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