Following is some information on
Jesse KERBY and Dicey ESTES.  I hope
that it is of use to anyone.  I would be very interested in exchanging info
with anyone associated with this line.  These are my 4th great-grandparents.

Jessse was born 1750 in VA and died in Aug 1786 in Franklin Co., VA.   He was
the son of John & Joanna (OWENS) KIRBY

Jesse left a will in Franklin Co;it is on page 15 of Will Book 1.   The transcription of this will has
confused a number of researchers.  The transcription in the published book of Franklin Co. wills spells the name as 'KERLEY'.  This has caused confusion; since there was a KERLEY family there at that time.  However, a comparison of the names,etc leave no doubt but that this is the will of
Jesse. I am listing this transcript below (changing the KERLEY to KERBEY):

Page 15. Will. I, Jesse Kerbey of, in perfect memory, but considering the
mortality of human life All funeral charges to be paid
To my wife Desre Kerbey - during her life, the land and plantation I now
live on, and her choice of my horse, and the third part of my cattle & hogs,
and my best feather bed, and my kitchen furniture.

To my daughters Frances Kerbey, Judith Kerbey - 1 feather bed and furniture
each.  After my death, I wish the rest of my estate to be sold, and the money to be
equally divided between my 4 sons, George Kerbey, William Kerbey, John
Kerbey, and Elisha Kerbey.

Also, the land that I lent to my wife, after her death, to be sold and the
money to be equally divided between my said sons.

Executors: John Kerbey, Sr. & Frederick Rives
Signed Jul 10, 1786 - Jesse Kerbey. Wit - ___ Rives, ___ Rives, Polly Rives
At F Court of Oct 2, 1786, the will of the deceased was presented in court
by John Kerbey and Frederick Rives, the executors, and proven by the
witnesses.  The security was Robert Woods, Sr. OR.

The widow Dicey married John Bartee on 04 Sep 1787.  They and their children
and the Kirby children moved in late 1700's or early 1800's from Franklin
Co, VA to Madison Co., KY.

Among the children:
Frances Kirby m. 14 Jan 1789 to Moses Potter in Franklin Co. VA
Judith Kirby m. 20 Dec 1790 to Jacob Aaron in Franklin Co., VA
    (The marriage bonds of both of the above specifically state that they
were the daughter of Dicey)
Elisah Kirby was b. abt 1764 in Franklin Co., VA.  Beware, there appears to
be another Elisha in that area at the same time.  Therefore, this line get
very confusing.  To add insult to injury, both of them appears to have moved
to the Madison Co.,KY area.  Any assistance on these lines would be greatly

George Kirby was b. abt 1765 in Franklin Co.  He married 10 Oct 1795 to
Helen (Eleanor) Jameson in Rock Mount and moved to Madison Co., KY.  I have
thus far only been able to trace one of his children.  His daughter Dice is
an ancestor of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

William Kirby. I have essentially no information on him.  I know that he
moved to Madison Co., KY also with his mother & step-father.

John Kirby was b. about 1780 in Franklin Co., VA.   He m. 02 Aug 1805 to Mary
'Polly' Leveridge in Madison Co., KY.  They resided in Garrard Co., KY and
Howard Co., MO.  I have considerable information on this line if anyone is

I hope that this info is of use to anyone.  If you have any questions; just
give me a yell.

Larry & Elaine Blackman,

(Museville is located in NW Pittsylvania County a scant two miles from the Franklin County Line. It is south of Route 40 some four miles, and south of Pigg River.)

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