Agnes Kirby, the daughter of Solomon Kirby (born Pittsylvania Co VA) and Frances Ellison
was born in Warren Co KY on May 19, 1808.

She married Obediah Hutson on  ????? and she died 26 May 1878 in Putnam Co MO.   Her
gravestone contains no information.

Are there any Kirby cousins who know of Agnes and Obediah Hutson??????



According to the GNIS database; the Meadow Branch of Pittslyvania co., VA is
located at the following location:
MEADOW BRANCH : stream : Pittsylvania : 370330N 0792402W : Leesville
I hope that this helps



Sam Francis Kirby; Joshiah Kirbey; John Kirby & Jesse Kirby;David Kirby; John Kirby

1785...From a list of Pitts. Co. VA Taxable Property taken by Jeremiah White
in Captain Benjamin Terry's Company of Militia for 1785 were the following:
John Kirby, SR.
John Kirby, Jr. (son of Jh Sr.)
William Kirby
Henry Kirby (son of Jn Sr.)
Francis Kirby (son of Jn Sr.)


1855-56. Richard M. Kirby, Thomas W. Walton.

Over the years, there have been two different theories in regards to your question.  The first of these is that:
   Old Richard KERBY of Halifax Co., VA was the father of:
(1) Old John (wife Johanna)
(2) Francis KERBY of Albemarle Co., Va
(3) an unknown son who was the father of Richard & Henry Baker Kerby.

    The second theory (which I subscribe to) is:
    An unknown KIRBY/KERBY was the father of:
(1)    Old Richard KERBY of Halifax Co., VA
(2)    Old John (wife Johanna)
(3)   Francis KERBY of Albemarle Co., Va
(4)    An unknow son who was the father of Richard & Henry Baker Kerby.

I feel sure that the John (wife Jemima) should be factored into these theories in some manner.  Any other ideas, theories, suppositions, etc would be greatly appreciated.

The Henry who was the son of old John (wife Johanna) was married to an Ann and signed his deeds with a 'H'.  However, a word of warning.  There is another Henry (w/ wife
Susannah) in Pittslyvania Co.  He was living close to John & Jemima KIRBY
the southern part of the county.  He was living there as late as 1799. It is
possible that he was a son of John & Jemima since they had a son name Jerimy
or Henery
(depending on how you read John's will).

I have been told by other researchers that the Henry KIRBY who died in
1803 in Rutherford Co., TN was the son of old John (wife Johanna).   I have
not attempted yet to verify that information.


Children of Richard and Elizabeth Kirby

  1. John - b. Jul. 18, 1698, VA; d. about 1773, Pittsylvania Co., VA.
  2. A son - Father of Richard and wife Elizabeth who d. Jun. 11, 1778, Halifax Co., VA on her 80th birthday, and Henry Baker KEARBY.
  3. Francis - b. about 1710. In Goochland Co., VA in 1750, and in Albemarle Co., VA in 1753. Married Mary by 1750.
  4. Betty - Married James GOLDBEY by 1744.

NOTE: Another source suggests that John KERBY was one of 13 children of Robert KIRBY (b. 1662; d. Apr. 25, 1727) and Catherine TOMPKINS, and grandson of Thomas and Mary KIRBY.

Does anyone have any information on Josiah Isaiah Kirby/Kerby, b. in
Pittslvania Co., VA, ca. 1773, son of David Kerby & Elizabeth Tarrant?
Josiah was in Warren Co., Ky when he married Christian Williams 25 May,
1798, dgt. of John & Silvey Williams.

There were at least 6 children and the family was in Tx. by 1820.  Would
like to find some solid proof of the lineage for the children, Josiah,
Jr., m. Martha Jane Overton; Talitha m. James M. Ferguson; Lucinda m
Robert Fry; Armenta m. Enoch Shields and George Madison m. Sarah Nuegent

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated by descendants of these

Thank you,
Dolyne Stevens

SOURCE: Book,  Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families
by  Author: Walter Lee Hopkins


John Kirby, Sr., b. cir. 1698, d. (will dated Nov. 19, 1772, pro. Feb. 25, 1773, of record in Pitts.Co., Va.); m. Joanna(???), cir. 1723, who d. in Pitts. Co. subsequent to 1773(*)

See Land Records for this family

John Kirby mentions in his will, wife Joanna, and the following children:

  (1) Son, Francis Kirby.
  (2) Son, John Kirby, Jr., b. 1726, d. 1795. (See II-2).
  (3) Son, David Kirby.
  (4) Son, Josiah Kirby.
  (5) Dau.,Mary (Kirby) Hubbard.
  (6) Son, Henry Kirby.
  (7) Son, Jesse Kirby.
  (8) Dau.,Susanna Thompson.
  (9) Dau.,Joanna Kirby.
(2) John Kirby, Jr. (John), b. 1726, d. (will dated Mar. 11, 1795, pro. Sept. 1, 1795, of record in Pitts. Co., Va.; m. Sarah(???), cir. 1752, Pitts. Co., Va. She d. subsequent to 1795. John Kirby, Jr., served as a private in the Virginia Militia, in the Revolutionary War. (John Kirby (qm.) H. D., Oct., 1793, 36). (See also list of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia Eighth Annual Report of the State Librarian, 1910-1911, p. 256). His will mentions wife and the following children:

  (1) Son, Nathaniel Kirby (left will dated Sept., 1820, pro. Sept. 18, 1829, of record in Pitts.Co.). He leaves certain property to bro. Moses Kirby; mother Sarah Kirby, niece Elizabeth Hudson Kirby, dau. of brother Moses Kirby; nephews David, Nathaniel, Moses and Henry Walker; nieces Susannah Edes and Cassa Walker; niece Susannah Crenshaw,wife of William Crenshaw, dec'd; nieces Sarah Winston and Polly Walker Crenshaw; and nephew Nathaniel Kirby Crenshaw; nieces Sally Aaron, and Judy Thomas and sister Judith Walker.
  (2) Son, Moses Kirby.
  (3) Dau., Judith (Kirby) Walker, b. cir. 1757, d. cir. 1835, m. Elisha Walker of Franklin and
Pitts. Cos., Va., cir. 1779. (See Walker and Hancock Families herein for descendants).
  (4) Dau., Sally Crenshaw, m. William Crenshaw, d. ante. 1829.


John Kerby/Kirby was born in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia on July 19th, 1698.He would marry Johanna Owen in 1731. Johanna was the daughter of William Owen and Lydia(Alsoe)Lansford; granddaughter of Bartholomew and Johanna Owen.
In 1737 John and Johanna moved to her parent's plantation in Goochland County. It was here that David Kirby was born on July 14, 1738.                                                              
John "Kearby" received a grant for 1000 acres on the Piedmont Plateau in Goochland County on December 1, 1740.                                                                               
In 1745, Catharine Clarke Tompkins Kerby(John's mother) died in Charles Parish, York County.
In 1748, John and Johanna sold their thousand acres in Goochland County and soon had taken title to another thousand acres in southwestern Virginia on the Pigg River and Snow Creek juncture. The land was in the wilderness area of western Lunenburg County(the Halifax District). On July 12, 1750, John acquired 280 more acres on the south side of Pigg River.
Two of the Kerby's neighbors were the Tarrants and the Potters.

David Kirby ,son of John and Johanna, married Elizabeth Tarrant, daughter of Leonard and Mary Rose Tarrant, in June 1756.

John and Joanna (Owens) Kerby

John KERBY - b. Jul. 19, 1698, VA; d. about 1773, Pittsylvania Co., VA; will dated Nov. 19, 1772 and proved Feb. 25, 1773. Son of Richard KIRBY and Elizabeth. Received land grant Dec. 1, 1740 in Goochland Co., VA, and sold said land Sep. 20, 1748 to Thomas MASSIE, and removed to Lunenburg Co., VA. Church affiliation was with the South River Meeting Quakers until May 16, 1767 when he and his wife joined the Baptist Church. He was co-executor with his son Francis of the will of William OWENS.

Joanna(h) OWENS - b. about 1705; d. 1795. Daughter of William OWENS and Lydia.

In John Kirby's will (the John who was husband to Joanna Owen Kirby) he list
his children as :  Frances, John, David, Henry, Josiah, then the daughters
with their married name: Mary Hubbard, Susanah Thomson.  He then names his
wife JOANNAH twice in the will by name
.  She is made his sole executor. The
will is dated November 1772. It was proved "At a court held for Pittsylvania
County the 25th day of February 1773".  This will can be found in the Deed and
Will Book 5 page 387.
   He spells his last name in the will both Kirby and

Darlene Block

Children of John and Joannah Kerby

  1. Francis - b. 1730, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Married Elizabeth DAVIS, daughter of Samuel and Sarah. Child: Wilmeth.
  2. John JR.- b. 1733, VA; d. 1795, Pittsylvania Co., VA; will dated Mar. 11, 1795 and proved Sep. 1, 1795, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Mentioned in will of William OWENS as grandson. Private in Virginia militia in Rev. Married 1752, Sarah, probably the daughter of Samuel and Sarah DAVIS. Children: Nathaniel; and Moses.


More descendants of John JR. KIRBY...Refer to Pittsylvania Co. VA for ancestry!

1. John Kirby b. 7/19/1693  m. Joanna Owen  b. 1/3/1713
2. John Kirby b. 4/8/1741   m. Jemima ?
     3. John T.(Boling Kirby) b. 1774  m. Milley Campbell b.176?
     3. Ransom Kirby  b. 1788   m. Lavisa   b. 1792
     3. Pleasant Boling Kirby b. 1830 GA m.  Millie Lile
     3. Joseph Daniel Kirby b. 1865 GA m. Mary E. Head   b. 1868

My Pleasant Boling Kirby and Joseph Daniel Kirby were both born in Georgia in or around Troup County.

Randy Kirby

This is what I have in Pittsylvania County for Moses Kirby, although it might not be my Moses, the time frame is right:

Pittsylvania County, VA Grants Book 38, page 86:
To Moses Kirby
250 acres on Little Turkey Cock Creek January 15, 1798.
(323 acres to Henry Kirby, November 2, 1779)
(400 acres to John Kirby, February 16, 1771)
(367 acres to Richard Kirby, September 1, 1780)

1820 Census Emanuel County, GA  Moses Curby
1823 -- Deed of Gift of all possessions to his daughter, Margaret Kirby (who
was c. nine years old at the time)
1830 Census Emanuel County, GA 58th District: Moses Kerby
No further record on Moses Kirby. Margaret Kirby lived and died on the land.
If anyone can help me with this, I would be indebted forever!!
Olivia Williamson Saffold

  1. Mary - b. 1736. Married -?- HUBBARD.
  2. David - b. 1738, Goochland Co., VA; d. May 11, 1811 Warren Co., KY.
  3. Henry - b. 1740, Lunenburg Co., VA; d. 1806, Rutherford Co., TN; will proved Sep. 29, 1806, Rutherford Co., TN. Married Mary Ann WITT (b. 1744, VA; d. 1806, VA). Children: Samuel L.; and Christopher married Betsy.

    4. Susanna - b. 1743. Married -?- THOMSON.

    5. William - b. 1745; d. before 1773.

    6. Josiah - b. 1747.

    7. Jesse - b. 1750.

Dear Larry,

Interesting to read about your Jesse and Dicey.  He is a great uncle of mine.
His brother David is my 6th great grandfather, David married Elizabeth Tarrant
and eventually ended up in Warren County KY with many of their children
including their son, my 5th greatgrandfather Jesse Kirby husband to Sophia
Choice. I recently visted all of their gravesites.  Here is where my direct
line stayed for the next 140 years until my Mom moved up to Louisville in the
1940"s to begin her family.  

Let me know if you have questions on this branch.  I think it's quite
interesting that your Jesse's family ended up in KY too just in a different
county,  wonder if they ever visited one another??


Darlene Block


Just ran across something on Henry Baker Kerby.  It has Henry Baker Kerby born
1745 the son of John Kerby and Johanna Owen. Is this the same Henry baker
Kerby?  I'm not sure where I got this but it has The Virginia Genealogist,
Vol. 23, 1979 on the bottom.  Source: Larry Blackman.  Isn't he list member?
The only thing I have I got off the Family Tree Web Site of Bobbie G. Wiggins.
It says that the Henry Kerby that died in 1790 in Stokes Co., NC was born in
Hanover Co., Va...I was just asking the question, could this be Hanover Henry
Kirby.  I live in Hanover Co., Va. I wish I knew how to check it out without
going down town to the Va. State Library.  Hanover Court House had a fire that
destroyed their records , I think during the Civil War.

Check that site out.  It has the correct children for Henry and Susannah, and
I think for Edmund. I think its www.  Then go to the User
Home Page of Bobbi G. Wiggins.  The index has the Descendants of John or
William Kerby. It is quite a large site.


More descendants of John JR. KIRBY...

1. John Kirby b. 7/19/1693  m. Joanna Owen  b. 1/3/1713
2. John Kirby b. 4/8/1741   m. Jemima ?
     3. John T.(Boling Kirby) b. 1774  m. Milley Campbell b.176?
     3.  Ransom Kirby  b. 1788   m. Lavisa   b. 1792
     3.  Pleasant Boling Kirby b. 1830  m.  Millie Lile
     3.  Joseph Daniel Kirby b. 1865  m. Mary E. Head   b. 1868

My Pleasant Boling Kirby and Joseph Daniel Kirby were both born in Georgia in or around Troup County.

Randy Kirby

Moses, Nathaniel, Judah Walker, and others were ch. of John Kirby who died
Pittsyl Co. VA. ca 1790, and Sarah, his wife.  John seems to have been the son
of Old John, Pittsyl., will 1772 or thereabouts.

It looks to me like John Sr. sold land in Pitts. Co. Va. to John Jr. in
1798, and John Jr. and Agnes sold the same land in 1801 to Jepe {old time way
of writing ss looks like a p, the name is really Jesse} Smith.  So the John in
Spartanburg would be John Jr, and a brother to Boling.  I believe that Boling
was named after his mother's {Jemima's} maiden name.  Now we only have to find
a mar. record for John Sr. and Jemima.  Easier said than done, huh?  Maybe
Agnes was a Tolleston, and John T. Kerby was John's and Agnes' son.
I can't believe that John T  and Boling are the same person.

So there really aren't any John Kerbys unaccounted for in the early days.
"Old John", his son John, both left wills in Pitts. Co.; John Sr. of Union Co.
and John Jr. who died in Spartanburg.  Are there more?  There are John Kirbys
into the present generation in my line of Kirbys.

The Henry Kerbys are just as confusing.  I think I have them figured out too,
but no proof.  Just a lot of circumstantial evidence.  But that is another

Olivia, several researchers have abstracted Pittsyl. Co. Va. wills and other records.  If you live near a library, you might find a book with wills. Pittsyl. Co. seems to be a popular county with researchers, as a lot of people went from there to other parts of the country.

If you want copies of the actual wills, write to the probate court judge of Pittsylvania Co.,
Chatham, VA 24531.  Probably $5 per will requested will be sufficient.  If not, they will let you know the fee.
John Kerby--will probated 25 Feb, 1773
John Kerby, Jr.--probated21 Sep, 1795
Nathaniel Kerby--probated 18 Sep 1820 [Nathaniel and Moses were sons of John

I also have Nath. and Moses in tax lists.

I guess that Richard would be the one mar.  to Elizabeth, who according to Quaker records died 1778 in the 80th year of her age.   Seems more likely that Richard and John would be brothers. Hanover Henry seems to have been about the right age to be another brother.  They were all there in that region at
the same time.  All I have ever read about who John's father was is purely speculation.

Also, it seems strange that the names Thomas and Robert do not keep popping up
like John, Richard, Henry, Francis, etc. if John desc. from one of them.

It is just a hunch on my part, but it seems likely to me that Hanover Henry
Kerby who was in deeds in Halifax Co. Va., was a brother to John, and father
of Henry Baker Kerby, Richard Kerby, and Union Co SC John Kerby.

For Olivia and others interested in these two brothers from Pitts. Co. Va.

I have abstracted various names from the tax rolls of this county, from 1797
to 1812, including Moses and Nathaniel.

1797--Kerby, Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 3 negroes, 11 horse/mule.  [the other
white must have been Moses, and the negroes and horses/mules were probably
part of their inheritance form father John.
1798--Kerby, Nathaniel--3 white tythes, 3 negroes, 2 horse/mule
1799--Kerby, Nathaniel--3 white tythes, 2 negroes, 2 horse/mule
1800--Kerby, Nathaniel--4 white tythes, 4 negroes, 11 horse/mule  [the other
white tythes must have been Moses and bros-in-law Walker and Crenshaw.  All
had inherited in John's will.]
1801--Kerby, Moses and Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 8 negroes, 11 horse/mule
1802--Kerby, Moses--2 white tythes, 8 negroes, 7 horse/mule
1803--Kerby, Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 9 negroes, 6 horse/mule
1804--not tax lists
1805--Kerby, Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 7 negroes, 11 horse/mule
         Kerby, Moses-----2     "        "        7 negroes, 11    "        "
1806--I have nothing for Moses and Nath'l.  I probably just missed them
1807--Kerby, Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 6 negroes, 8 horse/mule
1808--not lists
1809--Kerby, Nathaniel--2 white tythes, 8 negroes, 7 horse/mule
1810--Kerby, Nathan'l and Moses--2 white tythes, 8 negroes, 7 horse/mule
1811--Kerby, Nathan'l and Moses--3 white tythes, 9 negroes, 9 horse/mule
1812--Kerby, Nathan'l & Moses,
                   & John Walker &
                   Wm. Crenshaw ------  4white tythes, 12 negroes, 10 horse/mule

In Nathaniel's will of 1820, he mentions only Moses, mother Sarah, sisters,nieces, nephews.

Who did these Kerbys belong to? Pittsyl. Co, Va
Martha {also called Patsy} Kerby mar. Wm. Dunn.  His father John gave
permission.Martha must have been of age. 12 May, 1802

Richard Kirby and Elenor Kirby 20 Dec 1790.  Father John Kirby gives consent.
But for which one?  Is this John who moved to Spart. SC?  Union John does not
name a dau Elenor nor a son Richard.

Hinshaw's Quaker records say Richard & wife Edith {formerly Kirby} dismissed,
being first cousin.  Was Elenor and Edith the same person?

John's and Jemima's son Henry went to Smith Co. TN.  I don't believe he ever
moved to SC, but went from Pitts.Co., VA. to TN.  I didn't find him in Pitts. Co. tax
lists after 1803, but he must have still been there when son John mar. Ann
Brown in 1804.

Jacob Kerby was also in the Pitts. Co tax lists.  The last time I found him
listed was in 1809.  He married Sarah Mickelborough, dau of Henry M., of
Pitts. Co. Va.  He and Sarah moved to Jackson Co TN [next door to Smith Co.].

I don't know which Draper Jenny married, but it was probably Wm.  Wm. Draper
lived near Henry Kerby in Smith Co., according to county records; road crews,

I do not know much about any of these Kerbys except for Henry, who is my gggg
grandf. I would appreciate information on some of the other ch. of John who were
mentioned in his will.  I hope this will help Ruth and others.

Evea Bachnak

From:          Geoffrey Parker  Kearby in Virginia

Greetings!  I have been reading the list with interest about Va.  I am descended from Orange Co., Indiana Kearbys - Priscilla Kearby along with her son Alexander were early pioneers in Indiana.  Priscilla's husband, Hawkins, was born about 1740 and is listed as having paid tithes to Captain Joseph Looney's company, Botetourt County, VA, 1782-1786.  He died 14 Sept 1814, Jessamine Co., KY.  Is anyone familiar with the family of Hawkins Kearby in Va?

Kearby,   Although, this is not my direct line; I wanted to pass on the following info on Hawkins.  It is believed that he was the son on Francis & Mary KEARBY.  It is believed that he was a brother to old John KIRBY who m. Joanna OWENS and lived in Pittslyvania Co. VA.  It  is believe by some that they were the sons or brothers of Richard KERBY of Halifax Co., VA.

Anyway, Hawkins and Priscilla Ann KEARBY had the following children:
(1) John KEARBY m. Verlinda VIOLETTE
(2) Henry KEARBY m. Susanna BUTLER & Catherine BUTLER
(3) Francis Benjamin KEARBY m. Mary (Polly) BUTLER & Atlantic Ocean E.. HARRIS
(4)  Edward KEARBY m. Elizabeth BUTLER & Juda MERRAIN
(5)  Alexander KEARBY m. Elizabeth (Betsy) BLACK
(6)  Richard Leroy KEARBY m. Nancy Jane DEAN
(7)  Unknown daughter
(8)  Elizabeth KEARBY m. John L. DILLARD
(9)  Joel Campbell KEARBY m. Sarah (Sally) DUNCAN
(10) James KEARBY m. Nancy

Since this is not in my direct line; I haven't verified this info.   Therefore, it should be taken with a large 'grain of salt'.  I have some additional information on (4) (6) and (9) if anyone is interested.


Larry Blackman   Internet:


Has anyone done research on Jesse, son of John and Joanna Owens KIRBY?
Direct Descendants of John Kirby

John Kirby b: February 16, 1697/98 in VA. d: Abt. 1773 in  Pittsylvania Co., VA.
. +Joanna Owens b: 1714 in VA. m: 1729 in Goochland Co.,VA.(?) d: 1795 in Pittsylvania Co.,VA.
. 2  Jesse Kirby b: 1750 in VA. d: August 1786 in Franklin Co., VA.
..... +Dice Estes
..... 3  Elisha Kirby b: Abt. 1772 in Franklin Co., VA.
......... +Unknown
........ 4  [1] Elisha Kirby b: Abt. 1793 d: Aft. 1880
........ *2nd Wife of [1] Elisha Kirby:
............ +Elizabeth Isabella Scott m: March 29, 1813 in Madison Co. KY.
............ 5  Delaney Erca Kirby b: Abt. 1818 in Madison Co. KY. d: November 08, 1864 in Davis Co., IA.
........ *3rd Wife of [1] Elisha Kirby:
                 + Nellie Riddle

Sharon Johnson

I have a mystery that maybe someone would be able to help solve.  Dicey
ESTES married Jesse KIRBY (s/o John & Joanna) in Franklin Co., VA.   When he
died in Aug 1786, she then married John BARTEE.  Dicey was the daughter of
Elisha & Frances ESTES.  When Elisah made his will in Franklin Co., VA in
Oct 1790; among his daughters named were Dicey BARTEE and Keziah KERBY.

Does anyone have any information as to the husband of Keziah ESTES.  If you
ever run into the name Keziah associated with the KERBY/KIRBY name; I would
greatly appreciate the information.  I think that this information could go
a long way in solving a long running mystery in that part of VA that
continues on to KY.  Thank you.


Below is a descendants tree of John Kirby JR. of Pittsylvania Co., VA. I would
like to flesh out lines other than mine. I will be happy to make this
information available in GEDCOM or tinytafel, but won't be able to do much
until after nex semester starts. Please let me know of any corrections or

Tree of descendants for John KIRBY (83)

Dated:  7 Jul 1998

1- John KIRBY (83) b.        1740
s- Jemima (84) b.
   2- Boaling KIRBY (81) b.        1765 d.         1840
   s- Milly CAMPBELL (82) m. 13 Dec 1789 (23)
      3- Ransom KIRBY (61)
       Joe Kirby, Peon 'puter Piddler,

George Kirby b. at Scaring Norfork England l530
Thomas Kirby b. l555 d. l630
Thomas Kirby no dates
Thomas Kirby b. l609 d. l668
Robert Kirby b. l662 d. l727
John Kirby b. l698 d. l772
John Kirby b. l73l d. l805
Boling Kirby b. l765 d. l840
Ransom Kirby b. l788, died around l890 (reports have it that he lived to be l05 yrs.)
    Ransom was born in Pittsylvania Co., Va.  He married around l8l0 to   Union County S.C.  Ransom is buried at Abbotts Ford,Al.  This area of Al is now under water.  His wife Lavise died in Troup Co.,Ga and buried at Abbotts Ford
Children of Ransom and Lavise Kirby are:
William T. Kirby b. l8l0 SC d. l888 Al, m. Nancy T. Greer
Robert Kirby b. l8ll SC , d. ? m, Hannah Williams
Simpson Kirby b. l8l5 SC d. l838 Ga.
Nancy E. Kirby b. l8l9 SC d.?m. l844 to John Wm. Glass
Armitta E. Kirby b. l825, d.?.m.Solomon Tingle
David R. Kirby b. l825, d.?
Pleasant B. Kirby b. l830 SC, d. l883 Al, m. Mary Robinson
Jesse Kirby b. l83l SC d..?
Amanda Kirby b.? d.? m. John W. Green

The children of Wm. Terry Kirby  and Nancy Greer were as follows:
Sarah L. Kirby b. l844, d.l906, m. Matthew Caldwell
James R. Kirby b. l845 Ga d. l847 Ga.
Lucinda E. Kirby b. l846 Ga., d.? , m. Wm. Wheeler
John Daniel Kirby b. l848 Al, d. l935, Al, M. Fannie Shellnut
Ardalacy E. Kirby b. l850 Al, d. l942 Al, m. Jasper W. Fincher
Ellen Kirby b. l85l Al d ?..
Robert R. Kirby b. l852 Al, d. l936 Al M. Sarah Grant
Winnifred Kirby b. l854, d. l9l2 Al, M. Thomas Adcock
Solomon B. Kirby b. l854, Al, d. l950 Tx, m. Mary E. Vinyard
Frances V. Kirby b. l858 Al, d. l938 Al, m. Wm. M. Holder
Nancy C. Kirby b. l860 Al, d. l937 Al, m. Lewis M. Adcock
Bama Kirby b. l862, d. l880 Al

Children of John Daniel Kirby and Fannie Shelnut were:

Nancy J. Kirby b. l870 Al, d. l950, m Lewis Bailey
Wm. T. (Tom) Kirby b. l872 Al, d. ?, m. l894 to Martha E. Almon
Palmer Kirby b. l875, Al, d. ? Txm. Anderson, Hamrick (Temple Grand Seline
James R. Kirby b. l876 Al, d. l946 Tx. M. Annie L. Campbell
Solomon Nathaniel Kirby b. l878 Al, d. l955 Tx. m. Doira Davis, and Mary Pearl
Kelly, Saratoga Votaw, Tx. area
Jasper (Jay) E. Kirby b. l880, Al d. l924 Al, m. Pearl Barton
Ruthie C. Kirby b. l883 Al, d.l972 Al, m. Steve M. Prince
Lem L. Kirby b. l887, Al, d?..M. Avis Hurley
Kate D. Kirby b. l889 Al, d.?, m. Joe Williams
Maybell Kirby b. l893 Al, d. l2-4-l968 Al, m. James Bowen
Adell Kirby b. l893, d. 8-6-l9l4, Al m. J. Worth M

Children of John Daniel Kirby and Emma Savage Bowen were:
John Shellie Kirby b. l896 Al, d. l956 Al, M. Esther Bradley
Henry Lundy Kirby b. l90l,Al d. ?mFl.
Mindia Earla Kirby b. l902 Al, d.NC?, m. Fuller Wilson
Emmett G. Kirby b. l906 Al, d. ?Fl. Married Dora?
Verna L. Kirby b. l906 Al, d. l955 Fl. m. Applegate Adcock
Velma Kirby b. l907 Al, d.? m. Boots

Children of John Shellie Kirby and Esther Bradley Kirby were:
Dorsey Bruel Kirby b. 8-23-l9l6 Al, m. Esther Bouwman 2-l3-l92l Mn.
Thelma Brooksie Kirby b. 8-l9-l92l m. Dorsey B. Williams
William Tilry Kirby b. 4-l4-l924, d. l2-24-l944 (Germany WWII)
John Frank Kirby b. 9-28-l927 Al m. Ruth Holmes


My ancestor is the Henry Kirby who left a will in Stokes Co., NC in
1790.  I do not believe he is the son of John Kirby of Pittsylvania Co., VA.
Francis Kirby was born in 1774 and he is the son of Edmund Kirby who is the
son of the Henry Kirby who died in Stokes.  I estimate that Edmund was born
around 1750 and Henry around 1729/30. 
Also, the Henry Kirby involved in
land deeds in Pittsylvania with John Kirby had a wife named Ann and he used
an "H" as his mark.  The Henry Kirby who died in Stokes had a wife named
Susannah and he used an "X" or a "+" (I have seen both marks used in the
same transaction) as his mark.

Since there are so many Henry, Jesse, Samuel, and Pleasant  Kirbys,
I have
been wondering if the follow hypothesis might account for so many similar
naming patterns:

Hypothesis:  Could the following be brothers?
1.  John Kerby of Pittsylvania and
2.  The father of Henry Kerby who died in Stokes and
3.  The father of Richard Kerby and Henry Baker Kirby.

Can any shed any light on this?

The Kerbys you found in the 1790 census for
Stokes Co., NC (Edmund, Jesse, Pleasant, and Samuel) all were sons of Henry
Kirby who left a will in 1790 in Stokes Co.  I believe your birthdate for
Pleasant (about 1767) is correct.  After his father, Henry Kerby, died,
and his wife, Elizabeth "Betsy" Hollaman moved to Smith Co., TN and
then to Jackson Co., TN.  Pleasant died about 1819/20.

Edmund (my ancestor) was born about 1750 and was in Stokes until at least
1794 and then I lose him.  I believe he died about December 1828 in Morgan
Co., GA where two of his sons were living.
  I found a notice in the George
Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper dated 31 Jan 1829 where Edmund's son Henry
(what other name would you expect?) "applies for letters of administration
on the estate of Edmond Kirby,late of said county, deceased.)  After much
searching, I have not found any court records regarding this.

Jesse Kerby stayed in Stokes County.  I estimate Jesse's birth at around
1763.  He must have died around 1816.
  His wife, Elizabeth D. East, remains
on the Stokes Co., NC census until 1830 and she died around 1836.

Samuel Kerby is a little "iffy."  I think he was born around 1755.  There is
a deed dated 1783 in Surry Co., NC where a Samuel Kerby and wife, Mexuelvey,
sold land.  Samuel is on the Stokes Co., NC census for 1790 living next to
his brother, Pleasant.
The last time I find him is witnessing three deeds
in Stokes Co. in 1796.

Larry, I also had noticed another Henry and Susannah Kerby in Pittsylvania.
They apparently stayed in Pittsylvania until at least 1805 when they sold
some land.  This Henry Kerby could sign his name and his wife used an "X" as
her mark.  I agree with you that John and Jemima are and important part of
this puzzle.  The Kerbys who moved to Union Co., SC, all had "The Names."

Do you know anything about the will of the Henry Kerby who died in
Rutherford Co., TN?  I have heard about it, but know nothing of the
contents.  Do you know anything about Hanover Henry Kerby?

Thanks, Shirley Joiner


I am a descendant of Boling Kirby through his son Wright Kirby.  I don't
even have an estimate of his date of death.  For some reason that I haven't
been told, some people write his name as John T. Bolling Kirby.  In his
marriage record, his name is listed as Boling.  I suspect that his mother
might have been a member of the Bolling family.  I suspect that his will,
if there was one, might have been in Spartanburg, SC because that seems to
be where he moved to from Union Co.  The Briant family lived near Pacolet
(formerly Buzzard Roost) SC.

Husband's Full Name: Bolling KIRBY
  Birth: ca 1769 Virginia
  Marr.: 13 Dec 1789 Pittsylvania Virginia
  Father: John KIRBY Mother: Jemima

Wife's Full Name: Milley CAMPBELL
  Birth: ca 1765-1773 Virginia
  Father: Abraham CAMPBELL Mother:


  1. William Terry KIRBY
born ca 1785-93 Patrick Virginia
to: Frances HUNT (d 7 Mar 1850 Spartanburg, SC)
died 27 Sep 1864 Union South Carolina
  2. Altamira KIRBY
to: James H. WILSON
  3. Jeremiah KIRBY
*4. Wright KIRBY
born ca 1797 Spartanburg South Carolina
to: Sarah BRIANT
5. Lucinda "Lucy" KIRBY
born ca 1801 Spartanburg South Carolina
mar.  2 Aug 1826 South Carolina
to: William Tolleson "Gray Buck" BRYANT (brother of Sarah)
died 1868 Spartanburg South Carolina
6. Bolden T. KIRBY
born ca 1800
to: Martha JONES
died ca 1850
one child Canzada
7. Nancy KIRBY
born ca 1788
to: Joseph HARVEY (son of Goodspring Kirby)

Milley is mentioned in Abraham Campbell's will which was probated in 1806.
Her marriage to "Boling" Kirby is listed in Pittsylvania Co. Marriage records.

This family listing is given by Dr. J. Bland Pope in his book.

Ted Stout <

from the Quill Pen, Genealogical Periodical from VA, #16, February, 1986, pp. 3-6

"Miss Effie" is Fondly Remembered by Robert C. Vaden Jr. 1974

More than 100 years before the community that is now Museville became a post office, the land in the immediate vicinity had been settled by members of the Kirby family, 1746-48.

John, Francis and William Kirby held separate grants totaling some 1,000 acres near the junction of Snow Creek and Pigg River. The original inhabitants, of course, were Indians, and legend has it that a Kirby girl was scalped at the footbridge over Snow Creek. The original Kirby homestead, on a high bluff nearby, overlooked the site of tragedy.

Guided by the owner of this property, Mr. Algie Davis, I stood on the picturesque sit of this early settlement. Nothing of it remains but a level expanse of ground, and back of it a cemetery of some 50 graves marked only by field stones.

When Moses Kirby built what is now the oldest standing residence in the community, about 1817, he is said to have removed portions of the original dwelling to the present site on the banks of Snow Creek below.

This house has been meticulously restored by Mr. Davis, who inherited the property from his father Lee (Babe) Davis who, in turn, had bought if from a member of the Oakes family in 1905.

Elizabeth Hudson Kirby (1805-74) was a sister of the builder, Moses Kirby, and it was her dower when she married Joab Oakes (1801-65), thereby uniting these two founding families.

The Kirby house is most interesting, one-and-a-half stories in three sections. The center section is a bit higher than the other two, giving a simple and appealing balance to the exterior view. The lofty paneled mantel in the central room, the wainscoting, the original H&L hinges on doors, the narrow but high windows speak of years gone by.

Mr. Davis said the house was built in the cove rather than on the hill because the lower location afforded easier access to the wagon loads of tobacco being brought in to nearby barns. Thus the empty wagons were went back up the hill.

This early tobacco was cured with charcoal, and the sites of these charcoal pits still may be seen where the chestnut wood was turned.

This and other neighborhood settlements witnessed some of the industries connected with the culture of tobacco. Such a one, at Woodpecker Level in Franklin County, was the beginning of the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company.

Museville was the location of a tannery, where cowhides were processed for the manufacture of shoes. A by-product of this operation, cow hair, also was used in making plaster.

The tobacco factory for making plug tobacco, owned an operation by Christopher Lawson Carter (1834-1901), was the principal industry of the community. Mr. Davis recalled that there had been a racetrack "beyond Piney Mountain" owned by Owen Adkins before the Civil War. He said that plug tobacco was hauled to Pennsylvania from this area, and the wagons returned loaded with salt. The Davis family has been located here since 1790, and Col. Christopher Davis, great-uncle of Mr. Davis, was in the Civil War.

Museville was a post office from 1857 onward (Va. Magazine of History & Biography). Before the name of Museville was used, the post office was called Oak Shop (1851-57). This name may have originated from the prominent Oakes family.

The name Museville obviously was adapted from the Muse family name.

Guides for this tour, Miss Carter and Mrs. Minter, pointed out the old sites during a drive through the village of Museville. Here was the old field school taught by Miss Effie Carter, who later moved to Gretna with her sisters Miss Ida and Mrs. J.S Adams.

"Miss Effie" left an indelible and endearing memory with many hundreds there and in Gretna, where she taught many years. And there was the site of the tobacco plug factory of Christopher Lawson Carter, their father, and grandfather.

Carter owned much property here and in the Penhook area. It was said that when almost any parcel of land in the area was mentioned "he owned it, had owned it or would own it." He was a successful merchant, manufacturer and real estate operator. A son of Jesse Carter of "Oakland" near Chatham, he was a cousin of the Carters of "Shirley" on the James and of Gen. Robert E. Lee. He married Dorothy Starn Muse in 1862.

Museville is a picturesque location indeed. Located on a plateau, it affords an unimpeded view of Turkey Cock Mountain and other foothills of the Blue Ridge. Especially impressive as one drives across Pigg River are the giant rock foundations of the now-vanished covered bridge.

At the village crossroads are two vacant old store buildings, the Smith and the Davis stores. Also within view are two historical residences known as the Joab Oakes (now the Clark Hodges) houses, and the John Smith house. Also in the area is the Museville Christian Church with its historic cemetery.

Joab Oakes’ seven sons fought with the Confederate Army. Mrs. Doris Oakes Minter, who furnished the information on the Oakes family, is a descendant of Joab and Elizabeth Kirby Oakes. The many descendants of this pioneer couple erected handsome monuments to them in the Museville churchyard.

Mrs. Clark A. Hodges Sr., present owner of the Joab Oakes house, showed the charming interior of this impressive L-shaped two-story house. It is an interesting showplace of early nineteenth century Americana with its marbleized mantels and woodwork and staircase.

The kitchen, in particular, takes one back many years with its spaciousness and old fashioned accessories. This home has been the lifelong home of three families -- the Oakes who built it, the Washington Hedrick family which came here from Pennsylvania and bought it, and the Hodges family which acquired it through Mrs. Hodges, who was Louise Hedrick, daughter of the pioneer from the Keystone State.

Mrs. Hodges recalled that the Hedricks had first settled in Pennsylvania from Germany and the name had been originally Von Hedric. The old Hedrick Bible now is in a historical museum in that state, having been brought over by the family from the church in Germany.

Washington Hedrick donated the land for the local church, which originally was shared by both the Episcopal and Disciples of Christ denominations.

Mrs. Hodges pointed out the office at her residence where the late Dr. O.L. Ramsey (1874-1953), beloved physician of Gretna, began the practice of his profession. The Ramsey family was settled near Museville prior to the Revolutionary War (memoir of A.F. Ramsey), the original settler being Thomas F. Ramsey, who came here from Pennsylvania.

Dr. Ramsey’s father was Col. William Ramsey of the C.S.A. Dr. R. T. Ramsey, another Gretna physician, also was a descendant of Thomas Ramsey, as was Rev. A.F. Ramsey. The old Ramsey home is a few miles from Museville on Tomahawk Creek.

Connected with the Ramsey and Mahan families are the many descendants of Harmon Cook. He was a colonizer who settled thousands of acres on Tomahawk Creek and Pigg River toward the end of the 19th century. The settlers which followed him used the well-traveled route from Pennsylvania down the Shenandoah Valley.

One of the settlers brought in with Harmon Cook was Capt. Abram Rorer, ancestor of many area residents, including the Rorer James family of newspaper publishers in Danville.

The John Smith house at Museville, now unoccupied but owned by Mrs. Rob Reynolds, who was Smith’s daughter, is quite impressive from the outside. It is a lofty two stories with old looking windows. Smith, a prominent merchant, bought the house in the 1890’s.

In years past Museville was a center of many activities. there were bicycle races, bowling matches, country dances, a saloon, horse races and, of course, a magistrate holding court. One such busy magistrate was "Squire" Davis.

(Museville is located in NW Pittsylvania County a scant two miles from the Franklin County Line. It is south of Route 40 some four miles, and south of Pigg River.)

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