I, too, am working on the Kerby/Kirby genealogy. I am back to William W.Kerby, Rev War Vet, from Virginia. Lived in Nelson and Hanover counties. Was born ca 1759. Died Aug 1848 in Monroe Cty, WV. Had 2 sons, Martin, andMiner, and a dau Nancy Jane Kerby. Sound familiar?
Would love to hear from you re your line'
Phyllis Cady

PLEASE READ ALL!   LOTS OF INFORMATION!!!!    This is a very interesting article that was in The Virginia Genealogist,     Vol. 23 (1979) pages 259-262 written by Alberta Dennstedt.  
            OWEN-KEARBY-TURLEY CONNECTION                   
     The origin of the Kearby (Kirby) family under consideration here is undetermined but it appears likely   
that Richard Kearby who was born before 1696 and resided first in Goochland Co., Va., and later in Halifax Co., VA, 
was a progenitor.  Richard signed his name Kearby on a deed of 1742 but the name also appears as Kerby, Kirby, Kaerby, 
Kersley, Curby and Cube in the body of this and other records relating to him.  By the third or fourth generation
the Kearby spelling was gradually being dropped by descendants in favor of Kerby and in some later cases Kirby.
    A Richard Kirby was named as a headright in a patent granted in 1642 but no connection with him can be           
established.  Clues to the possible origins come from the  names of two members of the family in Halifax County-Henry 
Baker Kearby and Hanover Henry Kearby.  They were not  brothers but were probably cousins.  The quit rent roll of 
1704 for Essex County shows a Henry Baker with 350 acres and a Henry Kirby with 60 acres.   In 1719 the land of a Henry  
Kirby was processioned in Hanover County.          
     The Quaker records of South River Monthly Meeting of   Halifax Co., VA, show that Henry, Jr., Johana, John and    
John, Jr., requested to come under the care of South River  Meeting from Halifax Meeting.  This was the family of John 
Kearby.  On 16 Dec. 1758 they were received along with Henry (who can be proved by deeds to be Henry Baker Kearby),     
Richard and his wife Elizabeth, and Richard, Jr. Elizabeth died 11 June 1778 in her 80th year.                         
     The first record found of Richard Kearby is a land grant of 8 Sept., 1730 by which he received 400 acres in   
Goochland County on the north side of James River on the branches of Lickinghole Creek, bounded by Henry Atkinson,  
Philip Hoggatt and Joseph Scott.  William Owens, as stated earlier, purchased land on Lickinghole Creek in 1731.      
     On 16 Feb. 1742 Richard and Elizabeth sold this land in two parts, one to William Parish for {20 current money     
comprising 100 acres bounded by Richard's back line and   Phillip Hockett, and the other to Francis Kearby for {80   
current money comprising 300 acres bounded by Philip Hoggatt and Joseph Scoot.  Both deeds were witnessed by John       
Oarrish, James Parrish and Samuel Davis and were recorded 15 March 1742.                                                 
      Richard Kearby on 25 July 1741 took out another land   grant for 400 acres in Goochland County on both sides of   
Cunningham's Creek of the south side of Rivanna River and  bounded by Michael Holland and Raccoon Creek.  No sale of  
this land has been found.                                   
     On 14 Feb. 1743 Richard, of St. James Parish in Goochland County, purchased from Abraham Whitworth of the  
same parish for {40 lawful money of Virginia 300 acres on the north side of James River on Rockfish River, south side.
Witnesses were John Gordon, Thomas Denton and Joseph Goode  The deed was recorded 21 Aug. 1744.  This land is located 
in present day Nelson County. He gave a deed of gift of 100 acres of this 300 acre   tract to James Goldbey on 20 Aug. 1744, stating the land was purchased from Abraham Whitworth and adding Horsellys hole  to the description. James Goldbey and Betty his wife were to have this land, and it was then to fall to the eldest child of Betty, and if she had no child the land was to return to Richard and his heirs.  Witnesses were Abraham Whitworth,   Francis Kearby and Thomas Cauthon,  The dee was recorded 21 Aug. 1744.  No deeds relating to the disposition of the remaining 200 acres have been found.                        
     By 1749 we find Richard Kearby on the tithable list of Lunenburg County in the present Halifax County area.  He was
also listed in 1750 in the area from Little Reanoke up the Fork.                                                       
     Neither Richard nor his widow Elizabeth left a will. The last mention found of Richard is in the records of South
River Monthly Meeting on 21 April 1759.                     
    It is possible that Richard Kearby was married twice. By his first wife he may have been the father of sons      
Francis and John and of another son who was the father of  Richard Kearby, Jr., and Henry Baker Kearby.  By Elizabeth 
he presumably had Betty who was married to James Boldbey by 1744.  Richard Kearby, Jr., married the first time in 1760 
and died in 1782 leaving a will which named his brother   Henry B. Kearby as one of the executors.  Henry Baker Kearby
married in 1761.  These marriage dates place them a generation later thatn the other children of Richard Kearby
and suggest they were grandsons.                            
      Francis Kearby on 12 March 1733 purchased for {2.10 current money from William Mills and Mary his wife 100 acres
which was a part of Mills' patent, the deed being witnessed  by Richard Kearby, Edmond Hogges and William Grimes and    
recorded 19 March 1733.  The patent to Mills, dated 11 April 1732, reveals the land was on Licking Hole Creek and "Kerby"
was adjoining neighbor.  If Francis was 21 at the time, this places his birth ca. 1710.                                  
     On 21 Aug. 1750 Francis Keaby of Goochland County  exchanged property with John Payne of the same county.  For
the 100 acres purchased from William Mills, on the branches of Lickinghole and Wild Borer Creeks, Francis recieved 320 
acres in Albemarle County on Breamo Creek.  The deed was witnessed by William Michell, William Payne and Josias Payne
and was recorded 21 Aug. 1750.  In this deed we learn Francis' wife was named Mary.                               
     Francis Kearby of Albemarle County on 15 May 1753 sold to Edmond Hodges of Goochland County for {43 current money  the 300 acres purchased from Richard and Elizabeth Kearby.  The description and bounding landowners were the same as in the earlier deed.  There were no witnesses and the deed was recorded 15 May 1753.                                       
      No will has been found of either Francis or Mary   Kearby.                                                     
     The first record to be found for John Kearby is a land grant dated 1 Dec. 1740 for 400 acres in Goochland County  
among the branches of the Byrd Creek, bounded by William Martin, William Banks and Charles Massie.  He lived there  
about eight years and on 20 Sept.1748 John and Joanna his  wife, of Parish of St. James Northam, sold all of the 400  
acres for {65 current money to Thomas Massie of the same  parish and county.   The bounding landowners and description
were the same, there were no witnesses and the deed was  recorded 20 Sept. 1748.                      
     He then moved to Lunenburg County where his mention in Quaker records has been mentioned before.  On 16 May 1767  
John and his wife Hannah were dismissed from the South River Monthly Meeting because they joined the Baptist Church.    
     Upon moving to Lunenburg County John Kearby became very active in land dealings.  On 12 July 1750 he patented 280  
acres on the south side of Pigg River, crossing Snow Creek  and Turkey Creek.   This land is located in prisent day     
Pittsylvania County or Henry County.  He also owned land in Halifax County.  The description of the land in these deeds
shows that he owned land adjoining other members of the Kearby family and they witnessed his deeds.  Of record are 
deeds he made to his sons John, Jr., Henry, Jesse and Joseph or Josiah, each of about 100 acres for which the           
consideration was {50.  The recorded deed to his son David  is not on the index.                                        
     On 19 Nov. 1772 John Kerby, Senior, of Pittsylvania  County, being weak and in low condition, made his will.  His
children Francis, John, David, Henry, Josiah, Mary Hubbard, Jesse and Susannah Thomson, were to receive one 
shilling starlin (sterling).  The rest of his estate was given to his wife Joannah and she was to be executrix.     
Witnesses were William Deboney, John Davis and Peyton Smith. The will was proved 25 Feb. 1773.                          
     Much information about the children of John and Joannah is to be found in the records of Halifax, Henry and Franklin
Cos., VA.   Note #4----

This is a continuation of the article that was in The Virginia Genealogist (1979), Vol. 23, pages 262-265. The
article was written by Alberta Dennstedt.                   
.........David Kearby, son of John and Joannah, made his first purchase of land on 10 May 1760 in Halifax County from
William Byrd of Chaarles City County.  He paid {6 current money for 340 acres on Winns Creek, bounded by Melkoy and  
Brandon.  There were no witnesses and the deed was recorded 15 May 1760.  On 18 Oct. 1764 David and his wife Elizabeth 
sold land for {55 current money but the number of acres was  not written in the deed.   Henry Farley was purchaser of the
land, which was in the fork of Wynnes Creek on the south side of Dan River, reveived "from John Kerby Fataher of the
said David" and recorded in the Court of the County.  The witnesses were William Stokes, Charles Wall, Francis Kerby 
and William Wright and the deed was recorded 20 June 1765. The deed by which he acquired this land is not on the index;
could it have been the land purchased from William Byrd?  Although other family members signed their names, David    
always made his mark.  David appears on the tithable list of George Jefferson for Camden Parish, Pittsylvania County, in 1767 with one  tithable person and 100 acres.   His first purchase in Pittsylvania County occurred 13 July 1770 when he bought for
{250 current money from Fredrick Rives 1500 acres on both sides of Pigg River at the mouth of a branch on the north  
side of the River, Glade Creek and Rocky Creek, bounded by Lewis Margan and William Steegal.  Witnesses were Lewis    
Margan, Jesse Kearby and John Thompson and it was recorded the same day.  This land later fell into Franklin County.  
     During a sixteen year period he sold off 700 acres. Finally on 6 Nov. 1786 David and Elizabeth of the County of
Franklin sold to Ashford Nepin 460 acres for {300 current  money of Virginia.   The land was on both sides of Pigg     
River, Rockey Branch, Mountain Creek and Painther Branch Bounding landowners were Thomas Potter, David Woodall and  
John Woodall.  Napin and Kerby were both living on the land. Witnesses were John Dickerson, Alex Rivers and Joseph King.
Before Elizabeth was examined to release her dower rights   they had moved to Greenville Co., S.C.  On 3 Sept. 1787    
Elizabeth was examined in Greenville County and released her dower rights.                                               
     There are no records for that period left in Greenville County and it is not known if he owned property there,     
nor do we know the date he moved to Kentucky.  By 1800 David was located in Warren Co., KY., along with sons Isiah, Asa, Jesse, Samuel and Solomon and son-in-law Hemphry Scroggin. 
     When David made his will on 26 April 1811 he did a very unusual thing by not appointing an executor but directing  
his children to choose one among themselves.  On the back of he will can be seen written the names of all of the sons  
and the sons-in-law and daughters.  This is fortunate for the true spelling of Turley appears here and not in the will
itself.  To his wife Elizabeth he gave one feather bed and furniture and one equal division of the residue.  The rest 
of the residue was to be equally divided among the children, named in this order:   Jessee, Leonard T., Samuel, Asa,     
Isaish, Solomon, Agness Tully, Sally Scroggans, Zepphor Pace and Elizabeth Piles.   Witnesses were John Loring, John     
Hightower and Jacob { ? }.  Sons Jesse and Isaiah were chosen executors and the will was proved 1 July 1811.      
     David Kirby took the oath of allegiance in Henry County on 13 Sept. 1777 at the age of 39.  This places his birth  
ca. 1738.  He was married to Elizabeth ca. 1756 since their first child, Jesse, was born 23 Oct. 1757 according to     
Daughters of the American Revolution records.               
      Jesse married Sophia Choice.  The husbands of the four daughters were James Turley, Humphrey Scroggans, John Pace 
and William Piles.   The parents of Elizabeth, wife of David Kearby, have not been established.  Two of John Kearby's sons, Francis  and David, married girls named Elizabeth.  One of these wives was Elizabeth Davis.  On 29 Nov. 1772 Samuel Davis  made his will in Pittsylvania County naming five children,   Elizabeth Kearby, Sarah Kearby, John Davis, Wilmoth Davis  
and Susannah Davis.  His estate at the death of his wife Sarah was to be divided among all of the children.         
Witnesses were Peyton Smith, Judeth Smith, John Long and Mary Long.  John Kearby was security for son John Davis,   
executor with Sarah.  The will was recorded 25 Nov. 1773.   Samuel Davis knew the Kearby family in Goochland County and
was a witness when Richard and Elizabeth Kearby deeded land to Francis Kearby in 1742.   He also purchased land on      
Lickinghole Creek from Humphry Parris (or Parrish), Jr. on  12 March 1742/3.  It was bounded by Humphry Parish, Sr.,   
and Thomas Parish and Davis was living on the land.   Witnesses were John Parrish and John Hodge.  This deed was 
recorded 15 March 1742/3.  On 13 Oct. 1744 Samuel Davis of Goochland County sold to Robert Glass of Louisa County for 
{20 100 acres described as in the preceding deed, with Mary Parrish added as a bounding landowner.  Witnesses were     
Humphrey Parrish, Sr., John Parrish, Jr., and Thomas Parrish and William Rutherford.   The deed was recorded 19 Maarch   
1744.  Samuel made the same mark (a backward S) on the deed and will.  Two the the children of David and Elizabeth     
Kearby were named Samuel and Sarah, but one child of Francis and Elizabeth Kearby was named Wilmeth.                     
                 end of copy that I have                    
       Someone has typed the following comment at this place on the copy that I have.                                    
   "Note:  This is the end of the material on the Kirbys.    Final article pertains only to Turleys."                    
   I hope that I have not made any typing errors in my coping this article. But it is definitely possible!!!!                  
                 Glenda Ferrari


Hello fellow KIRBY researchers,
  Yesterday I shared an article with you from The Virginia Genealogist, Vol.23 (1979), pages 259-262.  I had not reviewed this article for some time and it takes a lot of time to really put everything into perspective.  I had made
a summary of this article about a year ago when another researcher and I were trying to put it all into some order in our minds.  There are so many names repeated in this family that it makes it difficult to follow.  I had written down notes as I went along and have kind of made an outline of what I thought might be.  This is just my interpretation of it so do not hold it as fact.
Please just use it as a source to possibly help you as you read the article.      After you review the summary, I would also appreciate it if you would scan to the bottom of the page and read what I have written about my Kirby ancestor, HENRY R. KIRBY.  I would love to hear from any others that are descendants of Henry R. Kirby.  Even if you do not wish to look at the summary PLEASE scan to the bottom and see if you might have some information  or connection to my Henry R. Kirby.
                                Vol. 23 (1979), pages 259-262

1704 Henry Baker Kearby  and Henry Kearby were on the quit rent roll of Essex Co., VA.
1719 the land of a Henry Kirby was processioned in Hanover Co., VA.

1730 Richard got a land grant in Goochland Co., VA. 
1742 sold this land, part going to Francis Kearby. 
1741 Richard took another land grant in Goochland Co.  
1743 Richard purchased land in Goochland Co.
1744 Richard gave his daughter and her husband James Goldbey 100 acres.
1749 Richard was on the tithable list of Lunenburg Co. VA in the present Halifax Co., area. 
1750 also in above area.
1758 Richard and his family;  Elizabeth, Richard Jr., Henry Jr., Johana,
John and John Jr. were listed in the Quaker records of South River Monthly
Meeting of Halifax Co., VA.
No record of Richard was found after 1759. 
Elizabeth died in 1778 at 80 years of age making her born in 1698. 
No will was found for Richard or Elizabeth.
It appears that Richard and his 1st wife (per article) were the parents of:

Francis (the one that I believe could be my line)
John (who married Joanna)
another son (who the article states was the father of Richard Jr. who
married 1760 and died 1782 and Henry Baker Kearby who married 1761).
Children of Richard and 2nd wife Elizabeth, who was born about 1698
Betty (who married James Goldbey before 1744). 

1733 Francis Kearby purchased land in Goochland Co., VA.   It was witnessed by Richard Kearby. 
1742 Francis bought land from Richard and Elizabeth in Goochland Co., VA.
1750 Francis and his wife Mary exchanged land that was in Goochland Co., VA for land that was in Albemarle Co., VA.  
1753 Francis was living in Albemarle Co., VA  when he sold other land in Goochland Co. No will had been found for Francis or Mary.

1740 John and Joanna got a land grant in Goochland Co., VA.
1748 They sold this land and moved to Lunenburg Co., VA, as did Richard.
1750 acquired land in Lunenburg Co., which is in present day Pittsylvania County or Henry County.  He made deeds to his children;  John Jr, Henry, Jesse and Joseph or Josiah.  Deed to son David not listed.
1758 John and family mentioned in Quaker records of South River Monthly Meeting of Halifax Co., VA.
1767 John and his wife Hannah (this must have been John Jr., son of John and Joanna) was dismissed from the South River Monthly Meeting because they joined the Baptist Church.
1773 Will for John Kerby of Pittsylvania Co., VA lists his children as; Francis, John, David, Henry, Josiah, Mary Hibbard, Jesse and Susannah Thomson.  Wife was Joannah.

NOW.....................after all of this...........
I believe that since Francis and his wife appear to be the only ones that went to Albemarle Co., VA it is likely that they could have been the parents of my Henry R. Kirby Sr. since this  was the earliest place that I was able to find my Henry.  I do not have a birth date for my Henry R. Kirby Sr. but I estimated a time around 1745.   It would seem likely that Francis could
have a son born in 1745 as he was already making land deals as early as 1733. If Francis was the father of my Henry Kirby then that would make my Henry R.Kirby Sr. the grandson of Richard.  I believe that John, who married Joanna Owens, and Francis could have been brothers who were the sons of Richard.  
     My Henry R. Kirby Sr. was married to a lady named Ann but I do not have her last name.  Henry died around 1806 in either Albemarle Co., Virginia or in Rutherford Co., TN.  The estate was settled in Rutherford Co., TN but the
property was in Albemarle Co., VA. and Henry Sr.'s widow Ann was living in Rutherford Co., TN in 1806.  Henry Sr. and Ann were the parents of my Henry Kirby Jr.  who was born Nov. 2, 1787 in Virginia.  He was married to Mary
Hudson.  They married on Dec. 21, 1811 in Rutherford Co., TN.  From a land deed in Albemarle Co. I found that Henry Sr. and his wife Ann had a total of 9 children.   My Henry Jr. was the only one named on the deed but by other documents I also believe that one of the 9 children was a Nancy Kirby.  I have a document that says that Nancy was of French Huguenot descent.

Does anyone else have any information that would either prove or disprove my theory concerning the relationship of Richard>Francis>Henry R. Sr.>Henry Jr.? Would appreciate any help in finding more information about my Henry R. Kirby.
   Thank you,  Glenda Ferrari  

Many times in Kirby information I find that people have confused information about Henry Baker Kirby Sr. and Jr. with information about my Henry R. Kirby Sr. and Jr.    Frequently I have found people to have listed Henry Baker Kirby
as dying in Rutherford Co., TN in 1806 when in fact it was Henry R. Kirby Sr. that they are speaking of.  Actually I have not proven the exact date of my Henry R. Kirby's death or the place either but do know that he was listed on
the 1800 Albemarle Co., VA Tax List and that his widow was appointed administrator of his estate in 1806 in Rutherford Co., TN.  Therefore I cannot really say the exact date of the death but that it was between 1800 and 1806 nd that he could have either died in Albemarle Co., VA or in Rutherford Co., TN.   At the time of his estate settlement Henry still owned land in Albemarle Co., VA but his widow and son Henry R. Kirby Jr. and Nancy (Kirby) Anthony, whom I believe was his daughter, were living in Rutherford Co., TN and filed the estate settlement there in Rutherford Co.   So he could have still been
living in Albermarle Co., VA or could have recently moved to Rutherford Co., TN at the time of his death.
            Glenda Ferrari

Hello Glenn,
  The Nancy Kirby that I believe was the daughter of my Henry R. Kirby Sr. and
his wife Ann was born October 14, 1785 in Albemarle Co., VA.  She married
Lewis C. Anthony on August 22, 1804.  Lewis  was born October 19, 1785 in NC.
   The reason that I BELIEVE that Nancy Kirby was the daughter of my Henry R.
Kirby Sr. is that on May 21, 1816, her husband Lewis C. Anthony was given
Power of Attorney by Henry Jr. to sell the land in Albemarle Co., VA that
belonged to the deceased Henry Sr. 
   I do not have the information with me at this moment but I am almost
positive (if I remember correctly) that Nancy and Lewis were living in
Rutherford Co., TN at the time of his being given Power of Attorney, which was
  My Kirby line moved from Albemarle Co., VA to Rutherford Co., TN and married
into the following lines: 
Henry R. Kirby Jr. married Mary Hudson
Sarah Ann Kirby married James Madison Anderson
Henry Madison Anderson married Nancy E. Baxter
Martha "Mattie" Virginia Anderson married Franklin Pierce Weeks
(They moved from Rutherford Co., TN to Canadian, Pittsburg Co., OK in 1908)
Hettie May Weeks married Walter Charles Salmans (my grandparents)
Howard Ray Salmans married Lessie Mae Haynes (my parents)
Glenda Rae Salmans married Ronald Joseph Ferrari

Hope that this in some way will help you.    Glenda Ferrari

Manythanks Glenda.  I needed to get this Nancy Kirby info out of the way.I still believe that this Nancy was one of the daughters of Benjamin, who was born in Southampton Co, Va in 1793, lived in Madison Co,.  Tn for
about 20 years and finally came to rest in Texas, where most of his siblings lived.   As Nancy married in Rutherford Co, we did not know why she was there.  I am about to publish my family findings sometime this summer and we did not  know how Nancy fitted into the family. I don't like probable kin but sometimes all evidence points to a logical conclusion.  Thanks again.


Submitted by: Wayne P. Warlick <


I received this FGR in 1993 from Mr. Floyd Wickenkamp of Sun City, AZ.

He was a descendant of Noel's son Anderson Kirby.

Mr. W. believed that a Francis Kirby, of Hanover Co in 1742, was the grandfather of Noel and that either Francises son William or Henry, Sr. was the father of Noel.

Mr. W. did a "tentative" FGR for Noel's siblings. They included Martha,
Suckkey, Jenny, Nancy, Hawkins, Larkin, Henry, Elizabeth and John. They
were born in the 1765 to 1785 time frame. But, this was and is, as far
as I know, still very tentative.

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