Eva Gregory maintains an extensive listing of the YORK county KIRBY'S on her website, I advise you all to take a look at her pages.  They are quite informative.


My Kirby lineage beginning with myself:
> 1.Darlene Embry                         Ky, Kenton Co
> 2. Anna Mildred Kinkade            Ky, Butler Co
>     Paul Monroe Moran                Ky, Casey Co
> 3. Lura Bell Kirby  born 1896   Ky, Butler Co
>     Preston Kinkade born 1896  Ky, Butler Co
> 4. Greenberry Kirby   born  1868   Ky, Butler Co
>     Delia Elamon          born   1871  Ky, Butler Co
> 5. James Monroe Kirby  born 1847     Tenn, Sumner Co
>     Mary Ann Summerville born 1850      Arkansas
> 6. Westley W. Kirby    born 1822     Tenn (some question as to whether
> Westley is the father of James Monroe Kirby), Sumner Co*
>     Nancy Hodges        born 1822     Tenn, Sumner Co
>     * I  have it from another source that James Monroe's parents were
> Joseph Kirby and Dolly Woodward and that he was born in Robertson Co,
> Tenn. This is being researched and any info that someone may have on
> this would be greatly appreciated.
> 7. John Kirby    born 1796  South Carolina, Greenville Co
>     Sarah 'Sally' Woodall  born 1802      Virginia,  Franklin Co
> 8. Leonard T. Kirby     born 1760        Virginia, Pittsylvania Co
>     Unknown
> 9. David Kirby Sr.    born 1738        Virginia, Goochland Co
>     Elizabeth Tarrant    born 1740       Virginia, Henry Co
> 10. Jonathan 'John' Kerby   born 1698     Virginia, York Co
>       Joanna Owen                 born 1714      Virginia, Prince George
> Co
> 11.Robert Thomas Kerby   born  1662       Virginia, York Co
>      Catharine Clarke Tompkins  born abt 1672    Virginia
> 12. Thomas Kerby III   born 1609              England, Norfolk Co
>       Mary Ray
> 13. Thomas Kerby II                                  England
>        Unknown
> 14. Thomas Kerby I    born 1555               England, Norfolk Co
>        Unknown
> 15. George Kerby       born abt 1530          England, Norfolk Co
>        Unknown


Greetings All,

I can add a wee bit to the above. The John Kirby who married Joanna Owen was not
John, son of Robert (no middle name) Kirby of York Co., Va. 
The will of John, son
of Robert  of York Co., was proved 21 Nov. 1739 in Elizabeth City Co., Va. His
widow was Martha and he left one son, Thomas, who was under eighteen in 1734 when
the will was drafted. This John's brother Robert had a son John who died in 1741,
but he left no heirs.

John Kirby, son of Thomas (eldest son of Robert), of York Co. married Mary,
daughter of Robert Shield, and lived and died (will recorded 20 June 1774) in
Charles Parish, York Co. His son John married Elizabeth Sclater and died (by July
1795) in York Co. Both men are represented in county court records.

Robert Kirby married c1685 Mary, dau. of Thomas Curson, with whom he had one
child, Thomas (b.1696). Mary died in Feb. 1687. Robert married (2nd) by Jan. 1690
Catherine, dau. of John and Elizabeth Clarke and stepdaughter of Samuel Tompkins.
They had thirteen more children, seven of whom died quite young.

Thomas Kirby, the immigrant, died in 1668. When and where he was born and who his
family were is still not documented. There are several likely candidates. The
Scarning line is by no means proved. There is a standing offer of $5,000 for the
proof of his date and place of birth and family connection. Details are on my web
site, URL below.

Unfortunately, I don't know who John of Pittsylvania was.

Greetings All,
In my last message to the list, I had Thomas Kirby, son of Robert Kirby (b.1662), son
of Thomas Kirby (d.1668), born in 1696.   He was born 20 June 1686, Charles Parish,
York Co., Va. Sorry! It was late and I was tired.

My sources are the Charles Parish Register published by, and available from, the
Library of Virginia for about $15.00, in which births, with parents' names, and deaths
are recorded, and court records of the relevant counties, which I regularly read on
microfilm at the Library of Virginia. I  worked with Noel Currer-Briggs on several
projects since 1970 and have extensive knowledge about his research, both published
and unpublished. If you look at his The Search for Mr. Thomas Kirbye, Gentleman, you
will see that I drew the Virginia maps for it. Mr. Watkins, who passed away last year,
I only knew for about fifteen years. He did some research for me, and it was he who
pointed out that Catherine, wife of Robert Kirby, was in fact the daughter of John
Clarke and stepdaughter of Samuel Tompkins. Her birth is in the Charles Parish

I do, however, respect everyone's right to believe whatever they wish..

Good Hunting!
Eve S. Gregory, Director
Virginia Foundation for Archaeological Research, Inc.


Eva, in your research, are the Kirby names spelled with an i or an e.
Most of my hunting in the York, Co area', the name was spelled Kerby,. A
good many folks from York Co, moved to Southampton, some of which
intermarried with the Kirby family in that area.  Let me know if you ever
connect those Kirbys with any York residents.  I have reason to believe
that Richard Kirby, Sr. originally came from York Co, but I cannot find
any proof of that.

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